One thing ticked off the wish list – Dyson DC41Mk2 Animal

Dyson DC41Mk2 Animal

A few weeks ago a huge lovely parcel arrived on my door step – it was a Dyson DC41Mk2 Animal. I have wanted one of these vacuum cleaners for years but there was always something else far more urgent that needed to be bought first…

Anyway, it was finally here!

My own, personal Dyson DC41Mk2 Animal.

I had huge plans for it. On the one hand I wanted to open it right now, the moment that the courier brought it to me, but then on the other hand I had a video idea which required me to stay put and keep my brand new Dyson, well “brand new”…

I really wanted to film me cleaning with my Dyson, and the money shot, after cleaning with my old vacuum and then see if there was any difference… I thought that this might be an interesting thing to do but the days were passing by, life was manic and I was nowhere closer to my video project being started… when I did actually have a moment either the weather was very bad which meant no natural light for actually shooting the video indoors or the weather was fine but there was no one around to actually help me, like all of us I am cursed with being born with only two hands… I didn’t even want to attempt vacuuming with 2 different machines and filming it at the same time… this would be quite insane, even for me…

So, the days were passing by and still no video…

The days kept passing by and every day I looked and my shiny new Dyson still in its box…

Then some more days passed by and then I finally broke!

Yesterday after yet another discussion with my trusty old Henry about his aging status and resulting lack of abilities to include actually cleaning effectively I broke! I ripped the box open and decided that enough is enough; I just had to try my new friend.

Within 5 minutes the Dyson DC41Mk2 Animal was put all together and I was off…

OMG what a difference!

OMG it was a pure pleasure!

The 1m x 1.5m rug by the front door, which normally would take me around 15 minutes to clean (usually with me on my knees), was totally clean and dog / cat hair free within 1 minute maybe 2 at most… not only was it fast, there was no need for getting down on my knees anymore and cleaning with a precision brush – Dyson just ate it all like a pro!

I am over the moon!

30 minutes and 9 containers full of hairs and dust later my house was totally clean! Yes, 9 bins… the amount of stuff he can suck up is just unreal… I really didn’t have an idea my house was SO dirty!

And you know what… I now have some totally new ideas for my video and I think that it will be much better than my original plan… so stay tuned as a full review of my new friend – Dyson DC41Mk2 Animal is coming to a blog near you soon 🙂

* Picture courtesy of Dyson.
I received a Dyson DC41Mk2 Animal vacuum cleaner for a review purpose.


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20 responses to “One thing ticked off the wish list – Dyson DC41Mk2 Animal

  1. same here, I always planned to tlook for one, but there were other things I had to buy first. we will look after christmas for a “magic hair remover machine”…

  2. I’ve had Dyson vacuum cleaners before and I hate to admit it but I hated all three of them. Too bulky for my home and I felt they didn’t quite live up to their claims. I have been tempted by the Animal range as I have so many hairs thanks to my pets. Not sure I can quite go back yet though!

  3. I’ve had a Dyson for year and never been let down, but poor Henry! 😉

  4. Sarah

    This sounds absolutely brilliant. We have a Dyson which I like, but it’s a bit bulky. This looks and sounds great!

  5. I know that feeling well. I couldn’t believe the difference when i got a new hoover. Thrilled that it was picking up so much dirt and equally horrified by the amount of dirt my old hoover had been leaving behind.

  6. I would LOVE a new Dyson! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

  7. How Awesome that you got to review a Dyson. It looks looks and sounds like a really great vacuum.

  8. My Dyson has just celebrated its 10th Birthday and it still works as good now, as it did back then x

  9. Melissa Smith

    I have always wanted a Dyson, but like you, something more important always seemed to come up. Maybe this year one will magically show up on my porch. 😉

  10. That is definitely on my wish list too! I have to write to Santa right now 😉

  11. I always here such great things about these Dyson vacuums. It will have to be our next vacuum we buy!

  12. VaiChin

    Sounds like a proper miracle worker. Goodness knows I could use one!

  13. Nice! I need a good vacuum cleaner! will look into this 🙂 thanks for the review..

  14. Sylvia

    I hate dyson hoovers with passion – too bulky and not so perfect (and I used few different models) when our old broke down we went for good old miele cats & dogs and this one ticks all the boxes 🙂 But I’m glad you liked it!

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