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Come walk with me! #ootd

1. Come walk with me! sportsshoes #ootd2. Come walk with me! sportsshoes #ootd3. Come walk with me! sportsshoes #ootd4. Come walk with me! sportsshoes #ootd5. Come walk with me! sportsshoes #ootd6. Come walk with me! sportsshoes #ootd7. Come walk with me! sportsshoes #ootd8. Come walk with me! sportsshoes #ootd

Hat – Hilly Twin Skin Running Hat
Top – Under Armour Victory Women’s Tank Top Running Vest
Jacket – Asics Full Zip Hooded Jacket
Pants – Under Armour Charged Cotton Undeniable Running Pant
Socks – Nike Quarter Running Socks
Shoes – Haglofs Gram AM Q GT Gore-Tex Trail Running Shoes (similar here)


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Jacamo – Top Menswear Brands – Review and Giveaway

Flintoff by Jacamo Military Jacket

I am not sure how the man in your life is dealing with the issue of clothes shopping but my other half totally hates it. For Mark this is almost like a punishment to go to town in order to buy some clothes. Thankfully nowadays we have the internet and great online shops like Jacamo, which makes life so much easier!

Jacamo stocks top menswear brands you want (or your man wants) in the size you need. You can purchase there footwear up to size UK 15; chest size from S to 5XL, waist size from 34” to 62” and trousers length from 27” up to 36” – so they really stock clothing for all shapes and sizes 🙂

To make the shopping experience easier and more convenient for you Jacamo stocks many great brands. With names like Bellfield, Ben Sharman, Joa Browns, Firetrap, Rockport, just to name a few, there is a huge selection to pick from.

Mark was offered an opportunity to try something from Flintoff by Jacamo range designed by Freddie Flintoff. This famous English cricketer says: “All of the clothes in my collection are things that I like to wear and feel comfortable in”.

The Flintoff by Jacamo collection currently includes pieces like blazers, shirts, jumpers, sweaters, suit jackets, suit trousers or even a waistcoat and if you prefer a more casual look you can get jeans, polo shirts, or even a hoodie.

Flintoff by Jacamo Military Jacket.Flintoff by Jacamo Military Jacket in olive

Marks top pick from the collection was a Flintoff by Jacamo Military Jacket. This jacket has a cool relaxed style and has carried on the military trend for the season. It is constructed with full zip fastening and two top and bottom pockets. Also has an inner drawcord fastening at the waist. It can be worn throughout the year making this a great purchase!

We must agree with this description.

We took it on holiday and it proved to be the perfect wear for colder evenings. The jacket looks very stylish yet casual. The biggest plus: it is made from cotton, which means that it is soft and pleasant to the touch. The jacket is machine washable which will allow you to save on dry-cleaning bills. 🙂

Mark has totally fallen in love with his new jacket, proclaiming that it keeps him warm in the wet and wind and yet is light enough to fling over an arm or shoulder should the sun pop out for one last blast of heat. He was particularly happy with the large storage ability offered from all the pockets. Looking snug as a bug when all fastened up he could indeed be quite happy in even quite inclement weather. Though the more he falls for it the less my chances of getting hold of it to do the wash test, evidently it is still looking brand new so I will have to get back to you on the ease of washing point…

And now for an added bonus…

Flintoff by Jacamo Military Jacket in Olive.

We have one Flintoff by Jacamo Military Jacket in a lovely olive colour and size XL to give away to one lucky reader. All you have to do it to follow this easy step below.

1. Leave a comment on this post with your top clothes shopping tip.

If you really like the jacket and want to increase your chances I have for you some additional daily entry method:

1. Follow me a Twitter @AgataPokutycka and RT the tweet below, then please leave a comment telling that you have done so.

I want to #win #Flintoff by @Jacamo Military Jacket. For your chance to win this #giveaway visit via @AgataPokutycka

Good Luck!

1. Open to UK readers only.
2. One obligatory entry per reader + 1 additional extra entry per day allowed.
3. There will be 1 winner in total.
4. Winner will receive 1 x Flintoff by Jacamo Military Jacket in colour and size as stated above.
5. Winner will be picked at random and informed within 7 working days via email or Twitter.
6. Winner will have 7 working days to claim the prize, after this time, a new winner will be selected.
7. Closing date is 05-10-2014 at 23:59pm, an entry made after this time will not be counted.

ThePrizeFinder – UK Competitions
SuperLucky Blog Giveaways Linky



@Dawnmrey was chosen as a winner. Congratulation!



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Baby #ootd – The Little Man

1. Baby #ootd – The Little Man2. Baby #ootd – The Little Man3. Baby #ootd – The Little Man5. Baby #ootd – The Little Man7. Baby #ootd – The Little Man6. Baby #ootd – The Little Man

T-Shirt – Next

Cardigan – Next

Jeans – Next

Shoes – Reebok


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Baby #ootd – Nighty Night

1 Baby #ootd Night Night2 Baby #ootd Night Night3 Baby #ootd Night Night4 Baby #ootd Night Night5 Baby #ootd Night Night6 Baby #ootd Night Night7 Baby #ootd Night Night

Sleepsuit + hat – Smyk PL

Soother – Tommee Tippee


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Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle

1 Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle6 Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle2 Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle3 Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle4 Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle5 Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle7 Baby #ootd – King of the Jungle

All-In-One – hide & SEEK


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Baby #ootd – Hug a Hoodie

Baby #ootd Hug a HoodieBaby #ootd Hug a HoodieBaby #ootd Hug a HoodieBaby #ootd Hug a HoodieBaby #ootd Hug a HoodieBaby #ootd Hug a Hoodie

Body – Next
Sleeveless Hooded Romper – George
Socks – Primark

And as a bonus the same romper with a little bit different colours combination.

Baby #ootd Hug a Hoodie


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Baby #ootd – Ahoy Sailor

Baby #ootd – Ahoy SailorBaby #ootd – SAhoy Sailor  .Baby #ootd – Ahoy Sailor   ..Baby #ootd – Ahoy Sailor   ...Baby #ootd – Ahoy Sailor   ....

Body – TKMaxx (brand unknown)
Bottoms – Mathercare
Socks – Primark


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Counterfeits? No, thank you

Did you ever buy something at a bargain price and wonder to yourself if it is the real thing?

Sure, you did. We all have.

Or didn’t you?

It doesn’t really matter whether you did buy or didn’t buy it, what matters is that counterfeits are all around us and sometimes they are not at all easy to spot.

Most of us want to fit in; most of us do not like being left behind so we try to find a shortcut in achieving what we want.

Let’s take this as an example: My best friend just got a new awesome, very expensive watch, it is a lovely watch; I want one too but I can’t afford it… what do I do? You can just be happy for her and share in her happiness, you can work harder or put it on your birthday or Christmas wish list or you can run to the market and pick up a fake… you can do all of these but please don’t go with the last option!

Counterfeits are illegal; they can endanger your health and safety, they support organized crime and very often underground labour, if they pay a fair salary then they would have to charge more.

It would be nice to always have all the things we want to buy but unless you hit the jackpot in the Lotto it is probably not going to happen. Islands, 100 foot yachts and Lamborghinis are out of reach for most mortals.

I never understood why having the right label is such a big deal. Yes, they are some brands I like and given the choice I would buy most of the time but if I can’t afford something I just look for something similar with a lower price tag.

I remember a few years back my cousin took a trip to the Far East to meet up with my sister. He is admittedly one of those posh type, he loves his labels and most of the time gets what he wants, but there was the matter of a watch… he picked his dream watch which was totally out of his financial reach, he “studied” the watch every time he passed by the store that was selling it on the off chance that one day he will be able to buy it. Then he ended up in Bangkok… and there it was his dream watch at a fraction of the price. Knowing exactly how the watch was supposed to look he decided that this is a perfect counterfeit and no one would ever know. He bought it only to discover later on that the watch is not silent, it had a noticeably loud tick. Yes, it may fool most people with a glance but it is definitely not going to work as a show off piece in room full of “suits” wearing the real thing… the ticking will be noticed in any moment of silence. So you see… it is not worth it! No matter how much you think you can save, it is not the real thing and thus it will not perform like one.

If you ever ask me about counterfeits… my answer always will be “No, thank you”. I will find myself a real deal at the price that suits my budget.

I have a dream watch – Tag Heuer, which costs £3195 😦

No, I can’t afford it but I can afford something similar in look which will be a perfect alternative until I can get my dream watch.

My dream watch

What do you think? Will they make a great alternative?

* Post written in collaboration with The Watch Hut.
Source of all pictures: The Watch Hut.


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What’s in my gym bag?

I was asked to share with you what’s in my gym bag. A bit confusing as I do not use a gym bag, I use a backpack but I guess it is pretty much all the same and it doesn’t really matter what “tool” we use to carry things around.

Have a peak… this is my gym bag in all its glory…

What’s in my gym bag

When I venture into a gym not only do I use the cardio machines I also go swimming as well. I find swimming very relaxing and it is a perfect end to my workout. So my gym bag contains maybe a few more items that your standard gym bag should have.

Let’s have a closer look…

What’s in my gym bag Gym shoes

Oh yes, it is very important to have the right footwear. I actually do not think that my ones are an ideal gym shoes but they work for me. A bit higher than your standard trainer for that extra ankle support and of course they are a Gore-Tex type so my feet do not smell after hours of sweating on the bike or a treadmill.

What’s in my gym bag Gym clothing

I like things simple so all I take for a gym session is a pair of pants, T-shirt and a spare pair of socks (mainly because I normally like to wear colourful, silly socks and they just do not go with my gym outfit). I tend to stick with cotton clothing. I know that there are a lot of manmade fabrics which are supposed to be better for you that help you to sweat or not (depending on what you pick) but personally I just like to wear natural fibres like cotton.

What’s in my gym bag swimming pool essentials

As for the swimming component of my gym routine I will take a swimming costume, swimming cap and a pair of goggles. My sister thinks that I look silly in my swimming cap, but it helps to keep my hair under control and in a good condition. When I first started to swim after a month or so my hair was totally ruined… worse still there was nothing my hairdressers could do to fix it. She advised me to always wear a swimming cap and to use a deep conditioner afterwards, so this is what I do and so far no more hair problems. I do actually have a pair of flip-flops to go with these bits as well, but it seems that they are nowhere to be found… I guess they must be in the boot of the car which annoyingly is in London at this moment.

What’s in my gym bag After gym care

This is my small selection of items I take with me. I do not carry a shower gel, I use the one provided by the gym. I also do not need to carry any towels with me as they are also provided. I do however take my own shampoo and conditioner just to be on the safe side, and to keep my hair in check of course.

What’s in my gym bag After gym replenishments

The ubiquitous bottle of water, some fresh fruit and some kind of nutritional snack are must haves after a good workout. I always seem to feel hungry when I leave the gym so I never forget about something to eat and an extra drink. Having a good energy bar, protein bar or a fruit one afterwards can really make my tummy feel happier.

So this is what’s in my gym bag.

Do you have any gym essentials you wouldn’t want to leave behind?

Anything you think I should be taking that I currently am not?

* Post written in collaboration with


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GORE-TEX – What is it and is it worth it?


Normally I try to stay clear of advising others what to buy when it comes to clothing (except for Mark… I have to shop for him as well as he is one of those males that has no clue about what to buy and wear) but sometimes I am met with people who I just do not understand.

So the conversation is taking place about getting a pair of school shoes…
I say “I am going to look for some leather shoes, ideally with GORE-TEX, if I can find it”
Her: “Really? Why? I do not spend more than £10-£12 for a pair of school shoes”
Really? Why? Are your kids not worth it? I didn’t ask these questions because I wasn’t really in the mood for a lecture but maybe I should have.

Lately I was met with the response “Oh, but I couldn’t justify spending money on good quality shoes”.
How silly is that!

Ok, so maybe I am a little sensitive when it comes to footwear, I love my shoes but most of all I love good quality comfortable shoes.

I do not see myself as a snob. I do not buy things because they have a high value price tag, I do not buy things just because of the branding (oh, ok maybe sometimes)… I try to buy things which represent a good value for money but at the same time are of a good quality.

I think that shoes are very important part of our wardrobe. We spend hours every day wearing them and very often our well being and good mood depends on them.
Have you ever worn a pair of too small or too tight shoes? Or a fairly new pair of shoes which you are just wearing in? How painful and uncomfortable were you feeling? I do not understand why some people do not pay more attention to what they put on their feet.

That is one of my issues; my other issue is why some people must insist on criticizing something when they really have no idea what they are talking about. One of my friends once told me that GORE-TEX is an advertising gimmick and it doesn’t work… when asked “did you have a bad experience with it”, the answer was “no, I’ve never tried it”. So how can you say it is bad if you have never had a chance to test it?

I did try GORE-TEX shoes and clothing and I think these items are worth every penny.

Imagine a pair of shoes which can be worn all year round – hot summer day or a wet winter one – your feet will be dry and warm without sweating.

Years ago when you wanted to purchase some GORE-TEX clothing or footwear you needed to have a bit of extra money comparing to other similar pieces, today this is not really the case. Just a few weeks back I bought some GORE-TEX shoes from Clarks for £12 – yes they were on sale… but my point is – something good does not necessary mean expensive.

If you have never tried anything made with the addition of this fabric then I have copied a bit of the explanation of its history from the GORE-TEX site.

The origin of waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX outerwear, footwear, and gloves starts with five little letters: ePTFE. Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, or ePTFE, was created by Bob Gore in 1969 when he rapidly stretched PTFE under certain conditions. The result was an incredibly strong, microporous material with an amazing list of characteristics including low water adsorption and good weathering properties. By 1978, GORE-TEX fabric was introduced and the world met the first truly waterproof, breathable outerwear.

The secret of GORE-TEX products — which are both completely waterproof and completely breathable at the same time — lies within its revolutionary bi-component membrane. The membrane contains over 9 billion microscopic pores which are approximately 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, but 700 times bigger than a molecule of moisture vapor. So while water in its liquid form cannot penetrate the GORE-TEX membrane, as moisture vapor it can easily escape.

Waterproof, windproof and breathable: The GORE-TEX membrane makes garments durably waterproof, windproof and breathable so that you stay dry and comfortable.

Durable: Waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX outerwear is made of the very toughest fabrics and is thoroughly tested to guarantee performance even after serious wear and tear. Easy care: Just because its high tech doesn’t mean it has to be high maintenance. GORE-TEX fabric is extremely easy to take care of and won’t lose its effectiveness even after repeated washing.

Do you have any experience with GORE-TEX?

Do you like it?

Would you recommend it?

If not, do you think it is worth spending a little bit extra for a quality items which will be waterproof, windproof and breathable?

I really would love to know what you think.


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