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Review – IWOOT – Big Head Memo Pad by j-me

IWOOT – Big Head Memo Pad by j-me

IWOOT – Big Head Memo Pad by j-me

With Christmas just around the corner we all face the same problem – what to buy for our loved ones. Sometimes if luck shines on us we are provided with a lengthy wish list and our selection is so much easier, but sometimes we have no help at all, so it is up to us to get it right. I find that some of my friends cause me the biggest headache, especially the one which I don’t have the most regular of contact with to know their current passion yet they still feature on my Christmas Gift List. I want to buy something for them to show my “love” and to make them smile this festive season. Most of the time this will probably be a lower value gift with a budget of maybe up to £20 or so… something which will say “Enjoy” have a great time and yes I am still thinking of you.

“I Want One Of Those” offer a great selection of gifts like this. They stock some awesome gadgets which are fun, quirky yet still very usable. I was offered a pick from a selection of their gifts for review… after spending over an hour thinking about which one to pick as my choice which really wasn’t easy… I’ve selected The Big Head Memo Pad.

My thinking was – it looks great, it will be very useful and it will go perfectly with the red details in our (though Mark has declared it as his) kitchen. Once it arrived I was extremely pleased with my final choice.


The Big Head Memo Pad is exactly as described and exactly as I imagined it would be. No more small pieces of paper flying around with important notes on, no more missed appointments or phone numbers which I wrote down somewhere and now they are nowhere to be found, hiding with all the other things I can’t find, you know in that safe place.

I totally adore my Big Head Memo Pad.


Sometimes gadgets like this do not live up to our expectation, but The Big Head Memo Pad in my opinion is perfect and there is nothing I would change to improve it. It is solid and doesn’t feel flimsy. It supports itself with no problems despite its giant head :-). The pen, which comes with it, includes a dry wipe sponge end so cleaning the pad couldn’t be any easier…

Dry Wipe Pen

Dry Wipe Pen



… but most of all it looks fantastic. It is stylish, well made and it will brighten up any room you put it into. The memo pad itself measures 7” across, which is big enough for most notes, messages or even a full shopping list if you write with a regular letter size.

Browsing around IWOOT I come across The Big Head Memo Pads “brother” – The Big Head Coin Dish… and I just must have it! I need one more little fellow to help resolve the problem of loose change and maybe another for keys… which most morning are nowhere to be found, which drives me mad because I know I definitely put them somewhere safe the night before, just please don’t be the safe place never to be found again.

Looking gooood :-)

Looking gooood 🙂

The Big Head Memo Pad can be purchased at this moment for £13.99 (7% off standard price). That’s it. No extra cost and no delivery charges (IWOOT offers free standard UK and European delivery on orders over £10, some restriction apply so please check website for details).

So, what do you think about The Big Head Memo Pad?

Would you find it useful?

Do you like the look of it?


Product was provided free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.


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