Alphabet Project | M is for Mango

The mango is a juicy stone fruit

belonging to the genus Mangifera…*

Alphabet Project  M is for Mango

Alphabet Project is hosted by PODcast



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13 responses to “Alphabet Project | M is for Mango

  1. Fab pic, love the filters used to really highlight the fruit colours.

  2. Beautiful photo! I don’t actually like the taste of mango though

  3. Amazing photo!, I love mango flavour x

  4. Gorgeous photo. I LOVE mangoes, my favourites are from India and Pakistan – so divinely sweet – but since we came to Canada I’ve been trying out Mexican varieties too.

  5. I’m not a fan of Mango. 7yo used to love it when she was a baby but she wont touch it now either.

  6. Michelle

    ooh, I love the colour pop – fab shot!

  7. Love how this photo looks, it really caught my eye as soon as your page opened x

  8. lovely photo, I love mangos

  9. That is a clever use of filters. We love mangoes here wish we could grow them!

  10. Great use of editing/filters here – these mangoes really pop out of the picture!

  11. What a gorgeous photo. I always wonder how they manage to carry big loads on their head

  12. Great photo – I love mango’s – especially with a touch of lime juice.

  13. Lovely photo! I really like how you have made the mango colours stand out. I love mango in smoothies!

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