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MyPure Choice – Grahams Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner

Grahams Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner

This month MyPure choice was Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner by Grahams.

They are suitable for normal to dry hair but particularly developed for those with a sensitive skin. A gentle blend of organic and natural ingredients it is supposed to relieve and protect a dry and sensitive scalp.

Both, shampoo and conditioner are hypo-allergenic, sodium lauryl sulphate and propolene glycol free and they both contain no petrochemicals or mineral oils. They come in a 250ml / 8.4 Fl oz bottle and are manufactured in Australia.

Grahams Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner can be purchased from MyPure at a cost of £14.99 each.

I do not suffer from dry hair. I would classify my hair as normal, but I do suffer from dry skin. Sometimes, especially close to the hairline it’s getting extremely dry to the point of flaking (no it is not dandruff if you are wondering). I chose this product as I wanted to test if they can help with this problem and to my pleasant surprise they did… a bit too fast if you ask me as I wasn’t able to take any pictures of my dry hairline before I used the product… I just wasn’t expecting that they would clear it up after just two uses.

Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner by Grahams

Both shampoo and conditioner are green in colour; the conditioner being a bit thicker as you would expect. They both have a wonderful coconut scent, which is not overpowering but you are not able to miss it.

So how are these products in use?

Hmmm, they are different to your standard shop bought shampoo and conditioner. If I was to compare them to most superstore shampoos they wouldn’t get a great review but I shouldn’t really do this as Grahams Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner are not your standard superstore products, so I will just tell you about my feeling whilst using them.

First step: shampoo… as per directions: massage into the hair and scalp working into a lather… and here is where I hit the wall… no matter how much and how long I was working it in it didn’t want to lather on the first wash, it wasn’t budging at all… on the second wash it lathers, a little. I hear that this is a good sign as too much lathering isn’t really needed. However the point is it is not so easy to get it to lather at all. After you rinse thoroughly your hair is left feeling soft but messy… at this point I couldn’t imagine not using a conditioner or I would never get a comb through it.

Step two: conditioner… as per instructions: massage well through scalp and hair ends; leave for 1 minute; rinse thoroughly. No problems here. I am able to follow all instructions without hitting the wall, but… after I rinse it thoroughly my hair aren’t left smooth and silky… they are still a tangled mess… I am still feeling like a need a conditioner to finish the process, but apparently I have already used it 😦

So you see, this is why I stated that they shouldn’t be compared to a supermarket product. Grahams Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner will take care of your problem (aka dry scalp) but they might just leave you in a bit of a disappointed state as to the final condition of your hair.

I resolved this problem by applying a leave in conditioner afterwards.

Will I repurchase this product?Grahams Manuka Honey Shampoo & Conditioner

I would, but only because Grahams Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner took care of my flaky dry skin on the hairline. I have struggled for a long time to find a product which will “cure” it. I have tried using a cream to make my skin moisturized but this just made my hair look greasy, I have tried several shampoos and conditioners for dry hair but they didn’t seem to work either… Grahams Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner did the job, and did the job well.

I did find something which doesn’t match up and it is bothering me… the box states that the product is suitable for all hair types whilst the bottle itself states “for normal to dry hair”… so which one is it? Or it doesn’t really make any difference?

Do you have any hair must haves product, you would recommend?

*Products featured in this post were provided for free by MyPure for review purpose.


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MyPure Choice – Madara Purifying Foam and Cleansing Milk

As most of you know I have dry, sensitive skin, which means that I can’t just put anything on my face… ok, I guess technically I could but it wouldn’t do me any good, that’s for sure.


MyPure is an online store selling purely natural and organic skin care. Perfect for me! I was over the moon when I received an offer to work with them. Every month I get a budget of £30 to spend on my chosen product / products.

Madara from MyPureIt took me a while to select my first order as there are so many lovely brands and products I want to try. I started my selection from choosing the brand.

I picked Madara.

Their cosmetics are entirely natural and ecologically sound. As for the choice of the product, I went for a make-up remover, two of them exactly:

  • Madara Purifying Foam
  • Madara Cleansing Milk

Both of these products are natural, certified organic products, not tested on animals and suitable for vegetarians as well as vegans.

Madara Purifying Foam

Madara Purifying Foam

Madara Purifying Foam according to the website description: Rich and soft foam with Northern Yarrow extract deeply and gently purifies the skin. Removes make-up. Regulates oily zones while soothing dry areas. Skin feels refreshed and soft. Suitable for use around the eyes.

Ingredients: Aqua Sodium Cocamphoacetate Rosa Damascena (Rosa) Flower Water, Alcohol Glycerin, Lactic Acid Surcose Cocoate Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) Extract, Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Camomile) Flower Extract, Aroma

Packaging: 150ml bottle fitted with pump and a cap. Bottle has all the relevant information present: ingredients list, description and directions for use, manufacturer details and use by date (which is not coded).

Madara Purifying Foam in action

Madara Purifying Foam in action

Texture: it is foam, not sure what else I can tell you. It is quite “loose” when touched, it disappears / absorbs very quickly. It requires only gentle spreading to get it to work; this must be the reason why it is suitable for delicate eye areas.

Fragrant: there is something there, so it is not fragrant free but it is very, very gentle. Whatever it is, it is pleasant and hardly noticeable (at first I actually thought that it was totally fragrant free, but it is not)

Price: £15

After use thoughts: As a make-up remover it works perfectly and it is very gentle. Skin is left clean and feeling fresh but it is lacking a good moisturising effect for me.

Madara Cleansing Milk

Madara Cleansing Milk

Madara Cleansing Milk according to the website description: Creamy and soothing milk with Northern Oat and Linden Flower cleanses gently and effectively. Removes makeup. Helps maintain the skin’s moisture barrier. Skin feels soft, supple and comfortably clean, never dry. Suitable for use around the eyes. Great for dry skin types.

Ingredients: Aqua Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Alcohol Polyglyceryl-3 Methylglucose Distearate Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate Tilia Cordata (Linden) Flower Extract, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Plantago Major (Plantain) Leaf Extract, Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower Extract, Cetearyl Alcohol, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), Tocopherol Ascorbyl Palmitate Sodium Phytate Potassium Hydroxide Aroma, Citronellol, Geraniol

Packaging: 200ml bottle fitted with pump. Bottle has all the relevant information present: ingredients list, description and directions for use, manufacturer details and use by date (which is not coded).

Madara Cleansing Milk in action

Madara Cleansing Milk in action

Texture: milky and creamy with texture similar to most face moisturisers; very easy to apply and spread around.

Fragrant: gentle and very pleasant. It is based on linden flower so maybe this is it. The fragrant doesn’t stay with you for long, it is gone within few minutes.

Price: £15

After use thoughts: leaves your skin smooth and soft and well moisturised, which was a very nice surprise due to the inclusion of content number three, which is alcohol. It removes make-up with such ease, even the waterproof stuff. Skin is left soft and moist with a visible healthy glow.

My Madara order from MyPure

Both these product perform just as stated and do their job well. Madara Purifying Foam for me works best as a cleanser plus it is perfect as an eye make-up remover due to its texture. There is very little “scrubbing” motion needed, it penetrates your skin under just a gentle touch.

Madara Cleansing Milk gives you a bit extra, it leaves your skin moist and for someone with a balanced skin type, I would even suggest it could work as a moisturiser, so you could treat it as 2 in 1 product 🙂

When picking these products I was thinking that they will do the same job, but actually they do vary in their main tasks a little. After my first go I was thinking that I would not find a use for the purifying foam due to my overwhelming preference for the cleansing milk, but as the days were passing by I found myself reaching for it more and more often in order to do just the eye areas. It really makes a difference. There is no irritation, no redness; it is perfect for this task.

I am very pleased with my first MyPure choices. I would recommend both products I chose and I would be happy to purchase them again.

Did you have any experience with MyPure or Madara?

Family Fever

*Products featured in this post were provided for free by MyPure for review purpose.


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Nail files – which one would you choose?

Healthy Nails nail files

Our nails, like every other part of our body, requires’ special care in order to be healthy and strong. I am quite lucky in this department as I have never had problems with my nails, they seem to grow nicely and do not break so often, but despite this “gift of nature” I do my part to help keep them this way.

The main tool needed to take a proper care of our nails is a humble nail file.

These days nail files come in many different forms and sizes; they are also made from different materials and sometimes it is really not so easy to pick which one is perfect for us.

I remember when I was younger, much younger, that was just one type of a nail file – the standard silver metal one, which you could buy in different sizes but those days are no more… now the choices are endless and it is worth knowing what each particular nail file can do.

So what are our options?

Metal nail file

Metal nail filesMany people do not have a good opinion of these nail files anymore. A lot of people think they are responsible for many split and scratched nails. Is it true? I don’t know to be honest.  What I do know is that they are very solid and will last “forever”, they can be washed and disinfected and in most cases are very thin and bend easily, which allows you to do with them as you please. I think that if you know how to use a metal nail file correctly and do not press to hard and do not keep it at the wrong angle, you should be fine.

Paper nail file so called emery board

Emery boardsThey are by far the most popular and the cheapest option. They come in different grades from 80 going up. This numbers tell us how many grains there is on 1cm2 of the file – the higher the number the more grains meaning the nail file is that much more delicate. The most popular ones are double sided with 80 or 100 on one side – used to shorten your nails and either 180 or 240 on the other side, which is used for your final shaping. They also come in different shapes – straight, rounded, half moon or even a block – different shapes help with more specific tasks we may want to achieve. Emery boards are not perfect, they can’t be cleaned or sterilised in most cases, they have a “short” lifespan compared to other files and in most cases they are thicker than other nail files, which is not very helpful in home set up, everyday use if you are not a professional.

Ceramic nail file

I have never used one so I have no idea if they are good or not, but I do know that they exist – yes, I know not a very informative part of my post…

Glass nail file

They are not the cheapest out there but they do seem to be the best tool for the job. They are long lasting – some companies give lifetime guarantees for their files 🙂, they can be cleaned and disinfected as needed. They are gentle for your nails but at the same time they work fast. For me there is no going back…

Crystal Nail File from Healthy Nails

I was sent a Crystal Nail File from Healthy Nails and this is the first glass file I ever owned and used. This is also the first nail file which I ever seen coming in its own case :-). The Crystal Nail File works fast, it turns excess nail into dust, leaving a smooth finish every time. It has an extremely pointy tip which for me is a great plus. I used to use a metal nail file in places where my emery board couldn’t reach… now there is no need for it… I can use just one nail file for all the tasks.

The Crystal Nail File from Healthy Nails has an RRP of £16.99 (currently on special offer reduced to £12.99) which might seem like a lot of money for a nail file, but is it really? This will be the only nail file you will ever need – no need for replacing it because it will never wear out. The Crystal Nail File is currently available in 3 different colours – you can chose between black, pink and a lovely purple one. They all come with a carry case, which will help you protect it and keep it safe 😉

So, which nail file is for you?

Or is there something else on the market and I didn’t mention it?


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Review – Pure Chimp Super Cream

Funky name, isn’t it? For some reason it immediately makes me think of a product destined for apes AKA men, but in fact it is not… Pure Chimp was founded by a man, but their products are suitable for everyone age 3+ 🙂

When you look at the label about what is inside the jar and how it was made, Pure Chimp stands out from the pack, leaving other brands behind.Pure Chimp Super Cream

No animal Testing

Suitable for Vegans

100% Natural

Handmade in the UK

Super Cream ingredients list: Hemp Seed Wax, Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Lavender Oil, Wheatgerm Oil – that’s it!

I have very dry and sensitive skin. I love to experiments with a lot of toiletries – soap, shampoo, shower wash etc but when it comes to face care I tend to stick with what I know works for me.  When I visited the Pure Chimp website and read their statements about the Super Cream such as:

  •    #1 Cream in the World containing hemp seed wax
  •    Unique blend of omega 3 & 6 repairs and nourishes your sensitive skin
  •    Quickly & easily absorbed by your skin
  •    Gently reduce inflammation and hydrate your skin naturally
  •    No nasties & naturally perfect for sensitive skin…

I was intrigued by it and wanted to test their claims. Yes, some of them are uncheckable by me, unless I take the cream to a lab, but others I could unscientifically verify by using the product. So I decided to give it a go.

My Pure Chimp Super Cream arrived fast and securely packed for transport.

Super Cream from Pure Chimp

The cream has very simple packaging – a jar with a straight forward black and white design which is surprisingly easy on the eye. All the relevant information you need is stated on the jar itself including full ingredients list, batch number, and use by date, application instructions, full company address and the obligatory website address. I am not a huge fan of creams coming in a jar… I normally prefer a tube or best a pump applicator, but hey we cannot always have what we want…

Pure Chimp Super Cream inside the jar

The cream itself has the texture and colour of heavy whipped cream with one small difference, once you touch it, it doesn’t feel smooth. It is quite hard to explain to be honest – it has a slight grainy texture to the first touch but when you actually rub it in it feels smooth… a very weird sensation when you first start to use it I am telling you…

Pure Chimp Super Cream in use

After application the cream absorbs very quickly and leaves your skin smooth and soft; feeling very silky and with a healthy shiny glow. You can really tell the difference between which part of your body was doused with a cream already and the parts you have missed. It doesn’t feel heavy, which for me is a huge plus as I hate creams which you can sense on your skin giving that dragging down feeling through the day.

I have slightly mixed feeling about the cream. I love what it does to my skin, there is no question about it but I do have a problem with the smell. I know that we cannot have it all and sometimes we have to compromise in our quest for beauty; something has to give… in this case, it is the “fragrant” aroma given off by it. Pure Chimp Super Cream smells very oily… it doesn’t stink but it does have a very distinctive smell, which for some people might be a put off. For me, the jury is still out… I am leaning towards sticking with Super Cream from now on but let’s see how it goes… after all what really counts here is a final effect I can achieve by using it.

Pure Chimp Super Cream costs £10 for a 60ml jar and £15 for 120ml jar. You can also buy it as a part of a super combo deal which will obviously reduce the price even further.

So what do you think?

Would you be tempted by this Hemp Seed Wax / Oil based cream?

For now Super Cream is staying on my main “to use” beauty shelf 🙂

Super Cream Pure Chimp.

I received one 60ml jar of a Super Cream for free for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.

Family Fever


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You are what you drink…

We are what we drink

The human body contains anywhere from 50-75% water! The average adult human body is around 50-65% water, when an infant the body has a much higher level, typically around 75%. Amazing isn’t it?

We often hear how important hydration is. It takes only 1% dehydration to already effect our mental and physical coordination, this is happening even before we feel thirsty (this feeling usually kicks in after we have already lost 2-3% of water content). The common sign of dehydration is of course feeling thirsty but there are also other signs like headache, lack of energy or feeling lightheaded… are you experiencing any of them? Go and get a drink before you read any further 🙂

We are told that we should drink a lot of water / fluids to keep our body functions in perfect order. The European Food Safety Authority recommends that women should drink about 1.6 litres of fluid and men should drink about 2.0 litres of fluid per day. That’s about eight 200ml glasses for a woman and 10 200ml glasses for a man. That’s a lot! I must admit I do not drink enough most days and every so often I will promise myself to change… then life takes over and I simply forget… until thirst really kicks in…

So we all know that we have to drink, but what to drink is the other real question.

With 1000s of different drink options on the market these days sometimes it is hard to pick what is really good for us or even which drink can you benefit from the most. There are drinks manufactured especially to target specific needs, drinks without any real benefits but taste good and there is of course the humble water…

Lately I was thinking a lot about drinks and the different options available to us out there. I would like to share with you some of my picks that we have tried and now use.

So, what to drink?


This is always the best option for replenishing lost fluids in our body. Question is do I drink tap or bottled water? I do not have any strong feelings against bottled water, we do drink tap water in our home. We use bottled water when out and about and there is always some kept in the car… you know, just in case.

FLAVORED WATER – as in water + squash

This is Marks favourite drink – water and usually orange squash. We try to buy squash with no added sugar to reduce sugar intake.


We buy quite a lot of juices, but we always read the labels first. 100% real juice with no added sugar is the best option out there. Yes, they do cost more, but our thinking is… better buy less but good quality than more of a poor quality. The same with fruit smoothies, always check the labels… you will be really surprised what is inside some of them.


There is a whole range of milk based drinks out there. We like Frijj 🙂 They do a great selection of flavours and when on special offer I think they represent a good value for money. Their milkshakes are made from skimmed milk which is a plus in my eyes, Mark doesn’t agree being a “proper” milk fan. Other milk based drink I would like to mention is an Activia drinking / pouring yogurt from Danone. They were very helpful, especially in the few last months when Mark was on a soft food / liquid diet.


Last year, I believe, there was a lot of talk about probiotic drinks… why? because some companies were claiming benefits which were actually never proven. Probiotic drinks are tiny and cost a lot, but they can be helpful; they can help with gut disorders and inflammatory diseases. We do not buy them very often but when we do we always go for Yakult.


Collagen+ Beauty MilkThis is something new. I’ve just discovered it and it was actually just launched. The Protein Drinks Co. created Collagen+ Beauty Milk 🙂

Collagen+ Beauty Milk has been synergistically formulated to provide health and beauty conscious women (and men) with a convenient way of consuming essential proteins, vitamins and minerals in strawberry milkshake format. Not only does Collagen+ Beauty Milk offer an impressive nutritional profile but it is also enhanced with Hydrolysed Collagen, extensively known for its skin and ‘anti-aging’ effects through acting internally on the dermis, to support skin elasticity, firmness and hydration in order to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, Collagen+ Beauty Milk also includes natural Green Tea extract, known for its antioxidant and metabolism boosting properties along with 100% of your RDA of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3 and Vitamins B3, B6 and B12.*

I received just a few bottles to try it out, so I am unable to say if it works or will provide visible benefits, but it taste great! Again, not the cheapest option (£2 per 200ml bottle) but hey… when it comes to beauty in so many cases, money is no object.

Aloe Vera by TajI have also had the chance to try the new drink by Taj called Aloe Vera. It comes in a range of flavours. I tried the original and the strawberry. I mention these for the reasons that they are again being specifically targeted at a market segment who are interested in healthy drinks. They serve the function of aiding detox routines as well as boosting your general immunity and as if that is not enough they also give you a boost to energy. Made from 40%+ Aloe Vera juice and pulp they of course interested me as you regular blog readers are well aware I am a big fan of Aloe Vera. Please note that Aloe Vera drinks are not suitable if pregnant, lactating or for children under 3.


We all drink them and most of us love it! They come in 100s of different flavour combinations and everyone can find something for themselves. But are they good for us? … most likely not. They are full of sugar and contain very few nutrients if any. So what? We will still buy them and drink them… if not an everyday basic, on holidays, when it is hot out there, when we are out and about etc… They are part of our lives, there is no question about it. Worth remembering is that they are not a part of a healthy diet (even the zero sugar versions), so we try to keep them as a treat for odd occasions…


Oh, gosh – Red Bull, Tiger, Burn etc – they are a blessing sometimes; full of caffeine which will help you wake up right here, right now. Again, this is something most of us drink from time to time and I do not see anything wrong with it. They are created to help us and as long as they are used in moderation you will be fine. There is also a healthier option if you need a pick me up – Healthspan’s Multivitality Boost, which I featured on my blog earlier on.


This group is similar to energy drinks but they do serve a slightly different purpose. Sport drinks are supposed to help us quickly replace lost fluids. They are usually rich in carbohydrates – the most efficient long term source of energy. Sports drinks also contain electrolytes (minerals such as chloride, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium), which, along with body fluid, diminish as you exercise and sweat. So, I guess if you exercise a lot you will need some of those.


Ok, this is group of drinks I may have made-up but I wanted to tell you about Skinny Water and I wasn’t sure where to put it. Last year I’ve won a lot of Skinny Water… and when I say a lot… I really mean it. I was drinking it for months and months and I felt good… Bio Synergy Skinny Water is a low calorie flavoured water soft drink. Each bottle contains chromium which plays a role in reducing sugar cravings and L-carnitine, which has been the subject of numerous studies regarding speeding up the way the body goes about fat metabolism.



So what are your drinking habits, and no I don’t mean alcohol 🙂

Have you found a good healthy drink out there you can recommend we try out?


I received PR samples of TAJ and Collagen+ Beauty Milk drinks for free for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.



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Review – Quinoderm Antibacterial Face Wash

Spots and acne can be a nightmare at any age.  Most of us will indentify it with adolescents – all those spotty teenagers 🙂 – but the truth is that they can come back to us later in life as well. Hormonal disturbance can trigger a comeback of an outbreak.

Quinoderm offers a selection of product to help us battle spots and acne. One of their products is a Quinoderm Antibacterial Face Wash which I had the pleasure to try out.

Quinoderm Antibacterial Face Wash Deep pore cleansing for clean and healthy skin

Quinoderm Antibacterial Face Wash
Deep pore cleansing for clean and healthy skin

When it comes to my face wash I usually pick something gentle and fragrant free, so I was a little worried about Quinoderm as it has quite a strong smell… don’t get me wrong it is quite pleasant to be honest… just like a toothpaste or a mint shower gel… anyhow after using it a couples of times it stopped bothering me so much. The other aspect of Quinoderm Antibacterial Face Wash which hit me right from the start was its colour… again I am used to clear stuff and this one is blue 🙂 It doesn’t really make any difference because once you spread it over your face it becomes colourless more or less, so no you don’t end up with a blue face 😉

Quinoderm Antibacterial Face Wash in action :-)

Quinoderm Antibacterial Face Wash in action 🙂

So Quinoderm Antibacterial Face Wash is blue and it smells of mint. It works well, I think. It left my skin feeling clean and for sure very fresh. I have been using it once a day for about two weeks now and I am very happy with the condition of my skin at this point. The only advice for anyone with a dry skin using it, do not forget to use moisturiser afterwards, as it will dry out your skin a bit. I left my face bare, on purpose, on a few occasions to see if it would make a difference, and it did make it drier than usual.

What was surprising for me was the fact that is doesn’t foam so much. Normally a face wash “grows” when connected with water and a massage motion, but Quinoderm Antibacterial Face Wash doesn’t. It is easy to spread but it doesn’t form tones of foam, which is nice and I really like it for that.

If you are in need of an aid to help you battle acne I would suggest visiting Quinoderm website or their Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Quinoderm product can be purchase from Boots or a Lloyds Pharmacy or one of the many online chains selling healthcare products.

Doing a quick search I found Quinoderm Antibacterial Face Wash for as little as £2.25 (per 150ml bottle), which for something which will help us to stay pretty and spot free is a real bargain.

To sum it up…

Would I buy it? Yes, I would. Despite its colour or smell, which I simply didn’t expect, I liked the product. After washing my face I knew that it was clean and I haven’t had any spots, so what more could I ask from a face wash…

Did you ever try any of Quinoderm products?

Do you have any tips how to win the fight against spots?


I received one 150ml bottle of Quinoderm Antibacterial Face Wash for free for review purpose. All opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.


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How to stay healthy during winter months

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWinter is here, there is no doubt about it, which means lower temperatures, colder winds and even more rain than usually and potentially even a flake of snow. For most of us winter brings a mix of feelings, on the one hand we have Christmas and the New Year festival season, which gives us this warm fuzzy feeling about winter but on the other hand… runny noses, flu, perpetually cold hands and feet and a nagging constant feeling of gloom due to the lack of natural light for most of the day.

So what can we do to stay healthy and in good spirits during these long, cold and dark months?

Avoid SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Due to the lack of natural light many of us are affected by SAD and many of us don’t even know about it. Periods of sunless sky effect our body and can manifest in a verity of symptoms from low mood, negative thought and feeling hopeless, insomnia, weight gain to constant fatigue or even difficulties with memory and concentration. That said, yes, we can avoid it or at least try to manage the symptoms. There are special SAD lamps on the market to buy to help us with this problem or we can try a home approach…  Make sure that your light bulbs are as bright as possible, try not to sit in dark rooms and do not avoid that daily walk… even cloudy weather will let natural light pass, so do not skip your walk.

Wear the right clothing

How many times did you look through your window and say to yourself “Oh, it looks nice out there…” when in fact it was freezing cold? Checking the temperature outside and wearing the right clothing is key… wearing too little is as bad for us as wearing too much… both scenario might lead to getting a cold. Too few cloths and the wind gets in chilling you to the bone but then too many cloths and you will sweat, the wind evaporates tat sweat and boom your freezing again. Layer your clothing and don’t forget about the extras such as hats, gloves and scarves… oh and the right type and size of shoes are a must; keeping your feet warm is a very important step towards toastieness.

Take good care of your skin

It is very important to take special care of our skin during the winter months. We have to keep it well hydrated and protect it against the elements (not only the cold wind from outside but also the dry air from inside, especially if we work in an air-conditioned place). So, do not forget about your face cream! Make sure that you have a hand cream and a lip balm always handy.

Enhance your hygiene routine

Germs spread fast, and it is important to keep most of them away from us. During the winter months, more people than usual will catch colds and flues or generally have runny noses, so be smart and protect yourself. Wash your hand more often than you usually would, if in public places try to avoid touching your nose and mouth and do not forget about a mini pack of tissues. Tissues are really under rated! They are so important and can really protect us against unwanted germs… have some with you always. I am astonished at how many people are still using their sleeve to “wipe” their nose… disgusting. Oh and an antibacterial hand gel might be ideal, small but mighty ;-)

Eat the right food

Winter is stock up on carbs time. Eating carbohydrates will help your brain to produce serotonin, which is partially responsible for our good moods. Try and eat warm meals during the cold months. If possible do not leave your house without having a hot drink beforehand; it will help keep you warm whilst outside. Also eating increased amounts of fish and nuts will help you stay positive 🙂

Look for additional help at your pharmacy

Additional vitamins tables might be a great idea in order to protect us during winter, but we might want to look a bit further… Did you ever hear about ImmunPRO Infection Blocker? HUBNER ImmunPRO Infection Blocker (active ingredient Cistus Villosus) is an innovative and unique Medical Device. It is a delicious chocolate-mint tablet, clinically proven to work instantly in offering a natural resistance from the risk of viral and bacterial infection.

ImmunPROImmunPRO Infection Blocker starts working as soon as the first symptoms start to show, by warding off the infection before you get sick

ImmunPro Infection Blocker:

  • Acts as a protective film
  • Creates a natural barrier against cold viruses
  • Provides relief at the initial signs of an infection, such as the first scratching signs of a sore throat

It is a great alternative to the antibiotics we will most likely have to take once we fall ill and which we all know repeated use of isn’t too good for us in the future.

Do you have any tips or tricks to add to the list to help us all cheerfully skip our way towards the wonderful spring of 2014?


I received one pack of ImmunPRO Infection Blocker for free in order to try it out.


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How to take control of your damaged hair

There are 100s of different reasons why our hair is not in perfect condition.  Dry air, air conditioned rooms, too high temperature (especially if we use a blow drier or hair straighteners often), too many hair salon visit, too often a change of colour, too tight hair bands, going to sleep with wet hair, etc etc… The list can go on and on… If you hair is starting to look matt, to dry and kind of lifeless, bad hair days are becoming the norm or it just doesn’t want to form a perfect hair style preferring to just hung down with no purpose… then our hair is probably damaged and need some TLC.

There are a few easy steps you can undertake in order to bring some life back into your hair.

1. Find the reason your hair is damageddryer

I know that this task might not always be easy and there will be conditions overlapping, but ideally we should get rid of all “bad” habits and replace them with hair friendly one.  If you blow dry your hair every morning, try getting up earlier and letting your hair dry naturally or invest in a hair dryer with a cold air stream option. If you plan on going to sleep with wet hair, don’t; let them dry as much as possible before going to bed in order to avoid further damage. Finding the reason your hair isn’t happy should be your main priority. Your hair deserves better so find out what is hurting it and fix it.

2. Visit the hair salon and cut your hair, at least a little bithaircut

If you hair is damaged, dry and dull a trim will do wonders for its health. You will need to have the ends of each hair follicle cut off. This is the part of the hair which is most likely un-fixable. I don’t suggest you get a short hair cut unless that is desired, all though this would be ideal as short hair is so much easier to keep in good health. Just have a trim and remove the split ends.

        3. Brush your hairbrushes

Many of us forget about brushing our hair… I know I do.  Brushing your hair is very important as it helps with oil distribution, the most essential part of glossy healthy hair. Also make sure you have a good hair brush preferably or a comb if all else fails. Do not brush your hair whilst it is wet… yes, I know it is easier to brush when wet but it is also much easier for your hair to get damaged, which we want to avoid at all cost. The only exception to this is the old Chinese method of combing using a piece of silk. Place the silk over your hands like a tea cloth and then run your hair between your hands gently, it takes an hour and its very boring but it does work wonders.

           4. Dry your hair in a reasonable way

turbanWe have already covered the fact that letting your hair dry naturally is a much better way than using a blow dryer. But there is also a second, very important component of drying… that is happening straight after your bath or shower. When using your towel be gentle. Do not rub your hair too much, do not press and move to quickly from left to right. Ideally just gentle place the towel over your head in order to collect excess water through gentle patting… Alternatively why not invest in a hair turban, which will protect you from dripping water and will soak up all the unnecessary moisture.

5.      5. Change the way you wash your hair

Full RepairWhat is important is the way you wash your hair believe it or not. Try doing it slowly; use only your fingertips to gently massage the skin on your head. Do not rush, do not use very hot water and do not forget about the conditioner!

Invest in good quality product for damaged hair – The “Full Repair” collection from John Frieda is a great choice. They offer a Hydrate + Rescue Shampoo plus a Conditioner plus a Repair Oil Elixir which will help with your damaged hair in no time. I have been using these products for the last 4 weeks and I can really see the difference. My hair is much softer and has a healthy shine. No more do I have dull looking, matt hair.

Hopefully with these tips you will be able to get your hair back under control. It worked for me and I am sure it can work for you too.

Do you have any other tips about how to deal with damaged hair?

* I was provided with a selection of John Frieda Full Repair products so I can try them out.


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#‎PhilipsBeauty‬ Come Round Party

#‎PhilipsBeauty‬ Come Round Party

#‎PhilipsBeauty‬ Come Round Party

Last Sunday I hosted a  #PhilipsBeauty Party with Philips, Rituals Cosmetics UK and Come Round. As my sister presence here was a big family secret I did not allow myself to blog about it earlier for fear of discovery.

Our party was a roaring success; we had great fun and shared a lot of tips on how to become even more beautiful… if this is even possible 🙂

#‎PhilipsBeauty‬ Come Round Party Kit

#‎PhilipsBeauty‬ Come Round Party Kit

I already shared with you what we had to “play “with but just in case you missed my earlier post I will quickly recap it.

#‎PhilipsBeauty‬Our party kit included:

  • Philips Lumea Precision Plus
  • Philips VisaPure
  • Rituals Cosmetics UK gift pack which includes:

–  Magic Touch Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk Body Cream

–  Sensitive Skin Serum

–  T’ai Chi White Lotus & Green Tea Shower Gel

–  Yin Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren Body Mist

  • 10x Cotton embroidered headbands
  • 10x Beauty mitts
  • ‘The Original Chill Out Album’ CD
  • 10x Party balloons
  • Philips Beauty A1 Poster – to be used as backdrop to all party photos!
  • Party planner detailing party competitions and prizes
  • 10 x vouchers for Free Fragrance Sticks worth £22.50 when you spend £50

Just check out my party pictures, as they speak for themselves…

The “Stars of the Show”

The “Stars of the Show”

In depth discussions about the differences between the classic and new version of Lumea

In depth discussions about the differences between the classic and new version of Lumea

Roman in deep study mode on the VisaPure, he liked it enough to buy it

Roman in deep study mode on the VisaPure, he liked it enough to buy it

Aga on the other hand honed straight in for the Lumea...  now on the Xmas wish list as too late for the Birthday one...

Aga on the other hand honed straight in for the Lumea…
now on the Xmas wish list as too late for the Birthday one…

And something special to share with you my lovelies!

£100 off the Philips Lumea SC2003 at Use code PAMPER100.
£50 off the Philips VisaPure SC5275 at Use code PAMPER50.

If you are planning on getting one or both of them, don’t delay with your decision to much as the codes are only valid until 31st of August 2013 inclusive and are limited to 2000 uses each… from what I am hearing they are going fast.

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#‎PhilipsBeauty‬ Come Round Party – 10 days to go!


My party kit arrived! Wow, what a fantastic selection of goodies.

This is what I received to try, share and “play” with:

  • Philips Lumea Precision Plus
  • Philips VisaPure
  • Rituals Cosmetics UK gift pack which includes:

–  Magic Touch Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk Body Cream

–  Sensitive Skin Serum

–  T’ai Chi White Lotus & Green Tea Shower Gel

–  Yin Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren Body Mist

  • 10x Cotton embroidered headbands
  • 10x Beauty mitts
  • ‘The Original Chill Out Album’ CD
  • 10x Party balloons
  • Philips Beauty A1 Poster – to be used as backdrop to all party photos!
  • Party planner detailing party competitions and prizes
  • 10 x vouchers for Free Fragrance Sticks worth £22.50 when you spend £50 or more

…and as if this lot wasn’t enough I also have a unique discount code coming to share with you lovely people, which can be use in any Boots UK store and it will entitle you to a massive £100 off the Lumea Precision Plus, and £50 off the Philips VisaPure!

Isn’t life great?

Party day cannot come soon enough!

Thank you Come Round!


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