What’s Cooking – The Perfect Steak à la Marco Pierre White

What’s Cooking – The Perfect Steak à la Marco Pierre White

I’ve already shared a steak sauce with you, so next in line must be the steak itself! For us any steak is a treat, so an aged fillet steak is only for days that will never be forgotten. They aren’t even close to being cheap so they have to be reserved for special occasions to add another layer to the wonder that is making that day special to us. Lately we haven’t actually had any special occasions to celebrate but Mark wouldn’t believe me that a Worcestershire Steak Sauce is so amazingly nice, so we made that the occasion so we could cook one so he could try it for himself.

What’s Cooking  The Perfect Steak à la Marco Pierre White

We got some lovely fillet steaks from Donald Russell. We were lucky as a 160g steak if bought in packs of four were on special offer 🙂

If you going to push the boat out and have a steak then you might as well have the best cut and what can be better than a buttery-tender prime fillet beef steak?

(Oh my, I am drooling just thinking about the dinner we had).

So anyway, we had our steaks, all we needed now was a Knorr Stock Cube and a little bit of olive oil.

Following what Marco Pierre White told me to do; we seasoned our steaks with only the Knorr stock cube instead of adding any salt. Why? Let me tell you:

First of all it will coat and stick much better to the meat then just salt would.

Secondly, as all the meat is evenly covered it will enhance the flavour of the meat better and thus elevate it to the next level.

And third because he said so 😉 and despite the evidence I do occasionally do as I am told.

Once you have all the ingredients you need:

  • Steaks
  • A Knorr stock cube
  • A dash of Olive oil

… it is time to cook.


Heat a large, heavy, thick-bottomed frying pan – we used our cast iron one as it is simply perfect for it. It must be “smoking” hot, so the surface of the meat caramelises.

What’s Cooking -- The Perfect Steak à la Marco Pierre White.

In a small bowl crush the Knorr stock cube and mix it with a little bit of olive oil creating a paste. You can use whatever flavour you want – I guess beef would be ideal in this situation… however we used chicken…

Season your steaks with the paste. Make sure it is spread evenly on both sides of the meat. Don’t put it too thick. You want just a little flavour enhancement.

What’s Cooking - The Perfect Steak à la Marco Pierre White.

Put the steaks into the frying pan and fry for about 2 minutes on one side, then turn over and fry for 1 minute, then take the frying pan away from the heat still leaving the steak in the frying pan. Now watch your steak. Once you see the blood start to break the surface, your steak is ready – it will be a perfect medium-rare.

Add all other bits you are having with it and dig in!

What’s Cooking - The Perfect Steak à la Marco Pierre White

Oh and don’t forget about the star of the show your Worcestershire Steak Sauce!

What’s Cooking -- The Perfect Steak à la Marco Pierre White

I did find a video recipe for both steak and a Worcestershire Steak Sauce. If you dislike onions and prefer peppercorns in your sauce have a look at this video; you might find it helpful.

The Perfect Steak à la Marco Pierre White


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16 responses to “What’s Cooking – The Perfect Steak à la Marco Pierre White

  1. sheesh this looks stunning. what a beautifully tender looking cut. I need fillet steak in my life!

  2. Terri's Thoughts

    i was never a steak person until this summer and now I can’t get enough of it, yum

  3. My husband loves a good steak. I’m definitely going to try this and see what he thinks!

  4. You just got me in the steak eating mode.

  5. My 2 boys and husband are both big steak eaters, but I only like it every now and then, when it’s really top quality so this is perfect for me!

  6. Looking at the first photo, I thought this steak meal will be something very hard to do. For someone who doesn’t cook much, it will be a challenge for me to cook one for my hubby. However, when I read through your post and saw the instructions, I think I can prepare something like this to my hubby. He loves steaks!

  7. I’m not a huge steak water but my husband loves it, so definitely bookmarking this for some meal inspiration for him x

  8. Mellissa Williams

    Wow those steaks from Donald russell look superb. I wish my husband are red meat but I have to have my steak if we go out for a meal. They look easy to cook with this method though

  9. Starving. Could totally eat that right now!

  10. I’m not a huge steak fan, but those pictures makes me want to have one.

  11. Yum! That looks like a great meal for any time of the day!

  12. I love steak, it is definitely my favourite dish, steak & chips with peppercorn sauce! Yum! x

  13. That steak looks yummy, but agreed only for very special occasions! Especially when you have a big family!!

  14. Looks yummy, steak is one of my favorite dish.

  15. pigeonpairandme

    Ooh – this sounds and looks delicious! You can’t beat a well-cooked steak.

  16. It looks delicious! Would definitely try it out..

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