Pet Health Diary – Monthly Check-Up

Pet Health Diary – Monthly Check-Up

First of every month marks my monthly pet check-up. Why the first you might ask? Well, it is easy for me to remember. I do my monthly invoices on the first, I pay my credit card bill, the month changes and it is one of those tasks I always do on the first of each month.

All pet owners know that even a low maintenance pets need some care. When it comes to cats and dog they need much more attention than a fish or a turtle for example. There is quite a lot of things which need monitoring and checking up on, on a regular basis.

I have a list (kept safe in my head) which I run through during my monthly pet check-up.

Body mass

This is related mainly to Lilly. She has a weight problem, so my monthly check-up on how she is doing is a must. There is a great body condition tool on the Purina website, which can be a tremendous help for any dog owner.

Skin, coat and nails

This one is especially important for Bunk. He gets hot spots and despite petting him daily sometimes they get missed. A full body check-over of the skin is a necessity for me. This also applies to our cats. They aren’t happy with the check-ups but I simply need to know if they are all ok.
As for nails – I don’t trim nails myself but I monitor them monthly and take the dogs to the groomer or vet if needed.
This is also the best time for some preventing treatments. I treat all my pets with Frontline in order to keep them tick and flea free. The treatment is easy and as long as you have the correct product from your vet, you can easily do it at home. You can read more about fleas and ticks here.


The first of the month is also the time when my dogs get their ears cleaned. No matter if they are dirty (they shouldn’t be) or not, they get cleaned. Keeping your dogs ears clean is very important as an untreated infection can lead to a hearing loss 😦


I buy an eye cleaner for my dogs. In most cases it is used if / when needed. Bunk is a very messy pup and from time to time things get into his eyes, things like his dinner for example. Then he rubs his eyes with his paw, making the irritation even worst. A few drops of eye cleaner and a cotton wool pad and done, shiny healthy eyes.


Smelly breath isn’t nice. We have a no kisses policy anyway as standard behaviour in the house but as bad breath can suggest something more serious is going on with your pets health I like to check if their breath is still acceptable. At the same time I have an opportunity to check their teeth and gums; this is how I know that Lilly needs a trip to the vet dentist for some fang cleaning.

This is our standard monthly routine. Every three months I am adding some worming tablets to the mix just to keep things on the safe side.

Do you perform any health check-ups on your pets?


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11 responses to “Pet Health Diary – Monthly Check-Up

  1. Sylvia

    Oh my! That’s a serious stash of medicines 😦 I’m really glad my little ones are healthy!

  2. I know these so well, we have just had our pup in for her injections and chip but it wont be long before the other two older ones are in for their update hecks , its never ending x

  3. We have two cats, and don’t really do monthly check ups… they have had flea treatment this sumer for the frst time, as for some reason, this is the first year they got it. Front line didn’t work for us. One of our cats has now got gingervitis so is booked in for the vets for a good scale and polish on her teeth. Didn’t even notice her smelly breath. 😦

  4. cramos13

    We do keep up with our furbabies health checkups…they still don’t like it but they know I do it for their own good :).

  5. What a great idea. I have two puppies of my own and I usually just wait to see what the vet says. It’s probably good to check in myself though. Thanks for the tip!

    xoxo giglove
    Andréa Christine

  6. This is a great idea for those with dogs!

  7. We do have ours checked. Not on a regular monthly tho.

  8. My dog (who my ex has custody of) has hip dysplasia which means keeping his weight steady is of extra importance! He is doing well at 7 despite a bleak sounding outlook when he was diagnosed as a pup (despite coming from a reputable breeder with hip scored parents) and it doesn’t seem to cause him any probs – but it does mean we take extra care of him to keep it that way!

  9. I need to start having a monthly check of Alvin. I never thought to do it. Thanks for the inspiration

  10. The 1st is also when I check the pets and do flea drops and nail clips etc.

  11. I agree that a regular pet care routine is important. We use a different, more powerful flea treatment though because Frontline didn’t work when my two indoor cats somehow caught fleas last year. My vet told me that fleas are starting to become resistant to Frontline treatment now.

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