30 Day Pet Nutrition Challenge with Pets at Home – Week 2-3 – One down, one still going

30 Day Pet Nutrition Challenge with Pets at Home – Week 2-3 – Lilly and Bunk

So we are now just over three weeks into the challenge and I only have one dog left in the running.

My big boy is out.

Just after I posted my last post, I began to notice a few hot spots returning on Bunks skin. I am not absolutely sure if this is the foods fault but I am not going to take any chances. He was eating a grain free food before the challenge and his skin problems were almost none existent… but then it was also summertime and therefore there was much less moisture in the air… so who knows… anyway he is out and I am getting him back onto his old food or to be specific on a senior version of it.

So this is leaving me with only Lilly who is still following the advised food regime.

Last Wednesday we went back into our local Pets at Home store for a check-up. To our huge surprise and confusion Lilly had put 2kg on yet she looks much slimmer. Both her visual and hand examinations showed a lot of improvement – she has one more rib “sticking out” just as she should have… yet she is heavier… The only answer we could come up with for this strange development with the lovely people from Pets at Home was the fact that muscle is heavier than fat… so maybe she has lost some fat and gained some more muscle…

30 Day Pet Nutrition Challenge with Pets at Home – Week 2-3 – Lilly at the Groomer

As it was just us girls out shopping, we stopped at the groomers and Lilly had her nails trimmed. Normally we do it at the vet… clip, clip… down on the floor… few minutes and all is done. At the groomers it was a totally different story. Lilly went onto a proper grooming table… for the first time… I think she was a bit scared but she kept a happy face 🙂 She was nicely secured and the trimming began. I was tempted to check her weight again afterwards but I guess that a nail trim wouldn’t make a lot of difference.

30 Day Pet Nutrition Challenge with Pets at Home – Week 2-3 – One down, one still going

Lilly runs a lot more these day; especially since Friday, as we have Barnie staying with us again. The extended exercises are doing her good and she looks much healthier. She likes her new food, but I am not sure if she isn’t a bit hungry…

So you see picking the right food isn’t so easy. Like I said before I do not necessarily blame the food for Bunks skin problems, after all he is prone to hot spots, though it is a little coincidental that the new hot spots started just after the new diet started and thus if the food is indeed aggravating it, it is time for a change… again…

Have you ever had or have a pet with any food related health problems?

Do you feed your pet grain or grain free food?

If you feed a grain free diet I would love to hear your recommendations.


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24 responses to “30 Day Pet Nutrition Challenge with Pets at Home – Week 2-3 – One down, one still going

  1. We’ve had a to of issues feeding our cats over the years. Grain free food is definitely best for my pets.

  2. I agree with you, it’s not easy to find the perfect food. After some fails I found a diet food what works for Easy. Its made by Ultima (nutritionultima.fr) and it’s a grain free food. By now we managed the weight problem and there are no after or side effects (knock on wood).

  3. Beautiful looking dogs. #blogsupport

  4. I can see that food must have some effect on dogs as it has on humans. Such a pain though to work out what the best food is though.

  5. I have not. Our dog just got a good bill of health from the vet.

  6. I only have pets that swim around in a tank 😉
    these are pretty cute doggies though

  7. This is a great idea, since food affects humans, it would make sense that it would affect animals too.

  8. My parents have struggled with dietary issues with their cats for years. Half their cats are on one kind of food and the other half on special diets. Glad you are aware and taking care of your fur baby!

  9. Sylvia

    I’m sure they’re not happy to be on diet 😀 I should probably put my Fluffy on some kind of diet too, he’s not overweight but a bit plumpy 😉

  10. Ah both your dogs are so cute! I’m not sure whether we feed our dogs grain free, but it’s like vet recommended food that we buy in bulk, and then they get tablets to make their coats healthy too. My collie always has to go on a diet as she steals food from people’s rooms, and takes my alsations leftovers haha!

    India / Too Faced giveaway

  11. My pets have always been problem free thank goodness. It must be a worry trying to get everything stable.

  12. StephsTwoGirls

    Gorgeous doggies. Am just hoping my little kitties don’t develop any food issues!!

  13. Love your doggies :)) recommendation for dry dog food: http://www.tasteofthewildpetfood.com/mobile/

    My dog (now passed on) he’s a mixed pit, active during the summer, but had a sensitive belly. So myself started into getting deeper on natural diets, researched dog foods, and I purchase this locally. I would get him the salmon flavor since he liked that over all the other Flavors. His belly sensitivities stopped, he hardly had the dry skin areas (all dogs got the season where they any stop scratching) and his health started getting better. Fish oil as we know is great for their fur and humans as well. Check it out and I did read about the recalls but I had no issue. Ask for samples an see 🙂

    awww I miss my puppy when he passed man that was the hardest. My pets are my babies, then my dad, next our ferret. Like what the hell! So we still have 1 more ferret but after this I can’t bring myself to have anymore pets. All the passings is too much

  14. Sounds like a good challenge. Our family pet could really lose some weight and it would be awesome if his food helped convert all the miles he runs into muscle.

  15. I’m so lucky that my cats are not picky eaters! I’ve read everywhere that you should wean and mix in new foods but there have definitely been times where I’ve had to run out and buy the cheapest food I could find just so they could eat.

  16. I have to watch what I give my baby cat, he can be quite intolerant to some cat foods x

  17. Our cat is on Iams, although he has been on Dr Hills in the past. We do find he needs the hairball food as he is long haired and otherwise we have to regularly clean it up. I guess he’s probably viable for senior food too as he’s seven and a half.

  18. Oh wow, heavier but thinner! Alvin is on Vet prescribed food and always has been. We are firm believed in dried food after using it for both out cats

  19. Mellissa Williams

    I guess your dog could be putting on muscle. It sounds a complicated process picking the right food for your dog.

  20. Kimberly Bergeron

    You’re dogs are adorable! I always send your posts to my sister. She’s very careful with what her dogs eat as well. !

  21. VaiChin

    How incredibly handsome are your dogs! If ever I had a pet, it would be a golden lab.

  22. I hope you manage to work out which food is best, we have a similar issue with one of our cats and hopefully now we are sorted.

  23. I have cats and they will eat anything – one is allergic to fleas though which can be a problem

  24. We’ve had our cats on various types of food as they got older especially when they had urinary problems. Glad Lilly is enjoying the new food and she loves like a very ‘smiley’ dog!

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