Who / What Am I? 19/09

Evening guys,

We had quite a break with Who / What Am I?; didn’t we?

I personally blame the holiday laziness. I really had all the best intentions of at least keeping up with my Friday post but there was just so much stuff to do…

First we drove for a loong, loong looong time, how long exactly you may ask, you can check with my Alphabet Project entry. If you are wondering why we did more miles going out than coming back the answer is simple… going out there the navigator was asleep so Mark took a more scenic route, on the way back she wasn’t so he didn’t… not that it mattered very much as we couldn’t see a lot anyways as it was a night time but still…

Then there was a lot of relaxing, walking and just general chilling, oh and some fantastic mushrooming trips into the woodland – check out our forest treasures on my Instagram 🙂

But all good things have to come to an end, so the holiday is over (which is good as there is no place like home) and there is no excuse now not to write again.

My last Who / What Am I? The picture received some fabulous answers:

A koala – not exactly but a lot of people have called him a bear before

A rug – no, not yet though Mark keeps threatening him! Even though he is not actually a rug he sure can act like one, in fact come to think about it he acts like one most of the time, especially when we talk about picking up and holding onto all the dirt and his sudden albeit temporary total inability to move.

A wolf – Hmm sort of wolf like especially when his girly friends are in season… then he can howl like a wolf all night long… and I am really not joking here… he howls a lot when he is horny.

A horse – again, he is not a horse but some people think he could pretend to be one looking at his size, Mark has measured him up for a cart so he can “earn his keep”.

Ladies and gentlemen’s welcome to our one and only Bunk!

Who What am I answer to 29 08 NewfieWho What am I answer to 29 08

I had no idea that this would prove to be so hard… but I must admit I totally love reading your comments. Obviously I love all comments on my blog but the ones under my Fridays posts usually give me the most pleasure and always seem to put a smile on my face, so thank you!

For this week I have for you something with a bit more of a colour splash. It is quite small but I just can’t make it any bigger… you will see why next week… promise… the holiday is over…sniff…

So here it comes… this week’s Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 19 09

Have a guess, and remember to have fun and fantastic weekend!

Oh, and one more thing.

Do you remember my Apple & Cinnamon Pancake recipe? It is up for a public vote against a few other bloggers. We are “fighting” for a surprise prize from JML. I would really love it if you could pop over to Facebook and like my recipe please… pretty please… please, please with a cherry on the top! Oh and please before 9:00am Monday 22nd… /end_grovel

Thank you.

Take care and speak soon.


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19 responses to “Who / What Am I? 19/09

  1. What a very nice looking dog!!! Bunk is a cool name!

  2. Well, I am going to jump out on a limb and say a fish:) Not quite sure but it sure is fun reading these posts!!

  3. Such a cute dog! Umm I think some sort of mints? x

  4. Looks like some sort of leaf to me.

  5. I think it is a piece of candy.

  6. Wow this is a tough one!! Maybe a rose or watermelon?? lol

  7. Hi Bunk! :o) it reminds me a little of ice cream or maybe it’s a melon or a cucumber? will vote for you, of course :o)

  8. cute dog! I have no idea… but will guess at a leaf?!

  9. I think it is a sweet…. just liked your recipe, good luck x

  10. Mellissa Williams

    I’m not sure. is it something like a melon? Love you doggy!

  11. Sounds like a great project! Cannot wait to see the finished result!

  12. Michelle Murray

    I’m thinking this could be maybe a stick of rock?

  13. Ah I’m always rubbish at this – a plant stem?!

  14. I can’t believe some of us thought your dog was a horse! Hahaha. Anyway, as for the picture above, I have no clue so I’m going to pass.

  15. Oooo a petal, an ice cube or a boiled sweetie!

  16. That looks like a cucumber… I really suck at this, lol

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