The 4-Box Challenge

The 4-Box Challenge

I was challenged by the Plastic Box Shop to use their 4-box method to de-clutter my home. The idea is very simple:

  •  Indentify the clutter in your home
  •  Follow the chart
  •  Place the item in the correct box

Easy peasy!

The four “magic” boxes are as follow:

Keep – Items which will remain in their current position and are to be kept.

Store – Items which you do not want to throw away but would be able to relocate and possibly store somewhere else.

Donate – Items which you intend to donate to charity.

Bin – Items which you intend to throw away.

I found myself lacking one more box – Sell. As I didn’t have my 5th box I just piled those items on the floor next to the four other boxes.

And the chart which can be used as an aid looks like this:

The 4-Box Challenge Infographic

The chart is actually very helpful and clever. I did follow it for some items, simply because I wasn’t able to make me mind up about the final placement of the item in question.

My boxes arrived and it was time to get to work.

I picked the worst room in our home – my office. Terribly, terribly messy room, full of clutter, spare furniture and was actually really badly lacking in space even for just moving around. I meant to “clean it” last week… last month… I don’t even remember how many times I have promised myself “Ok, tomorrow I will take care of it”, then tomorrow came and went and my office just collected more and more clutter.

So Saturday morning after a large strong coffee I put some lively music on and started on my epic challenge.

The 4-Box Challenge - segragation stage

Slowly piece by piece I was removing things from my office and placing them into the provided boxes… the pile of stuff in the boxes was growing fast.

The 4-Box Challenge - box number five

The pile of stuff for sale wasn’t doing badly either. I decided that if I do not want it and the item has some real value I will sell it. In the end of the day who really needs 3 phones?

The 4-Box Challenge in progress

Once I had actually dug myself through the endless pile of weird stuff I was actually able to remove a spare futon and a chest of drawers from my office. These two pieces didn’t belong in my office, so they had to go in order to get back so much needed space.

The 4-Box Challenge Donate It Trip

I spent most of the day clearing out my office. I found that the Donate It box was the most popular. The next day I packed the car, drove to my local village and donated everything to our local dog charity RATS.

It was a long and tiring day but it was really worth it!

Now I have a spacious office and if someone wants to join me there is actually some space for them to join me by my desk.

This clear-out session was long overdue, so thank you ever so much to the guys at the Plastic Box Shop for selecting me for this challenge, as this gave me the impetus and a very much needed kick to do it and I thus finally did it!

Job jobbed!

The 4-Box Challenge Before and AfterThe 4-Box Challenge Before & AfterThe 4-Box Challenge - Before & AfterThe 4-Box Challenge - Before and After


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28 responses to “The 4-Box Challenge

  1. Oh wow.. that room looks like a fun challenge! I normally go room by room .. make one big pile and then figure it out.. have to make sure my kids don’t come by or nothing will get gotten rid of.

  2. can you send me the 4 boxes when you finished the challenge? I always plan to clean out some things but I always place it “on hold “:o)

  3. A great idea that every home should have! These would be fabulous for my children’s bedrooms as they could do with a major clear out!

  4. Wow! Look at how much you donated! Congrats! I have been trying to declutter before the baby arrives and I really like your system. i think I will try it 🙂

  5. wow great idea!!so much organized now!!!i wanna try too!!

  6. What a great idea, I really need to do this! x

  7. My OH accuses me of being a hoarder so I might have to get that chart and give it a go! Thanks for sharing x

  8. Such a good idea but I would want these in pink and purple tones to match my decor haha! X

  9. I have a room that needs this done to it as well!! I will definitely try the 4 box method!

  10. Kimberly Bergeron

    Something so simple can be sooooo brilliant!

  11. Agi

    I’m impressed Agata!

  12. I would need a recycle it box too – well done though looks like you did a good job

  13. What a cool way to organize! I need to do a lot of that in my home!!:)

  14. The Positive MOM

    I’ve been on a decluttering mission for a while now and it is the most liberating feeling. I love this idea.

  15. I have just done something similar – we always have a huge declutter before xmas

  16. Ohh this is such an efficient system of decluttering! ^ ^

  17. You did a fantastic job of it. Everything looks spic and span again. You should tell the guys to add the sell box…. it’s a smart idea.

  18. Melissa Smith

    I do something like this twice a year, only without the bins. I just make piles & use boxes or trash bags. But I do have to say that the pdf is definitely helpful!

  19. Fathima Syedali

    Really a great idea. I am going to try this 4 box method. Truly it is simple, fun and brilliant way to de-cluttering your home. I am really happy that you are donating this much. My hearty congrats & thanks for your good heart.

  20. Oh man I would so like to try this, but I know I just couldn’t detach myself from a lot of things that I probably don’t even need…

  21. I need like fifty of those, and a box that says, “What was i thinking when I bought this?”

  22. This is a terrific system! We did these 4 similar boxes when we were moving 🙂

  23. oh man! That’s a terrific idea! I probably need this to declutter my wardrobe.

  24. omg what a great idea! I should do this at my home too haha XD

  25. you could have switched the bin it box to sell it box. i mean, if those items you put inside the bin it box are meant to be thrown away, then you should have bin it there and then, no?

  26. pixiemamablog

    great system! it’s a great way to sort out your house

  27. Oh wow! I so need to do this! I am really a hoarder! x

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