Who / What Am I? 01/08

Good Friday everyone!

What a fabulous day! Yesterday I overcome with a huge craving for some smoked salmon, so today I left the cave in order to procure some. I bought a beautiful Lapsang Souchong Tea Smoked Salmon by Heston and some rustic bread, try saying that three times quickly. Immediately upon arriving home, I added double butter to the ripped apart bread, carefully arranged a piece of my smoked salmon and set about devouring my dream food. Oh my, do I feel so much better now and the best part was that it was delicious. I don’t get cravings like this very often and even if I do, I do not act on them most of the time, but I must admit this small self indulgence felt really good and put me in a brilliant happy mood!

Oh, and I also bought a bathroom light for our on-suite so we will finally be able to finish it… unless of course someone tells us yet again that that is the wrong type of light. I have already bought a light but according to an electrician it is not suitable for this small bathroom, which will get really steamy once the power-shower is on. So keep your fingers crossed for me and hope that the second time round I will have made a good choice.

Now let’s get back to the important part… mystery picture from last week… hmmm as it ended up it wasn’t such a mystery after all… I blame the Kiwi Fruit for being so boring looking 🙂

Well done to everyone who guessed kiwi.

KiwiKiwi cut out

Kiwi fruit is actually a really amazing little fruit. It is rich in magnesium, it is a great source of folic acid, it contains a lot of vitamin C and fiber (apparently its amount is as high as in many whole grain cereals) and to add to this it is rich in potassium, which is great for lowering a blood pressure. *

That’s it for all things kiwi related…

This weeks’ shot is greener, actually it is very green, full stop. And no, it is not the inside of a kiwi fruit ;-), or is it?

who what am i 1 08 2014

Have a great weekend everyone and if you get a chance to do something nice for yourself – do it! It feels amazing.


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16 responses to “Who / What Am I? 01/08

  1. It’s useless to ask if you have any leftovers from that smoked salmon, right? I’m obseesed with smoked salmon now and the stores close in 3 minutes… naaah, in two :o)

  2. jenny

    I now feel very hungry after reading your blog post. Fresh slamon always tastes wonderful, but I like my fruits as well, so I think Kiwi will go down well

  3. It really sounds good, but i am not a salmon fan.. my son likes it cooked up all different ways..

  4. Melissa Smith

    Now I want some kiwi (yay, I got it right last week!) & some smoked salmon. Just not together, LOL. I’m stumped on this week’s though, even though I’m thinking some sort of plant/vegetable…?

  5. Not sure if I WANT to know, on this one! 🙂

  6. I do love your mystery pictures although I never get them right. I think this weeks picture is a cross section of some kind of vegetable – a runner bean perhaps?

  7. It’s so nice to indulge a craving once in awhile! I’ve got no idea what your photo is of…I’ll be back to find out. 🙂

  8. That sounds so delicious! I wish I could have enjoyed it as well!

  9. I can’t think of what your picture could be. These are fun though! 😀

  10. yes I need to do more of that. I guess my blogging is for myself or is it?

  11. I want Kiwi on top of salmon…yeah….thanks 🙂

  12. Well, that mystery pic is hard! Kiwi’s are easy to guess, they are so unique and everybody knows them.

  13. Is it a green bean section?

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