Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle

1 Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle6 Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle2 Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle3 Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle4 Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle5 Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle7 Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle

All-In-One – hide & SEEK


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19 responses to “Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle

  1. Hello 🙂
    What an adorable baby and lovely sleepsuit – I miss the sleepsuit stage!
    I have a little nephew who’d look roarsome in this!
    Emma in Bromley x

  2. Aw lovely photos and I love that babygrow – gorgeous!

  3. What a lovely outfit and what a gorgeous guy wearing it. 🙂

  4. awww, awww, aww so beautiful! your making me broody, so sweet lovely baby grow as well x

  5. Melissa Smith

    The cuteness in the post is incredible! & I adore the bright colors on those sleepers. ❤

  6. Such an adorable little chap. The babygrow is lovely and bright.

  7. Grrrowl! Something to get crawling and wriggling around in, I reckon. Got to catch those monkeys!

  8. OMG that is cuteness personified

  9. Aww…I love that. My little girl loves lions so a larger version of this would be great for her! Very cute x.

  10. jonathanmcmullen

    He’s so cute. You must be one happy momma.

  11. Love the sleep suit – he looks so cute

  12. Michelle

    That is so adorable! Love the lion print and the bright green!

  13. manneskjur

    Awww! Broody alert, broody alert!

  14. Ohhh how cute and what a gorgeous sleep suit ❤

  15. Awwww soooo gorgeous! My new nephew, only 4 weeks old, would look so lovely in that sleepsuit!

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