Baby #ootd – Beige or Blue?

Baby #ootd – Beige or Blue1. Baby #ootd – Beige or Blue2. Baby #ootd – Beige or Blue3. Baby #ootd – Beige or Blue4. Baby #ootd – Beige or Blue5. Baby #ootd – Beige or Blue6. Baby #ootd – Beige or Blue7. Baby #ootd – Beige or Blue8. Baby #ootd – Beige or Blue9. Baby #ootd – Beige or Blue10. Baby #ootd – Beige or Blue

Soother – Haberman
Beige Cord Dungarees – Next (similar here)
Blue Cord Dungarees – Next (similar here)
Hooded Jumper – Baby Gap
Body – Cool Club
Shoes – unknown

So, what do you think? Which colour looks better – beige or blue?


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12 responses to “Baby #ootd – Beige or Blue?

  1. I love blue on blue-eyed babies, it really showcases their big saucer-like eyes! gorgeous pics x

  2. Oh so cute baby! I love the blue the best I think and the little dinosaur design is very sweet 🙂

  3. What cute dungarees!! I think I’m going to go for blue best though!

  4. Mellissa Williams

    I like the beige best. How cute are these outfits and your little one!

  5. I like them both. Dungarees and babies make the best combination 🙂

  6. Either color shows off the cuteness! personally i like a little more color, like the blue.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I love the blue one.

  8. Blue, definitely the blue!!

  9. I like the blue, he is so cute feel like picking him up and cuddling him.

  10. So cutee the blue one fits for me.

  11. What a cute outfit! This makes me remember the time when my son was baby!

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