What’s Cooking – Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

What’s Cooking – Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

Dependent on how we make them, sausage rolls can take hours or just minutes to prepare… made entirely from scratch including mincing our own meat and making the pastry can take hours or simply opening the pack from the supermarket and re-heating what’s in it can take just minutes. We all know which ones have the best chance of tasting awesome and will have out of this world flavour but do you have the time? As time is not always on our side we usually go for a middling option – ready to roll pastry and a good quality pack of ready-made sausage meat. Sausage meat is available everywhere around Xmas and all year round from a good local butcher.

This way we didn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen and could still enjoy freshly baked sausage rolls that will satisfy our flavour crave.

So what ingredients do you need?

1. What’s Cooking – Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

  • 1 pack of Jus-Rol puff pastry sheet
  • 1 pack of sausage stuffing
  • 1 egg; beaten


Line 1 large baking sheet with some baking paper.

Pre-heat your over to 200C.

In a cup, whisk up 1 egg.

Roll out your ready-made pastry if it is not pre-rolled into sheets for you.

2. What’s Cooking – Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

Starting from the short end of the pastry measure in about 1.5cm from the edge and place a nicely rolled our generous portion of sausage meat filling.

Lift the edge of the pastry up and roll it up over the meat until it is covered.

Use the egg wash and paint a line with a pastry brush along the edge and then roll some more to make your roll complete. The egg wash will help to glue the pastry together and stop your rolls exploding in the oven as they cook.

With a sharp knife cut the pastry to release the finished sausage rolls and put to the side.

3. What’s Cooking – Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

Repeat the above process until the whole pastry is used up.

4. What’s Cooking – Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls5. What’s Cooking – Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

With a sharp clean knife cut your long sausage rolls into desired size and place them on the baking sheet.

6. What’s Cooking – Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

Make a few cuts at an angle on the top of each sausage roll.

7. What’s Cooking – Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

Use the remaining egg wash and paint your sausage rolls this will help them achieve a rich brown colour.

8. What’s Cooking – Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

Bake in the preheated oven for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Remove from the oven, remove from the baking sheet and cool on a rack for 5 minutes.

(Go on you know you can do it, it is only five minutes show some restraint.)


What’s Cooking -- Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

A perfect breakfast food to start any special (or ordinary) day that goes nicely with a cup of tea or fresh filtered coffee!



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25 responses to “What’s Cooking – Quick and Easy Sausage Rolls

  1. these look delightful a lovely snack for my lot who would love to not only eat them butake themselves, I never knw you could buy sausage meat though , always thought it was sausages skinned that was used lol

  2. Fee

    My kids love sausage rolls, I really should make my own. I honestly didn’t think it would be this easy!

  3. It’s a great food for a party too :o)

  4. Oh my gosh, I bet my hubby would love these! Might need to surprise him for the Super Bowl!

  5. Oh my, these look delicious. So much nicer than shop bought. Pinning for inspiration 🙂

  6. They look so yummy. I am not a fan a prepacked pastry, but lovely fresh pastry like this is so good x

  7. They do sound really easy and so delicious!

  8. How yummy does this recipe sound! The pix look scrumpcious, too 🙂 I want to try this recipe.. they’d be a great appetizer for a super bowl party!

  9. These sound delicious. Such a simple recipe that my two children would love.

  10. Puff rolls are so convenient. I have made veggie puffs in a similar way!

  11. looks tasty!! I’m going to buy some pastry sheets when I shop :9


  12. Wow these look amazing! I’ve never made these homemade before, always store bought and these look so much better!

  13. I’ve never thought of making my own! Daft really and this is something I can make with the children.

  14. Brilliant – you made these look yummy and effortless! I am going to try making a veggie sausage alternative with vegetarian ‘sausage’ – i just hope they turn out as good as yours!

    Found some interesting recipes here that you may like to try on your blog:


  15. Lisa Rios

    Looks very delicious. I have never tried this kind of food at home. Your recipe seems to be so easy to prepare. Will have to try this rolls using chicken, because my girls love chicken. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I really must try and make our own!! They look so delicious I can almost smell them

  17. These look fab. We all love sausage rolls, but never tried making them at home. I really must give it a go.

  18. We’re veggie but would love to make these with a veggies sausage filling, yum!

  19. Sausage rolls are a big weakness of mine and I’m practically drooling looking at your photo! I can’t resist eating them when they’re still warm from the oven. Unfortunately, they don’t help me lose all these extra pounds I’m trying to shed so I’m staying away for a while!

  20. We quite often make our own sausage rolls. I don’t eat meat myself so I make them with veggie sausages and my hubby makes meat ones. Sometimes we don’t even use sausage meat, just literally wrap the sausage in the read made pastry! I don’t like my kids eating shop-bought ones, as goodness knows what are in them, so these are a great alternative. Good for packed lunches too. We also sometimes spread a tiny bit of mustard on the pastry before wrapping it up for an extra little kick.

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