Top tips for walking your dog in the dark

Top tips for walking your dog in the dark

The days are getting longer now but still most of us are walking our dogs in the dark… It might not be a problem if you are based in the city and have well lit roads all around you but out in the countryside winter walks aren’t as peachy as one might think.

I got caught out one morning when I decided to go for a quick walk at 6am in the pitch black… black morning, black dog… you can only imagine where I am going with this… I got scared… re-call didn’t work and Bunk was nowhere to be found… he did come back finally (after a few minutes which felt in that moment like a lifetime) but by this time the seed of fear was deeply implanted. It was time to re-think my walking in the dark routine.

So I sat down and I thought about how to improve our safety, so I read a lot, I did my research and I come across a few pointers I would like to share with you.

Walk route

Darkness is not the best time to go exploring. Pick a well known route which is familiar both for you and your dog. Walks along the side of the road are not ideal but if you don’t have any other options and this is the only walk route with lights along it – then pick it. Remember to walk against the flow of traffic and keep your dog on the side furthest from the road (i.e. your right hand side). Alternatively if you have a bit more time on your hands and have some well lit place which is away from home, then jump in the car and drive with your dog to that walking spot.

Walk routine

Keep control of your dog and do not let him/her off the lead unless you are in a well lit area. Your dog might be well trained but you never know what will happen and there is always a chance of something unpredictable happening so why be tempting fate? Unless your dog is extremely well trained avoid retractable leads. They are dangerous in daylight and can be deadly in the darkness (yes, I am not a huge fan of retractable leads and if you want to know why please read 10 Reasons Why Retractable Leashes Are Dangerous) Also if you are going to let your dog off the lead make sure you have your pockets well stocked with some yummy treats which will help you with that quick re-call if needed.

Human clothing

Walks in the dark are as much about your safety as your dog. If you are walking along the road make sure you wear something reflective. It might not be sexy but a high visibility vest is cheap and will make you stand out for all others road users. Yes, you can and should dress up your dog as well but if you are going to walk along the side of the road you are much bigger than your dog therefore much easier to see 🙂

Dog clothing + accessories

Nowadays there is a huge choice when it comes to reflective accessories for your dog. Pick something both you and your dogs are comfortable with. It might be a high visibility dog jacket or maybe just a reflective neck band; if clothing isn’t really your thing invest in a reflective collar, harness or a lead; if these choices aren’t “speaking” to you either at least get a safety light for your dog. A safety light is small and will clip onto any collar or harness. It will illuminate or flash depending on the program and it will help you easily locate your dog in the darkness.

Be cautious

Stay alert and wary of your surroundings. Listen to what is happening around you. You might follow all these tips and be ready for a walk in the darkness but you can also be sure that someone else might not be so well organized. Don’t be scared! If you are scared your dog will feel it and you really don’t want to be projecting fear into your companion.

Other Equipment

First of all take a torch with you. I use a small LED head torch. The batteries last what seems like forever, it gives a really great bright light and most importantly of all it still allows me to have both my hands free.
Secondly take a phone with you. I bet most of us don’t go far without the phone but walking in the darkness is for sure not the time to forget it. You never know how the walk will end and you might need it to call for assistance.
Third – don’t go wondering in the darkness without anyone knowing you went out. Again you might not think it’s that big a deal in the city but there are many dangerous and risks, just watch the news if you doubt me. If you are going out for a walk in the countryside make sure someone knows you went out in case you get lost or injured and it could be hours before someone finds you to help.

These are my tips.

If there is something you would add to the list please share it with me.

Safe walking!


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36 responses to “Top tips for walking your dog in the dark

  1. Really an unique and informative article for the dog owners.

  2. Great post! We sometimes walk in the early morning and we both wear this screaming-yellow warning vests of the car too ( we look weird, but better safe than sorry).

  3. Love this we looking into getting a dog so this was good to read, Thanks

  4. wendy

    Great post, it is amazing how people walk their dogs in the dark without any reflective clothing and insist on wearing dark colours

  5. Great tips! I often have a hard time with my 3 at night so I get my husband to take them, this can help me do it on my own! Very helpful!

  6. This is a great list. I am really scared of being out and about in the dark on my own and I think reflective clothing would definitely help.

  7. Great tips hun. Although I think our little dogs would be mortified if we took them out in the dark x

  8. These are great tips! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

  9. I have scared myself daft on a couple of dark dog walks – amazing how simple sounds can become scary when you cant see what they are!

  10. What a great post, i was just about to go for a dog walk but have realised that i am not prepared at all and having a black dog i need one of those collars. Thanks so much for sharing xxx

  11. wrightbrittany

    Very informative list!! I like that you not only included our safety but the dogs as well 🙂

  12. These are good tips, we don’t have pets, but I think I would be afraid of walking them in the dark 😦

  13. Some great tips there. I didn’t know there were so many reflective items available for pets!

  14. What excellent tips. Am going to send this to a friend who has a new puppy. Thanks!

  15. Oohh, we’re getting a dog soon so have bookmarked this post

  16. These are great points. We have a reflective collar and leash.

  17. great tips for dog owners. i will pass this to my colleague

  18. Mellissa Williams

    I would love to get a dog, but need a bigger house first. Some great tips for dog lovers here.

  19. Great advice – a lot applies to anyone out walking in the dark even without a dog

  20. I like the dog walking tips… I think cloths is the best specially with the cold!

  21. Such great tips, I don’t have a dog, I wish I did, but I am always cautious about approaching someone elses dog x

  22. Great tips! I have a black dog so I think we need some more reflective items. I like the reflective collar.

  23. Fantastic tips. I always hate waling the dog in the dark and these are amazing tips

  24. I do not have a dog but these are great tips! If I did have a dog I would walk it in well lite areas too.

  25. REally good tips here. An informative read for any dog owner.

  26. Great tips, we use head torches too 🙂

  27. Lisa Rios

    Great tips! I don’t have dogs, so I don’t have much idea about walking in dark with dogs. Will share this post with my friend, might be very helpful to her. Thanks for sharing.

  28. I don’t enjoy dark walks. We also have a black dog, so she stays on the lead whilst she’s not as visible as I would like.

  29. Sylvia

    Great tips for dog owners! I’ll tweet it 🙂

  30. great and essential tip for dog owners

  31. I always felt safer walking in the dark when I had a dog

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