Mums and Tyres – Infographic and Myth Busters

Michelin infographic -Mums and Tyres – Infographic and Myth buster

Michelin in connection with Mumsnet users conducted a survey about tyres; maybe not a sexy topic but an important one. They polled 1097 users who own a car and have at least one child at home.

The survey revealed, there was still a discrepancy between genders with more men taking responsibility for tyres, but women are acknowledging that this shouldn’t be the case; 97% of the people agreed all drivers should take responsibility for their vehicle and its safety.

Surprisingly for me 7% of Mumsnetters currently own winter tyres, which is above average when compared with the UK as a whole.

We don’t own any winter tyres, but if the weather keeps going in the direction it is at the moment, we will have to consider getting a set.

Mums and Tyres - Infographic and Myth buster

Winter tyres are recommended for use in temperature below 7C, which we actually have now. They are manufactured from different materials than summer or so called all year round tyres; they offer a different grip and their main job is to make our winter car trips much safer! They aren’t cheap, this is a downside, but can we really try to save money risking our wellbeing, health or even life?

A few years ago my cousin came to visit. He drove from Poland in January so yes, he had winter tyres on his car. Unfortunately he got a flat, and new, modern tyres are not repairable, or at least this is what we had been told. We actually tried to buy a new one but as it ended up it wasn’t possible. I live just 40 miles north of London and we couldn’t find any store within those 40 miles which would actually have stock in on the day, so we could just pop by and get a new tyre. He ended up driving to Europe on his spare. We ordered a tyre in Germany and it was waiting there for him the next day.

Mums and Tyres – Infographic and Myth buster

We don’t get snow so often so we don’t need winter tyres… wrong… Only two days ago when driving to the post office we hit a patch of ice… on a sharp corner, on a narrow village road… it was scary… the car started to dance… nothing happened but if there was a car coming from the opposite direction it could have been a totally different story all together. I think there are a lot of things we could save money on when taking care of our car, but tyres should never be one of these things. Buy good quality premium tyres as they could save your life one day and remember… not all tyres are the same!

Do you own a set of winter tyres?

*Post written in collaboration with Michelin and Mumsnet. I was not compensated for writing this post, but I will have a chance of winning a set of tyres.


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18 responses to “Mums and Tyres – Infographic and Myth Busters

  1. Really helpful post. I do all my car maintenance and cleaning, my husband is never here enough to do the checks etc. Which reminds me, I need to refill my washer fluid again….

  2. I know nothing about my car, I let my husband deal with it!

  3. I cant drive so am totally in the hands of my OH for this stuff- tho my teen is now a new driver so will get her to take a look too!

  4. I am one of the mums who does not own winer tyres :(. And OH does the car stuff.

  5. I was just talking to my dad about Winter tyres. I think it’s something I should save for.

  6. Mellissa Williams

    Having a decent set of tyres on your car in the Winter is so important. Good luck with your entry!

  7. We had winter tyres on the elephant skater too as we got it from my pawrents (they live in bavaria and they really need them). As we changed the tyres here, the guy at the car point laughed his butt off about the winter tyres :o)

  8. I think it is all very well saying that women should know that as well – well as soon as men have an equal share of the responsibilities (esp at this time of year) then maybe we will have the time and energy to take over the tyres!

  9. Great post – I have to admit I don’t know much about tyres (apart from how to check if they are road legal and how to fill them with air) x

  10. I can’t drive so glaze over whenever the car is mentioned, I do know that my husband checks and changes his tyres but I don’t think he has winter tyres.

  11. Great post, I know nothing about this kind of thing and don’t drive. so I found it really informative x

  12. I am one of those avid tyre pressure checker people, every trip we make, I check!

  13. I can’t drive and really ahve no clue when it comes to cars at all!!

  14. My Dad was a stickler for me knowing about cars before I drive one. I think that people are getting much more savvy

  15. We don’t have winter tyres , never had the need may we should get them.

  16. I really don’t understand about cars!! Great infographic.

  17. i don’t own a set pf winter tyres as it stays very mild where we live

  18. I am paranoid about tyre pressure, though I don’t own a set of winter tyres.

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