Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, which means it is time to get ready.

I am not planning anything extravagant but some little surprises during the day are very much in order.

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day - Love Pillow Cases

First thing first – Setting the scene

Human Touch – Love Pillow Cases sent me one of their lovely pillow case sets. They will be perfect for setting the scene for a romantic evening / night plus I am sure they will put a smile on our faces every morning we wake up and look at them.

There are 12 lovely, cute and extremely adorable designs to pick from. Human Touch – Love Pillow Cases are a great way of extending the magic of Valentine’s Day for longer.

To make a day even more special why not start it with a nice cup of coffee from a Love Mug?

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day - Breakfast

Cook that special breakfast

This part still needs some thinking and planning. I have a few options on the short list. The Valentine Breakfast Pinterest board was very helpful but I still couldn’t decide: sweet or sour.

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day - Hidden Surprise

Hide a little surprise in their lunch box

Did you hear about Joy Maker? The Cadbury website offers an option of making your very own chocolate bar. The process is easy and very straightforward and as a result you get a chocolate bar with a personalised message of your choice (on the wrapper only to be precise). I think that this would be a very nice touch, which would definitely put a smile on Marks face, so I am getting it made.

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day  Name a Star

A special gift which will last a lifetime

I am still stuck for ideas and would consider any help you can offer. I don’t plan on getting anything huge (budget wise) but something special and thoughtful would be ideal. I found a Name A Star kit, which allows you, among other things, to name a star (surprise, surprise…). I think that Mark would really like that.

How is your preparation going in the run up to Valentine’s Day?

Are you planning something special that’s out of the ordinary?



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25 responses to “Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

  1. Gosh I hadn’t even thought about Valentines day yet, but I like your suggestions – we sometimes make heart shaped pancakes on the day. I love the designs on the pillow cases – very cute!

  2. I love these ideas so much! The cushions are adorable. I’d really love a heart waffle now 🙂 x

  3. to say it with Cadbury is the BEST way ever! I will say it with a love bubble bath and bodylotion, it’s made for women, but it’s the thought what counts, right? (yes, I know I’m selfish LOL)

  4. those pillowcases are super adorable! ❤

  5. Love the heart shaped waffles and the cushions are very cute, we can’t get cadbury chocolate here, perhaps that’s just as well 🙂

  6. i actually want those pillow cases and as for the waffles, al be enjoying a lovely chinese as i do for tradition every year x

  7. Love love love Valentines day and am in love with the heart waffles. xx

  8. There are some really good ideas here, thanks :o)

  9. I love the heart shaped waffles. Those are cute!

  10. Mina Joshi

    I want those pillow cases!! I am not planning much for Valentine’s day apart from cooking something nice but God help him if he forgets to get me a good present!!

  11. We are very lazy about Valentines day but I do like the heart shaped breakfasts. It’s something you could do at any time of the year

  12. Love the pillow set, how cute! I also love the chocolate bar idea. That’s great!

  13. I love all these ideas but I am in favour of heart shaped food.

  14. Beautiful ideas love the breakfast egg shaped as a heart =)

  15. Ahh I love the heart egg, so cute! xxx

  16. We don’t really celebrate Valentines these days but I would be very happy with breakfast in bed or a bar of chocolate any time!

  17. StephsTwoGirls

    Oh I love those pillowcases! Must admit, as my husband is so rubbish at the whole thoughtfulness thing, I’ve kind of given up on this celebration. How sad 😦

  18. I’m having trouble thinking of much else this year too, but I hadn’t thought of your ideas and I’m loving these!

  19. What about transforming your bedroom into a hotel room

  20. I don’t have anything special planned for Valentine’s Day. But I may leave something special for my family before I head to work.

  21. We dont do valentines day – is that terrible?! We have our romantic moments, but of the spontaneous rather than prescribed variety generally!

  22. I’m in love with those pillow cases! I need them, they are super cute.
    Great guide lovely, thanks for sharing!

    Charlotte x

  23. Stephanie Keeping

    I love the pillows! Very cute!

  24. emmysmummy

    Lovely ideas. I really like the idea of naming a star.

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