My sofa hates me

My sofa hates me

There was a time when my sofa would welcome me with warm hugs at the end of a long hard day and I would willingly flop down into that embrace. The time would happily drift by as I entertained myself with some distraction till bed time and the inevitable repeat of my day. Happy times…

Yet now, I am drawn to the conclusion that my sofa wants a divorce or it’s going to kill me, or at the very least debilitate me to such an extent that life becomes impossible. Now after even a brief stay I find that my back has seized up and my legs ache, venture to stay too long and the headache will arrive as sure as day follows night, what other conclusion can I draw except my sofa doesn’t like me anymore.

So I have decided the best form of defence is attack and the old sofa must go whilst I am still physically capable of removing it.

The sofa has served us well for many years and was by no means a lifelong investment; we bought it just after we bought the house as we needed one, and it wasn’t very expensive as money was tight at the time.

We considered fixing it by re-stuffing the cushions but we aren’t sure if this will fix the problem.

So now I am searching for a fresher younger model to replace our old friend.

Our front room is an L shape and as such an L shaped sofa would be ideal fitting into the corner of the room and allowing one of us too adopt the customary position of laying flat out during our evening’s distractions. If it comes with a futon then that would be even better so then we can both adopt the optimal position!

I have a few of my favourites…

MelbourneLexington CNChelsea CNAnd my personal front runner:

Panama CN

What do you think about them?

Would you like to see any of these sofas in your front room?

* Post written in collaboration with Newman & Bright


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15 responses to “My sofa hates me

  1. I like the classic black one but that is just personal taste, good luck with your new sofa!

  2. The red one is gorgeous – or maybe the black. Lucky you getting a new sofa.

  3. Sometimes inconsolable differences between our butt and the sofa lead to a divorce :o) I’m a fan of the black sofa :o) I noticed as we bought ours that they are lower now, what makes it to a challenge to stand up for older peeps like my parents :o)

  4. I love the first one, would love to be able to stretch out on there and get comfy

  5. I’d love a new sofa too. mine is definitely on its last legs. These look great. I’d love something really luxurious and comfy.

  6. Oh a sofa tends to be such a staple on every household. There is nothing more relaxing than stretching out on a nice comfy sofa. I like the first one. The black too looks chic.

  7. I love them all, but I totally understand your frustrations!

  8. I am not sure about L shaped Sofa’s. Ours are 15 years old and doing really well, but they were very expensive

  9. I would love a new set! I love the second to the last.

  10. Your personal front runner is a winner in my book! Not too bulky. Not too modern. Just Right.

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