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Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

Weekly Photo Challenge Containers

Challenge set by The Daily Post



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Who / What Am I? 09/05

Good afternoon everyone!

Let me start with big thank you for all your tips last week. The flu has gone and I hope it will not come back any time soon.

Now that I am up and running again I have a lot to catch up with… the project for today is some homemade dog food and maybe some nice cookies for us as I have an awesome new cookbook – Make Bake Cookies!

Last week to my huge surprise we had a few correct answers. Jen, Easy, Sonia and Rollercoaster Mum were all correct with guessing feathers / bird.

Well done guys!

Who What Am I answer to 2 05Who What Am I cut out answer to 2 05

To be honest I don’t have a clue what this bird is. All I know is that it is huge and it looks scary!

If any of you happen to know what bird it is please let us all know.

For this week I cut for you a really odd looking thing. And no, it is not an alien, believe me.

Have a look.

Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 9 05

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the sun (if there is any sun where you are). We in the UK are supposed to be having sunny weather with some gusting showers, so nothing out of the ordinary there… let’s hope there will be more sun than rain this weekend.

Have fun guys!


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Who / What Am I? 25/04

Evening my lovelies,

Easter is already long gone so it is time to resume our normal schedule 😉

I missed last week, I am so sorry. It was a Good Friday and as such I had far too many things to do… On the plus side I did manage to wish you all a Happy Easter… so surely this must count for something… at least I hope it does.

So two weeks ago we had a red shot. So many of you were right – it was indeed a red parrot!

Who What am I answer to 11 04Who What am I cut out answer to 11 04

To be honest when I set it up I didn’t think it will be so easy for you all … I was hoping that you would think that a parrot was too easy and would go for something else… hey ho…foiled again!

If you have ever wanted a talking parrot, I read that the African Grey Parrots are the best imitators of human speech. In studies, African Grey Parrots have also been known to count, identify objects and even string together short sentences to answer complex questions;* how cool is that?

I wanted to have a parrot as a kid, instead I ended up a lovely yellow canary… he didn’t talk 😦

So on to today and for your perusal I have for you this shot.


Who / What Am I?

Who What am I 25 04

Enjoy your weekend and if you have any pictures which will be suitable for a Who / What Am I? please do send them my way. My pictures collection appears not to be endless and I could use your help. So dig in your archives and email something over.


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Who / What Am I? 14/03

What a lovely day!

I am so happy that the rain has finally decided to go elsewhere.

Amazing isn’t it, all you need is a bit of sunshine and suddenly everything looks so much better 🙂

I really adore this time of the year… spring is so beautiful! Everything is waking up again after the winter and the world gains so many colours! I have already spotted a few flowers in my front garden… they are such a pleasure to look at every time I leave the house.

Happy times!

but back to the point…

Last week I presented to you a mystery orange “thing”. Your guesses were all over but nowhere near the “real thing”. My personal favourite was an old persons’ knee 😉 – yes, I could see it… but no, it was not a knee, nor a carrot or an apricot – it was a birds’ beak.

Have a look…

Who What Am I answer to 07 03Who What Am I cut out answer to 7 03

I have some grand plans for this weekend… unfortunately they all involve spring cleaning… but hey, how bad can it be when the sun is shining and temperatures are starting to rise… I recon it will be an awesome weekend!

I hope you have some great plans too.

And whilst you are sitting there feeling tired this evening after your day of excitement and just relaxing whilst browsing the net don’t forget to have a go at this week picture.


Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 14 03 2014


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Who / What Am I? 01-11

Evening everyone!

I hope you all had an awesome Halloween yesterday.

We collected 87 treats in just over 1h! How cool is that!

Looking at last week answers, my mystery picture ended up being a bit of a puzzle for you. I was actually thinking that it would be an easy one. Oh hey… I was wrong… yet again.

To all of you who though it was some sort of a dog, paw, leg or a tail… you will be very surprised to see the full shot…

Here is comes…

Emu, AustraliaWAI cut

 A lovely Emu in his full glory!

According to Wikipedia the Emu is the largest bird native to Australia and he can reach up to 2 meters (6.6ft) in height. That is one tall bird!

For this week I have ready to share something with much more colour. Mark said that he is not even going to have a go at guessing what is it… I hope you will not chicken out as well and will have a pop at this week’s Who/ What Am I?

who am i 01 11


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