Infographic: The importance of a good night’s sleep

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”
― Ernest Hemingway

I like this quote.

I love sleep too and the same as Ernest Hemingway, sometimes I feel that everything is falling apart once I am up. But this isn’t really true is it?

Sleep gives us strength, it gives is the ability to battle through the day so we can actually “make it”. Sleep is an essential part of our daily circle and without it we simply cannot function properly.

So the simple solution to making our life better is getting more sleep, more good quality sleep. Apparently most adult humans need eight hours of sleep a night to be fully rested and functional. That’s a lot of hours spent sleeping… but as it is needed we should really make the most of it.

Oldrids & Downtown commissioned this great infographic to show the importance of a good night’s sleep. It illustrates the basic rules for a good night sleep, stages of sleep, effects of sleep deprivation and my favourite part: relaxation techniques for a better sleep.

The importance of a good nights sleep

Do you sleep peacefully through the night?

I personally struggle with sleep. I have problems falling to sleep, most likely because I can’t switch off. I can lie there for hours thinking about mundane stuff which will have to be done the next day or about any problems I have at the time, trying to find a solution to fix it. I wish my sleep was deeper so that every little squeak in the house wouldn’t wake me up. I wish my sleep was longer… once I finally get to sleep I have troubles with waking up… probably even more than with going to sleep. Waking up for me is the worst part of the day; most days I just want to pull the quilt over my head, hide in my cocoon and go back to sleep but I can’t…

So any tips on how to improve my sleep or the quality of it are very welcome.

Please share with me if you know something that could help me sleep better.

* This infographic has been designed on behalf of Oldrids & Downtown.


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23 responses to “Infographic: The importance of a good night’s sleep

  1. This is quite a helpful post! I do sometimes have issues getting to sleep, I do think it’s important that you don’t keep checking the clock, that’s the worst! It just drives me crazy so I’ve moved the clock so I can’t see the time anymore, it’s made a huge difference!

  2. Stephanie

    I really need more good nights sleep! I am always tired.

  3. TraceyFaceUpBeauty

    I love this infographic! I get just 6 hours a night. I know it’s not enough and it bothers me. Not just for the reasons you mention above but also for my beauty sleep (OK, I am a beauty bogger, so…;)). Seriously though, our skin heals and regenerates as we sleep, so that’s a massive incentive for me to get more kip. Looking at the data above, I’m doing all the ‘rules’ OK, hopeless when it comes to food and drink (tea and chocolate before bed), and ditto with the environment – yes, my tablet comes to bed too!! Great post! Tx

  4. I have to have a good night’s sleep otherwise I am soooo tired and grumpy! Unfortunately it is not happening at the moment with baby on the way!

  5. I need to get more – and you are keeping me from it! 🙂
    Battling to get to sleep and reluctance to get up are symptoms of trying to operate outside one’s own ‘personal’ sleep cycle. I normally go to bed later and sleep into the morning – when I can. If one is able to adapt times to fit in with own needs rather than the normally scheduled day, the benefits will be profound.

    • I wish it was so easy.
      If I could I would go to sleep at 2am and sleep-in in the morning, but I have to get up earlier which means I have to force myself to go to sleep at times when I am not really ready yet.

  6. Sleep is crucial. I never seem to get enough. I have been going to bed earlier and earlier in hopes of satisfying my body’s need for sleep.

  7. I have a few supplements that help me through the day. Before bed, I take Melatonin, that helps me get to sleep. In the morning, I take Rhodiola which is an adaptogen, it helps your body deal with stress. It helps me wake up and be alert during the day. I also take Magnesium which seems to help with sleep issues too.
    With this combination, I sleep better at night and my stress-related asthma is mostly under control. I also find sometimes I need up to 9 hours of sleep to feel truly rested the next day, particularly toward the end of the work week.
    Blue colored light, such as from computer or tablet screen or TV keeps your mind revved up thinking it’s still daylight. Turn those off at least 30 minutes before bedtime.
    I hope you find something, I know what it’s like to not be able to sleep. 😦

    • Thank you so much Dragnfli.
      I will research this supplements you suggested.
      I tried herbal over the counter sleeping aid meds but they aren’t really working. Let’s hope your combination will.

  8. I started the hashtag #sleepismagic when I was going through a particularly bad patch of sleeping. Good sleep makes so much difference to our lives, it really is magic.

  9. So true and Why I’ve even feeling so lowsy lately not enough sleep!

  10. My husband has this problem. I wake up at 6am and go go go until 10:15 and I’m out. But I bought a new memory foam mattress topper because I used to have to take a pain pill before sleeping because my shoulders hurt. The new pillow and memory foam topper puts me out like a light. I feel sorry for people who can’t shut down. Its got to be so hard.

  11. I used to have problems sleeping. But lately, I have been sleeping pretty well.

  12. Ah…. sleep. With three kids will I ever get it back? 🙂

  13. yes i do agree with your statement.
    because mind, body and soul needs to re-charge again after all the activity we did in a whole day.

  14. pigeonpairandme

    This is a really interesting infographic! I’ve gone through spells in my life when I’ve had insomnia. It’s horrid, but thankfully I sleep really well these days.

  15. I love this post. My Grandma was always telling me that one hour sleep before midnight is worth 2 hours sleep after so I need to get back into the routine of going to sleep sooner. I always felt better for it.

  16. A good night sleep can sure make a difference in how your day is.

  17. Some great tips. I have awful bedime habits – I work in bed, read in bed, have irregular bedtimes and drink coffee all day, even in bed – but strangely have no problem sleeping (apart from having a 9 week old that still has night feeds!)

  18. Really helpful tips. I don’t seem to need much sleep as when I do go to sleep, I sleep well and feel refreshed. I tend to set my music on a timer and just fall asleep.

  19. oh sleep I miss you! great tips x

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