Alphabet Project | U is for Unusual & Unexpected

unusual – remarkable or interesting because different from others

unexpected – not expected or regarded as likely to happen

Alphabet Project -  U is for Unusual & Unexpected

We ordered this soup in Poland. For some reason I was expecting a sweet soup. Not sure why but I thought it would be a cherry soup. As it ended up we ordered so called “Chłodnik” / Lithuanian Cold Borscht – a soup made from beet leaves, sour milk, cucumber, dill and served with a boiled egg.

It was truly unusual and unexpected!


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13 responses to “Alphabet Project | U is for Unusual & Unexpected

  1. Hardly surprising that you expected something sweet what with it being that colour! I can’t imagine what that might fast like, great U 🙂

  2. laurasidestreet

    Oh wow this is unusual – would be interested to hear what you thought of it?

    Laura x

  3. What did it taste like? The colour is amazing.

  4. haha aww that is very unexpected and unusual! how did it taste ? 🙂 x

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  5. Interesting! I’m sure it didn’t taste that bad though 🙂 #alphabetphoto

  6. Definitely unusual 🙂 Hope it tasted good! #alphabetphoto

  7. OOoohh this is an interesting color. Yes please tell me how it taste. #alphabetphoto

  8. Looks very pretty, even if it was unexpected! What did it taste like? #alphabetphoto

  9. I love borscht – though I’ve never had it cold… It is a very pretty colour 🙂

  10. mmm sounds good, am making a beetroot soup this week, scares me a little! #alphabetphoto

  11. Mmm this sounds lovely (as does the notion of a cherry soup!) 🙂 #AlphabetPhoto

  12. What an unusual soup, was it nice though?

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