Alphabet Project | S is for Scrumping

Scrumping – Stealing fruit, especially apples, from someone else’s trees.
Oooops 😉

Alphabet Project  S is for Scrumping

Alphabet Project is hosted by PODcast



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9 responses to “Alphabet Project | S is for Scrumping

  1. Ha ha, that’s the best kind right?!

  2. If there were apple trees near me, I’d also take them x

  3. Ive heard its not stealing if they are hanging on branches that are outside the owners garden. Not sure if its true, but if its above the pavement its mine. Nothing like proper fruit.

  4. Awesome! 😀 I love it, haha! What did you do with the apples? Eat your spoils on the way home or did you make them into something? #AlphabetPhoto

  5. I never had you down as a thieve agata! ha! But if I see a apple tree near me I would probably steal one (or two) myself xx

  6. Best kind of apples! We go to a local orchard and scrump ours!

  7. Oh I wish we have neighbors with apples too! Clear and bright photo. #alphabetphoto

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