42 Days of Summer #Sweeet Challenge

42 Days of Summer #Sweeet Challenge

McVitie’s BN Biscuits in connection with BritMums have challenged bloggers to write about their 42 Days of Summer. The brief was very open – tips, ideas and inspirations, whatever you do to make it fun was allowed. I wanted to be the part of it, so here I am.

At first I was thinking about making a day out post, or maybe some fun summer cooking recipe or something crafty, but finally I settled for a kind of tip / advise post.

So how do we assure that the 42 Days of Summer are actually fun?

Well, let’s start with making a list and listening to the kids. Put on the list all those small things that they have always wanted to do. Ok, I must admit that most kids will have a Disneyland or a Legoland trip at the top of their list, but when you really ask them want they want, you might be surprised by some of their choices.

Kids think differently and their pleasures are totally different from ours. They might really want that PJs party you never got around to throwing during the school year, or a movie night with friends, when they can just lounge around in their onesies and stuff their face with popcorn or maybe they still didn’t fulfil their desire of building a den under their bed (I would not advise this if you have a standard bed, we have a mid sleeper so it is doable). A nice family picnic is a great day out and it will not cost a fortune. How about a trip to the woods, this can be very knowledgeable, walking around the trees, picking all the gifts from nature, which later on can be used in crafts or some lovely handmade decorative arrangement.

Evening at the Greyhound Racing Tracks

Evening at the Greyhound Racing Tracks

Day in perfecting homemade sweets

Day in perfecting homemade sweets

Day with the nature, picnic included :-)

Day with nature, picnic included 🙂

Every family member is supposed to make a list – short or long – this is up to you, then try to pick at least 5 things from each list to do over the summer.

This way everyone gets something they wanted and we can learn from one another and hopefully discover something new and exited we never thought we would enjoy.

Maybe your other half wants to go fishing, so we all go. Who said that fishing can’t be fun? Learning about different rods, different type of fishing and not to mention the excitement when you finally hook a fish.

Summer is always a great time to plan for the future; check out new clubs, try new sports… who knows maybe that one trip to the swimming pool you just took will result with your child regularly going to a swimming club after school or becoming a great swimmer?

So, whatever you do over summer, remember that it is all supposed to be about fun.

42 Days of Summer #Sweeet Challenge.

* This post is an entry for 42 Days of Summer Linky Challenge sponsored by McVitie’s BN. Learn more at http://bit.ly/1mRpMCL


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16 responses to “42 Days of Summer #Sweeet Challenge

  1. I agree with you, summer is a great time to make plans and to find new things you like :o)

  2. My kids made a list for the summer too, it has been awesome listening to them and really finding out what they want/desire!! I love BN’s too 😉

  3. Mellissa Williams

    Great idea to make a list of want THEY want to do and often it’s not the expensive days us mums have planned at a theme park

  4. we made a list at the beginning of summer of things we wanted to do, the rubish weather has made it a little difficult but we made the most of it x

  5. Love the biscuit art – I think ours were eaten before I could even think of doing anything like that!
    We had a rough idea what we wanted to do this summer but the kids choose each day unless its something big like LolliBop

  6. Some great tips – we are trying to do as many sport type activities as we can as my oldest really struggles with them in school so I’m doing as much as possible to help him love them. Love the arty biscuits!

  7. we’ve been so busy too this summer, always a hectic but lovely time! Making memories before mine starts school, afternoon on the pier today! Homemade sweets look scrummy!

  8. virtuallyateacher

    You’re right! Summer flies by and if you don’t plan, you might not get to do all you wanted. I especially like the tip on getting everyone involved in the choices of activities!

  9. What a fun post, love the pictures, and this summer has just flown by this year! It’s always nice to take a step back and think about all the fun it’s been!

  10. Mine made a list of their ‘wishes’ for things to do over Summer and we’ve been working through that – we’ve just about had enough fun at the moment as they are getting really tiered this week – time to rest for a few days I think!

  11. Oh yes, thanks for the reminder to ask the kids more what they want to do, everyone buys in much better when we all get a turn to choose. Mich x

  12. What a great idea, we created a bucket list but I feel that primarily was ignored. Creating a todo for everyday of the summer probably would have worked better.

  13. Our little one always asks to go play in the woods, I swear he’d live there if he could! X

  14. I have always wanted to see greyhound racing and fishing too. I enjoyed reading your post and looking at wonderful pics too. Commenting for myself and on behalf of Britmums and thanking you for taking part

  15. Summer is all about having fun and making the most of time together. We love going to the woods and walking the dog

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