Baby #ootd – My First Halloween

1. Baby #ootd – My First Halloween2. Baby #ootd – My First Halloween3. Baby #ootd – My First Halloween4. Baby #ootd – My First Halloween5. Baby #ootd – My First Halloween6. Baby #ootd – My First Halloween7. Baby #ootd – My First Halloween8. Baby #ootd – My First Halloween

Striped Pumpkin Sleepsuit – Geogre at Asda
Pumpkin Bib – Geogre at Asda
Halloween Bib – Geogre at Asda


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8 responses to “Baby #ootd – My First Halloween

  1. Oh my word, beyond cute! How adorable 🙂 What a gorgeous little outfit.

  2. pigeonpairandme

    Happy first Halloween! Orange is such a happy colour for a baby.

  3. Now that is one cute baby! I remember dressing MIni up for his first halloween he hated the outfit and just cried!

  4. I love the last click, your baby is gorgeous and so happy.

  5. chloe

    your photography is stunning lovely post 🙂 xo

  6. Awwww baby is so adorable and that outfit is just too cute.

  7. What a little cutie, looks ready for Halloween!

  8. Great work. I enjoyed the content. Keep up the good work.
    Love it.
    Best wishes, R

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