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Alphabet Project | B is for Bunk

Alphabet Project  B is for Bunk

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Newfoundland gloop art – act 5

Gloop art 5


January 7, 2014 · 6:06 pm

Newfoundland gloop art – act 4

bloody pigeons... I'm telling you...

bloody pigeons… I’m telling you…


December 10, 2013 · 11:15 am

Newfoundland gloop art – act 3

This time Bunk has gone for the minimalistic gloopy teardrop look.

He created this at the end of our morning walk with a little shake… It looks to me like a teardrop, like he wanted to say “Mum, please can we stay for a bit longer” while staring at other dogs still playing on the field.

I felt so mean….

Newfoundland gloop art – act 3


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The World’s Greatest Pet – Ode to Bunk

Once upon a time in the depth of Scottish night

Small puppy was born, whole black, nothing white

He had two black brothers and one tiny sister

But we knew from the start which one is our mister

His human Mum got him a small ribbon in red

So it’s easier to tell, which one is our fluffy head

Three months went by

And our pup was ready to ride

We drove almost whole day, in sun and some rain

So we can collect him by car and not by the train

Black fluffy ball looking like a small scared bear

Was sitting on my lap as he didn’t like the chair

He still didn’t have a proper name

We wanted to get it right so it’s not a shame

We thought a lot on how to call our little punk

And finally we settled – we named him Bunk

Once we arrived at our humble home

First thing we did, was a bath full of foam

My 1st bath

Nicely cleaned and fully fed

Bunk started a search for his own bed

He was growing fast and making new friends

He learnt a lot of tricks and some cat-like trends

Bunk puppy days

He grew up to be a big, strong and very handsome boy

Who likes to play with others and knows how to share a toy

And as long as you don’t mind getting wet

He is for sure the world’s greatest pet!


This post is an entry into the Tots100/Swell UK competition.


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How to get kicked out of school?

The answer apparently is extremely simple – you just have to be big enough to freak out your class mates resulting in them not accepting you…

But let’s start from the beginning…

On Saturday we decided to take Bunk back to school. Our 9 year old wanted to do some dog training so we checked out our favourite training school BarkingMaddts and found when their “K9 kids class” was on. Saturday apparently from 12 o’clock till 2 o’clock.

So last week we drove there (without the dogs) on a reconnaissance mission just to make sure that she can attend it and to have a sneak pick at what the other kids were doing. We spoke to the trainer about Bunk and he said “Ok, bring him in and we will see”… so having the green light we were all set and one week later off we went… back to school.

There we were at 11:30am, on a bright and breezy Saturday morning  ready for our “back to school” ride. As always any trip out is like a military operation so let’s begin:

Dog – check

Treats – check

Water bowl – check

Tons of leads, collars and chains – check

House keys, car keys, money – check

Human nourishment – check

Oh and of course sprog – check

Upon arrival, once everyone had had a good look at Bunk and his sheer size, he was black balled! We were told “I am really sorry but he is simply to big…” As most of the other dogs in the group and even some of the kids would fit neatly into Bunks mouth we were expecting that this might happen but sometimes you just have to take a chance… Docile and adorable as he is, it does take a certain mind set to handle being around a Newfy, an unnatural adoration of washing gloopy clothes being one of many traits for example.

I am so gonna gloop that sizist trainer, just a couple of steps closer... closer...

I am so gonna gloop that sizist trainer, just a couple of steps closer… closer…

We totally understand why the trainer decided against Bunk being in the class and we don’t hold a grudge… the only one who did hold a grudge was Bunk… poor pup had to spend the next 2 hours watching E. “playing” with a rent-a-dog… yes you are reading it right, at times like this they have a pool of back up dogs, less well behaved than Bunk but a more appropriate size. The irony was not lost on us, two dogs at home and here we are renting one, life can throw a curve ball at times.

You are joking aren’t you... tell me you are joking....

You are joking aren’t you… tell me you are joking….

Coincidentally, E. was too small for the adult class where Bunk was accepted, albeit with a slightly raised eyebrow. He slipped under the radar when he only weighed 10kgs and was only slightly bigger than other dogs, but now at the ground shaking 65kg weight now a days he can’t slip under anything anymore, even planes pull up when they fly over our house 🙂


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