How to make Tea Smoked Peppers

How to make Tea Smoked Peppers

Here is a brilliant idea to help even the most rubbish cook elevate a dish to a gourmet level with hardly any effort but amazing results. Like all great ideas it is simple, straightforward and almost foolproof. I do not claim any fame or fortune for conceiving the idea I am merely the messenger helping to spread the word so that all can enjoy this technique.

As you can probably tell by now I am enthusiastic, correction very enthusiastic about tea smoking. Readers of my blog will know from historical posts that we are big smokers of food, but until now it relied on a massive effort to clean and fire up the Primo cooker in the garden and like all humans sometimes the will is willing but the flesh is weak. Now we have a quick and easy way to imbue our food with a vast range of smoky flavours inside, on the cooker!

So what do you need in the kitchen to join us in total appreciation of this technique? Not much as it goes….

How to make Tea Smoked Peppers - Ingredients List

  • A vegetable steamer or a saucepan with a colander that fits snugly on top with a lid and can be put on a hot cooker ring. Plastic isn’t going to get the job done it does need to be metal.
  • A strip of tinfoil
  • A small packet of loose leaf tea leaves (best quality you can find). We used Earl Grey Bravo from Adagio.
  • Something to smoke, we used peppers in this example but anything can go in…


Place the base of you steamer or saucepan on to the cooker.

How to make Tea Smoked Peppers.

Next you need to tap into you creative side and build a holder for the tea leaves out of the tinfoil.
We have learnt to use a small bowl as a mould as this helps a lot. The key part here is to form it in such a way as to have 4 legs to stand on as we don’t want the part with the tea leaves touching the base of the steamer.

Place you creation into the steamer base or saucepan, DO NOT be tempted to put any water in there!

How to make Tea Smoked Peppers..

Put your tea leaves into the bowl part of the tinfoil, a small handful is enough.

Place your colander or upper section of you steamer on top of the base.

How to make Tea Smoked Peppers...

Place in a single layer whatever you have chosen to smoke in the upper section, don’t stack them up if you can avoid it as this will impact on the ability of the smoke to get everywhere.

Lastly strap on the lid and turn the heat up to medium.

As the colander gets hot the tinfoil and in turn the tea will get hot and soon it will start to smoke and fill the house with wonderful tea smells. As the heat works its way up it will heat up the veggies and help cook them. It will also help release essential oils that will greatly enhance the flavour of the vegetable, these oils help trap the smoke from the tea resulting in awesomeness.

Go have a cup of tea or prepare whatever you are going to have you lovely, tasty, smoked veggies with.

After 20 minutes turn the heat off, leaving it for longer will make the smoked tea flavour more intense if you prefer that, concurrently cooking for less time will make the flavour much more mellow. Only practise will give you the right level of flavour that suits your palette.

How to make - Tea Smoked Peppers

Place in your sandwich, or add to pizzas, with scrambled eggs, or as a topping with your favourite cracker, whatever your mind can dream up, and trust me you will be dreaming of countless ways to involve this technique in even the simplest meals from now on…

Go on… you know you want to try it…


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57 responses to “How to make Tea Smoked Peppers

  1. yes, I want to try it…. that sounds interesting and I love this experiments :o)

  2. this is genius, sounds so unusual I’m determined to give it a go.

  3. I’ve never heard of this before but it sounds really delicious and a great idea to make and keep in the fridge to add to sandwiches and lunches 🙂

  4. I have not heard of this before either but it sure is worth a try, looks good. Probably great to add to a salad as well.

  5. It is looking awesome. I will try to make it once definitely. Thank you for such a nice post.

  6. jehaine

    Neat idea. I may try it with another veggie.

  7. Wow. I have never tried tea smoking or any smoking, but you make it look so achievable.

  8. This sounds really interesting and unusual! xxx

  9. These sound delicious. I love peppers but have never tried anything like this with them!

  10. That is so interesting and definitely something I am willing to try!

  11. Mellissa Williams

    How unusual, something I would never have thought of trying out. An interesting technique Agata 🙂

  12. This looks very interesting. My Mum and Dad would like this. Thanks for sharing, this is something I’ve never thought of doing before.

  13. What an interesting and brilliant way to cook vegetables. I’d love to try it!

  14. Are you serious? Tea and vegetables? I love tea. I love vegetables. This is genius! Does Chef Gordon Ramsay know about this?!

  15. I have never heard of smoking tea before, but I know people who smoke their food. I can see the combination of both making meals very tasty…like the use of dried herbs.

  16. My goodness, this is amazing & looks like a different idea altogether. I am surely going to give a try with Mushroom & few more. Nice share.

  17. I never knew about tea smoking. But I bet it would be a great way to get flavorful food smoked.

  18. Adding them to scrambled eggs (or an omelet) sounds really good!

  19. This recipe for tea smoked peppers is so very unique. I had never heard of this before. I am going to have to try it out. Thanks:)

  20. oh i will be trying this tomorrow! sounds yum!

  21. mmm tea infused! It looks interesting, i’ll have to try it out so I can taste it for myself. I bet it’s going to be yummy. x

  22. Ooh I love peppers and this sounds really tasty – had never thought of home smoking!

  23. WHat a great idea! I bet this really gives your cooking an edge!

  24. OOh this sounds right up my street and you made it look so easy x

  25. Wow, how very creative. Will save this.

  26. Ari

    I’m not a big fan of pepper, but this is a really interesting recipe! My sister’s a healthy eater, so she’ll be glad to find out about this recipe.

  27. lifeispoppin85

    I love this idea!!! I’m such a tea snob

  28. I love peppers especially the red ones.. this recipe sounds very interesting. I will try it 🙂

  29. I’ve never heard about this before but it sounds really good. You are so creative

  30. I am a tea addict but I did not realise you could do this. How interesting. Liska xx

  31. ooh this is fantastic, I’ve beenr eally into peppers at the moment, and this will be a great alternative, thank you! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  32. I still a bit confused about what it is ‘-‘) maybe because I’ve never heard of it xD

    Thanks for sharing ^^


  33. It sounds really interesting and seems like super easy! Thanks for sharing.


  34. Great post, I’ve never heard of smoked peppers tea. Seems like an interesting recipe, I’m not a massive tea fan though.

    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  35. This is a new way to cook. Such a unique way! Will try it soon =)

  36. Never tried tea smoked peppers before! I’ll try to make some when I have the time! Thanks for sharing!

  37. Wow. It seems so easy to make my own smoked pepper. I thought it needs very complicated steps. Thanks for sharing! Giglove

  38. Never tried before but It look so tasty ❤

  39. Something i have not tried before, it looks kinda a simple…. might try it GigLove

  40. such a brilliant idea..
    i never try it before. and i think it sounds good to try 😀

  41. I’ll surely try this one soon enough. Hope it does work, it sure looks simple.

    GIG Love
    New Post – xoxo Chaicy – Style..A Pastiche!

  42. ooo look deliciousss…..i nvr try smoked pepper before….

  43. this is great! ive always wondered how to smoke stuff. will definitely try this

  44. These look absolutely amazing!! I’m always looking for new ways to spice up my veggies – I’m definitely going to have to give this a try!! ❤ GIGLove

  45. you learn something new everyday .. I should try this sometime **book marked**

  46. Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe. My mom will definitely enjoy it. 🙂 GIG

  47. Oh wow! Those look soooo good. I wish I was patient enough to try them out. I bet they’d taste so good on a nice salad!

    giglove xoxo
    Andréa Christine | My Heel Collection

  48. Wow! Nice! Never try it before but I guess my mom can! Hope she’ll try… And I’ll eat xoxo

  49. wow Ive never heard of tea soaked peppers! They look so good! x

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