Hungry on the new diet?

Lilly and her stickLilly and stickLilly and the stickLilly with a stick

Normally Lilly would run and fetch the sticks, but lately she just lies down and chews them…

Do you think she is hungry on her new diet?


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11 responses to “Hungry on the new diet?

  1. Aw so cute, she looks more content than hungry to me. She is gorgeous.

    • TraceyFaceUpBeauty

      I don’t know how old Lilly is, but if young, could she be teething? A bit unusual for a hungry dog to want to eat a stick, unless there was something tasty attached to the end of it. Whatever, she looks happy πŸ™‚ Tx

  2. What a beautiful dog, as above if she is quite young, could it be she is still getting her teeth?

  3. probably the sticks are super tasty in fall… but it’s a good idea, let’s get some sticks so we can safe the money for dog food :o)

  4. Sticks are yummy! She looks pretty happy to me!

  5. Mellissa Williams

    Do you think she has problems with her teeth and chewing helps ? She looks like a lovely dog. I wish I had space for a dog.

  6. She looks like she is really enjoying her walks out and I think that she looks very sweet!

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