Lifespan of the shoe featuring Mist by Hotter

Lifespan of the shoe featuring Mist by Hotter

I am a huge shoe junky. If given a choice of handbags, jewellery, make-up or any other tempting goodies I will always go for the shoes… but I also have high standards… I love shoes but not just any shoes. For me a pair of shoes must have “soul”; they must be comfortable, well made, friendly for my feet and yes, they must look good too.

When we moved out of London I still wanted, indeed needed to fit my love of shoes into our new countryside lifestyle. Unfortunately this did mean replacing some of my brightly coloured and funky footwear with something more suitable for a “village” life, something that would be more in line with my age and the new type of activities that you do in the countryside; Yet something still classy, still comfortable, and yes still good quality and funky looking.

My search for such footwear had led me to Hotter.

I found myself a pair of Mist shoes – flat shoes with a breathable lining, cushioned insole and lightweight soles. When I tried them on I knew that these shoes will become my best friend and I just had to buy them.

At first they were just a going out daily shoes but very soon they became my go to shoes and once we got Lilly they turned into my walking shoes. I could walk in them for hours and hours either sun or rain; no matter the weather conditions my feet were dry, warm and comfortable.

I have had my first pair of Mist for 6 years now. During this time:

Mist by HotterI lost my insoles or at least a top part of it

Mist shoes by Hotter

The soles have developed visible signs of usage but are still intact and in perfect order

Brown Mist by Hotter

The shoes became a bit out of shape

My Mist by Hotter

And Bunk from time to time has had a chew on my shoe laces

That’s all… 6 long years of wear and tear and these are the only things I have to report. Yes, they might not look as nice and fresh as a brand new pair but they are still fully usable shoes; they still keep my feet dry and warm and provide the same comfort as they did the first day I tried them on (maybe even more as they have moulded to my feet over the years).

Last year I’ve got a new pair of Mist, exactly the same, also in brown. I have had them since February but I didn’t put them on until this October. I knew that I had this lovely, comfortable pair of shoes in my cupboard but I simply couldn’t say goodbye to my original pair… and I still didn’t. Now I use my 6 years old pair for the dog walking and any “dirty” work (like gardening) and my new pair are have now became my “go to town” pair of shoes 🙂

I’ve just checked the Hotter website and they no longer make Mist in brown, they do however have a beautiful red version now. I know I will not “need” a new pair for a long, long time yet I am extremely tempted by the new red ones.

Mist by Hotter are currently sold in a choice of four colours: black, navy, sangria (aka red) and smoke / limestone. They have an RRP of £90 and come in sizes from UK 3 up to UK 9. You can pick a standard or wide fit version. They feature GORE-TEX lining, have lace-up fastening and are built to last! I can personally vouch for all these points!

Lifespan of the shoe featuring Mist by Hotter.

If you are in the market for a new pair of walking shoes, look no further!

What’s your favourite pair of shoes?

Do you go for comfort or looks when it comes to footwear?


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43 responses to “Lifespan of the shoe featuring Mist by Hotter

  1. 6 years is a lot! wow! I decided to go more for comfort … I mean I have to walk on my feet for the rest of my life and they deserved some more comfort after all that years of high-hell torture :o)

  2. They look amazing for six years worth of wear and tear! I always wear my heels out! They look perfect for country walks x

  3. emmysmummy

    These look lovely. I do love hotter shoes

  4. Amazing!!
    “For me a pair of shoes must have “soul”; they must be comfortable, well made, friendly for my feet and yes, they must look good too.” – this just sums it all!

  5. 6 years whoah- that is incredible. I buy a lot of shoes but I bet my husband would love these, he hates shoe shopping

  6. I have to say I always for for comfort. There’s nothing worse than finding a pretty pair of shoes that are uncomfortable. Flats all the way for me! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  7. I adore my shoes I have my hotter. They last and better last. In fact my walking boots are by them and my trainers

  8. Stephanie Keeping

    Wow those shoes look great for six years of use!

  9. i love shoes as well especially when you find the one pairs that’s so comfortable you don’t want to take them off!! That’s how I feel about my first pair of uggs

  10. Wow I can’t believe that they lasted 6 years! That is fab x

  11. sgarrison05

    Wow that’s amazing! What a great shoe!! Definitely looking into them.

  12. These look lovely and I could really do with a comfortable pair of shoes for the school run. Great they’ve lasted you so well.

  13. Hotter, huh? Not too familiar with them, but I so love a great pair of outdoor shoes. My husband still has a pair from 1993 that’s still in great shape

  14. I could use some new walking shoes. My MIL would love this style, I thought of her the instant I saw them!

  15. I am impressed they have lasted so long, they’re a proper investment. I need to wear a support in my shoes and struggle to get comfy ones, these look ideal.

  16. 6 years is great! I would LOVE to find shoes to last that long. Heck I would love to find shoes that would last my kids 3 months (or even 1 month). These look like great quality.

  17. I have these black heels that are to die for. Those just look good! They are comfortable for about 2-3 hours.

  18. These shoes looks great even after 6 years of usage and it shows its real quality. I usually change my shoes yearly once at least. I do prefer comfort for my foot wear. Thanks for sharing.

  19. wow 6 years is a great age for a shoe , I love my hotter shoes

  20. They sound like a really good investment as a practical and well made shoe.

  21. Six years is so good for any shoes, they are obviously very well made!

  22. This is n excellent review! shows real value for money. x

  23. Those shoes look good for six years of use, they are obviously very well made! =)

  24. They look so comfy, you did great effort with this post 🙂

  25. I have the mist shoes too and they are so comfy and have withstood forests and beaches

  26. Very nice! would probably love to try one too ^^


  27. dang, those would still function even after 10 years! comfort and looks is both id look for in a pair of shoes

  28. I’m a massive shoe person as well! Can’t believe they’ve lasted so long though! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  29. I love shoes as weel. But I’m always buy shoes every two week

  30. That is some awesome shoes that could lasts for so many years. =)

  31. ooo i never try wearing this type of shooe yes..usually wear flip flop only..prolly i should consider this for my usa trip!

  32. this is seems made from good quality material.
    and comfort to wear.. nice one! 😀

  33. well, i’ve never heard of this shoe brand, but this kind of boot-ish, laced up shoes usually are very hardy. my dad’s pair of clarks lasted him 10 over years before the shoelaces broke.

  34. Seems like a great brand that lasted really long! But haven’t heard of this brand though. Seems pretty rough and tough! 🙂

  35. They look really great for six years of wear. 🙂

  36. These look great – Seems like they’re really holding up well. Thanks for sharing! ❤ GIGLove

  37. sinyee0504

    To be honest, nowadays shoes that is wearable more than 2 years is the maximum. But this can wear up to 6 years, but still in good condition, I love this brand now. Do they sell women footwear? giglove

  38. These are such lovely shoes. I think it will great on my brother :)Thanks for sharing the brand with me 🙂

  39. What a unique idea! I don’t know if I’d intentionally purchase the same exact shoe again. You have me thinking about investing in some!

    gig xoxo
    Andréa Christine
    Workout Wear Wishlist

  40. As long as it’s comfortable.. Just wear as long as the shoes is capable to take our feet off..


  41. wow..amazing …love those shoes thanks for sharing ❤

  42. My favourite pair of shoes were these brown and gold Adidas high tops I bought from Footlocker. Unfortunately they did not have the longevity that your shoes had 😦

  43. Interesting knowledge you’ve shared. I never thought of things that way. To me, a shoe is good until it isn’t. haha

    Beauty Blogger – Kumiko Mae

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