Baby #ootd – The Little Man

1. Baby #ootd – The Little Man2. Baby #ootd – The Little Man3. Baby #ootd – The Little Man5. Baby #ootd – The Little Man7. Baby #ootd – The Little Man6. Baby #ootd – The Little Man

T-Shirt – Next

Cardigan – Next

Jeans – Next

Shoes – Reebok


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26 responses to “Baby #ootd – The Little Man

  1. This looks like a cute little outfit for a special occasion.

  2. I have to say I am smitten with the cardigan. perfect for these autumn nights now they are drawing in

  3. fromthegardentable

    Such a cute outfit!

  4. cindy

    so cute! perfect for my new GREAT-grandson (due in November)

  5. oh how cute and smart he looks! What lovely fabric as well, i’d dress my boyfriend in this, haha x

  6. He is so cute. I remember when my son was little and dressing him up. I love the sweater and and in love with those shoes.

  7. These outfits are adorable, but not as cute at the baby!

  8. such a cutie! great outfit 🙂

  9. So cute! I have to be honest though, I prefer babies in babygros, they are much more comfy for them then clothes.

  10. He looks just gorgeous and I love his outfit.

  11. Oh my gosh, he is such a natural in front of the camera. Super cute outfit too! xxx

  12. Okay, I am melting. He is the perfect model. I only have girls but if I had a boy I would so dress him like this. You are blessed!

  13. Omigosh… so incredibly cute! You have a perfect little model. I loved dressing up my kids when they were babies. Now… not so much. 😉

  14. Inspiring Kitchen

    So cute. Fashionable baby.

  15. handsome outfit for a handsome young man

  16. Oh gosh he is just the sweetest little thing! I adore his little booties!

  17. Omg he is adorable and what snazzy clothes.

  18. Aw…seeing little babies in such cute clothes always makes me want to have more, but with our six kids being between 7-23, I just figure I gotta live vicariously through other’s pictures 🙂

  19. Adorable……I need to find Sebby some shoes

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