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WordPress down for some UK users

Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data

Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data

Just so you know I have not forget about you guys. For over a week now I have had a huge problem with getting into my own blog, as well as other WP blogs.

It is very annoying.

Writing a new post becomes an impossible task, comments on other peoples blogs are going into the spam box, and that is if I can comment at all, and posts that I liked get unliked… what a nightmare…

I am not the only one suffering from this problem. So far not a lot has been done to fix it. WP is blaming the internet providers who in turn blame WP, some people have even suggested it is a virus and so we go back and forth…

I really hope this will get resolve soon and that I will be able to resume my normal blogging schedule.

Until then take care of yourselves and keep your fingers crossed.



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One month blogiversary in numbers

Today I celebrate my one month blogiversary 🙂 (any excuse for a small party in my head)

I have enjoyed this time a lot and when I couldn’t write, due to special friends visiting, I was missing it. I am looking forward to the future and all the stories it will bring to my readers.

I learnt quiet a lot during this month especially that I would love to share much more than I can, due to time restrictions. I am finding myself picking very carefully what to add or write as I cannot do it all in one go. I have a stack of lovely recipes and stories to share with you but lacking time to do it all…

I am quite unsure how my number should look like, so maybe you can give me so idea on how I am doing.

Published pages – 4

Published posts – 35

Total views – 4,969

Total visitors – 2,670

Total comments – 234

Total likes – 286

Number of followers – 97


Thank you all for your support.


On this occasion I would love to announce the winner of my start-up giveaway for Rosie’s Pantry Hand Finished Pie Set…… and the winner is: MsPink AKA Melanie C on Twitter. Well done! Melanie already confirmed her winning and the parcel will be on its way to her shortly!



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