What’s Cooking – Quick and Easy Cinnamon Biscuits

Quick and Easy Cinnamon Biscuits

From time to time we all get cravings, sometimes we can satisfy them, sometimes we can’t. One day last week sometime around 11pm I developed a huge craving to have some fresh baked cookies. We had guests over so it wasn’t exactly sleeping time yet so we decided to bake something. Obviously we knew that this had to be a quick and easy recipe as no one wanted to start a long preparation process at that time of the night. We settled on a batch of Quick and Easy Cinnamon Biscuits. As there were four people in the kitchen including a fellow foodie blogger Iwona from Smakowite Jadlo, we had a lovely warm biscuits in no time!

So if you ever get that feeling you must have a cookie now, I would highly recommend this recipe.


  • 160g flour
  • 120g soft butter
  • 3tbs icing sugar
  • 1.5tsps cinnamon


To start preheat your oven to 180C and using some baking parchment line two large baking trays.

In a large bowl mix all your dry ingredients: flour, cinnamon and sugar. Add soften, cubed cutter and combine until you have a nice smoo0th and even dough.

Now depending on the shape of your cookies you can either:

– Form small balls which you will shape into roundish biscuits with your hands.

or (my preferred way)

– Roll your mixture flat using a rolling pin and then just use a cookie cutter to achieve your desired shape.

Bake in your earlier preheated oven for about 15-20 minutes or until firm to the touch.

Remove the biscuits and place on a wire cooling rack so they are allowed to cool.

Decorate if needed or desired.

Quick and Easy Cinnamon Biscuits.

They are perfect for storing, as long as you put them into an airtight container of course.

Now remember there were four of us in the kitchen and we all wanted something just a little bit different, we just couldn’t seem to settle on just one flavour, biscuits by committee! As it is a democratic household we ended up baking four batches of biscuits in four different flavours 😉 So if cinnamon is not for you, you can try adding some grated almonds or chocolate or dry coconut (our coconut biscuits also had an orange food colouring, I am quite unsure what we were thinking at the time but I suspect that a degree of tiredness may have resulted in the wrong bowl receiving the colouring. Though witnesses were few and far between…)

Quick and Easy  Biscuits.Quick and Easy Biscuits

In the end for what amounted to less than an hour of fun and good humour in the kitchen, delayed somewhat by the deliberations over flavours, resulted in a huge box of awesome crunchy and super tasty biscuits. Possessing a wonderful snap when you bite into them and having a texture very similar to shortbread they are now a permanent feature on our “bestest recipe list”.

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20 responses to “What’s Cooking – Quick and Easy Cinnamon Biscuits

  1. These look so scrummy. Liking the coconut ones! Yum!!! Thank you for sharing

    Laura x x x

  2. Oh my goodness they look so good! I know what I will be making this Christmas baking season! X

  3. Mellissa Williams

    These looks so good. I love the red bow as well. They would make great gifts for Christmas

  4. teentweentoddler1

    yummy! I’m going to try these, I’ve got all the ingredients:) x

  5. VaiChin

    These look so nice and easy, I am pinning them and most certainly will be baking them soon.

  6. You have made these look so amazing x

  7. yummy… we make these at christmas time!

  8. I think I’ll save these for Christmas. Love the decorations on the other flavour variations.

  9. Cass@FrugalFamily

    They look fab – I do love easy recipes x x

  10. They look great, thanks for sharing the recipe x

  11. Oh nom! They look delicious and I love cinnamon!

  12. Wow, I’m so impressed that you were baking at 11pm! They look delicious too.

  13. StephsTwoGirls

    I often have that need for a cookie immediately… but usually go for my fave choc chip recipe!

  14. I’m dropping a text in to my wife now, asking for cookies to be baked in a very unsubtle way. If this backfires, then I’m blaming you and your bloody pictures! 😉

  15. I always make ginger biscuits but these look yummy so a change might be in order

  16. I am a huge fan of all things biscuity and they look sooooo good!

  17. These sound great! I love cinnamon, and I’m pretty keen about biscuits too 🙂

  18. These look delicious and would make a great festive present

  19. I love cookies! What a delicious and simple recipe! Thank you for sharing!

  20. Oh yum they sound absolutely delicious – thank you so much for sharing. x

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