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The 4-Box Challenge

The 4-Box Challenge

I was challenged by the Plastic Box Shop to use their 4-box method to de-clutter my home. The idea is very simple:

  •  Indentify the clutter in your home
  •  Follow the chart
  •  Place the item in the correct box

Easy peasy!

The four “magic” boxes are as follow:

Keep – Items which will remain in their current position and are to be kept.

Store – Items which you do not want to throw away but would be able to relocate and possibly store somewhere else.

Donate – Items which you intend to donate to charity.

Bin – Items which you intend to throw away.

I found myself lacking one more box – Sell. As I didn’t have my 5th box I just piled those items on the floor next to the four other boxes.

And the chart which can be used as an aid looks like this:

The 4-Box Challenge Infographic

The chart is actually very helpful and clever. I did follow it for some items, simply because I wasn’t able to make me mind up about the final placement of the item in question.

My boxes arrived and it was time to get to work.

I picked the worst room in our home – my office. Terribly, terribly messy room, full of clutter, spare furniture and was actually really badly lacking in space even for just moving around. I meant to “clean it” last week… last month… I don’t even remember how many times I have promised myself “Ok, tomorrow I will take care of it”, then tomorrow came and went and my office just collected more and more clutter.

So Saturday morning after a large strong coffee I put some lively music on and started on my epic challenge.

The 4-Box Challenge - segragation stage

Slowly piece by piece I was removing things from my office and placing them into the provided boxes… the pile of stuff in the boxes was growing fast.

The 4-Box Challenge - box number five

The pile of stuff for sale wasn’t doing badly either. I decided that if I do not want it and the item has some real value I will sell it. In the end of the day who really needs 3 phones?

The 4-Box Challenge in progress

Once I had actually dug myself through the endless pile of weird stuff I was actually able to remove a spare futon and a chest of drawers from my office. These two pieces didn’t belong in my office, so they had to go in order to get back so much needed space.

The 4-Box Challenge Donate It Trip

I spent most of the day clearing out my office. I found that the Donate It box was the most popular. The next day I packed the car, drove to my local village and donated everything to our local dog charity RATS.

It was a long and tiring day but it was really worth it!

Now I have a spacious office and if someone wants to join me there is actually some space for them to join me by my desk.

This clear-out session was long overdue, so thank you ever so much to the guys at the Plastic Box Shop for selecting me for this challenge, as this gave me the impetus and a very much needed kick to do it and I thus finally did it!

Job jobbed!

The 4-Box Challenge Before and AfterThe 4-Box Challenge Before & AfterThe 4-Box Challenge - Before & AfterThe 4-Box Challenge - Before and After


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7 Wonders Of Toothpaste – unusual uses you may never have heard about before

7 Wonders Of Toothpaste

Toothpaste is an everyday essential, it can be found in every home and it is used every day (twice I day I would hope), but there is so much more to it than just a cleaner of teeth.

A few weeks ago I picked up some old silver spoons at the car boot sale; they were lovely but very dirty and discoloured… Guess what I used to clean them? Yes, you are right, toothpaste. This gave me an idea… a selection of all known to me uses for the wonder that is toothpaste.

So here you go… my selection of 7 toothpaste wonders.

7 Wonders Of Toothpaste Metal Cleaner

Metal Cleaner

Just as stated above it works wonders on silver, gold, brass or any other kind of dirty metal for that matter. Simply use a cloth or the soft side of a sponge, wet it, apply some toothpaste and rub it in for a bit. You will see the dirt removed in no time.

First Aid

Burns and bites can be treated with toothpaste. It is especially effective on mosquito’s bites as these are extremely itchy. Just pop a small amount of toothpaste onto the affected area and you will feel the relief within a few minutes. The same applies to burns, a little toothpaste can stop burns from blistering (just remember I am talking about minor burns which do not involve an open wound).

Beauty Routine

Due to its ingredients toothpaste can be used in many ways to help us with our every day beauty routine.
First of all it works as a perfect hand cleaner. It will help to get rid of unwanted smells like garlic or onion, but this isn’t all… it also works as a finger nail cleaner. Have you ever gone gardening and forgot to put gloves on… if you did, you know how hard it is to wash your nails afterwards. The next time you are in this situation simply rub them with toothpaste and it will be much easier to get them back to their full glory.
Secondly it can help to reduce facial blemishes. It helps spots dry out so just put a small amount of toothpaste onto the affected area and leave overnight.

General Cleaner

Dirty shoes, irons, carpet or clothes stains or even crayon stains on painted walls can be treated with toothpaste. Simply treat affected, stained area with a damp cloth and a bit of toothpaste; repeat if needed. It really works great on scratched leather shoes, coats, handbags etc; it minimises the marks leaving the leather looking much better. It also works perfectly on the dirty soles of trainers; it can bring those whites back to life.

7 Wonders Of Toothpaste  Anti-Scratch Remedy

Anti-Scratch Remedy

CD and DVDs get scratched like everything else. A bit of toothpaste magic can help. It also works well on car headlights or bikes for that matter. Scratched headlight give less light so treating them with toothpaste every now and then can be highly beneficial. It will also work on your smartphone screen or a tablet if you are not protecting it with a screen protector.

Stinky Smell Removal

Every parent knows that baby bottles after repeated use develop a sour-milk smell, which simply doesn’t want to go away. Rub some toothpaste inside the bottle and pop it into dishwasher. It will remove the smell and leave your bottle smelling nice and fresh yet again.


This is perfect for any goggles – skiing, swimming and diving… it will work all the same. Simply rub a small portion of toothpaste into each lens, rub gently, rinse and… No more foggy goggles!

That’s it. This is my list of unusual uses for toothpaste.

I just want to add that standard, ordinary, old-fashioned toothpaste works best. You really don’t want any triple colours malarkey or a whitening type (this can leave bleach marks on fabrics) or anything with scrubbing particles inside of it… just use a cheap white, smooth toothpaste.

Also do not scrub like a mad man (or woman). Use it in a gentle manner with a soft damp cloth. It is much better to repeat the process if needed than over scrub and leave unwanted marks.

Did you ever use toothpaste in any of these ways?

And if you know of any other uses for it, please share.


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Review – Bath Power by OzKleen

Bath PowerOzKleen Bath Power removes bore water stains, limescale, calcium, soap scum, rust stains and is great for use in hard water areas. 

Containing no chlorine, ammonia or phosphates, Bath Power is safe for bio-cycles and septic tanks. (Not tested on animals)

Use it on all surfaces such as fiberglass, taps, toilets, shower screens, baths, stainless steel, tiles, metal surfaces and chrome.

Bath Power is based on a mild, natural plant acid, combined with a rich surfactant system, using a special manufacturing process to unleash the powerful cleaning action.

This is some basic information about the product from the OzKleen website. It contains all that you need to know about the product except the most important fact…

it really works!

no scrubbing is required to achieve a clean and shiny bath / sink / toilet or tiled wall surface

OzKleen Bath Power will allow you to have a clean and shiny bathroom in no time and with minimum effort on your part. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Identify the dirty surface
  2. Spray Bath Power and leave for 30-60 seconds
  3. Wipe with a sponge or a cloth
  4. Rinse with water
  5. Enjoy the results
Sparkly clean sink in no time

Sparkly clean sink in no time

Bath Power works even on stubborn and “old” dirt. If you have something extremely dirty all you have to do is to leave your OzKleen just a little bit longer… but please do not be tempted to leave it for “ages” as it is not going to help. Bath Power needs to be wiped whilst it is still wet, so do not allow for the liquid to dry.

The OzKleen website has a great selection of cleaning hints for using Bath Power.

I would love to share them with you.


Regular cleaning with Bath Power will lessen hard soap-scum build up. After each use, wipe your bathtub with Bath Power and a sponge. The Bath Power Mate is ideal for baths. Baths are low to the ground, so using the Bath Power Mate can make cleaning easier. The long handle means less bending. Turn on bath tap and rinse the dissolved soap-scum down the drain.


Empty spa water and wipe over with Bath Power. Leave for about 1 minute then rinse off. Your spa will look like new. Bath Power cleans and gleams!!


TilesCeramic tiles are extremely durable. Most tiles have a glazed glossy finish that protects the surface from stains and moisture. Unglazed tiles require additional care such as more frequent cleaning and occasional sealing. SquirtBath Power directly onto the tiles you want to clean. Wipe over using a sponge or cloth, leave for 30-60 secs. then rinse off using the showerhead. Applying Bath Power using the Bath Power Mate makes it easier again. Fill the Bath Power Mate with Bath Power, turn to “ON” and you’re away. Bath Power will dispense out as you wipe your tiles. The Bath Power Mate has a non-scratch cleaning head unlike steel wool or abrasive products that can scratch the tile finish.


Grout is rough and porous which attracts soap-scum and dirt. Remove this layer of grime first with Bath Powersprayed directly onto the surface, leave for 30-60 secs. and rinse off using the showerhead. Do not use nylon or short bristle brushes that can damage grout. The Bath Power Mate has a special non-scratch cleaning head that is ideal for wiping over grout. NOTE: Sometimes mould and grime can etch itself behind and in the grout making it impervious to cleaners. If this is the case, the surface is therefore damaged and you may need to re-grout. When you re-grout, be sure to kill all the mould or it may breed back through again. Don’t use steel wool – too much scrubbing can rub the dirt into pores!

Shower Screens:

Why do all that scrubbing when Bath Power does it for you? Some happy users prefer to clean the screen while in the shower. Simply squirt onto surface. Use your hands to wipe over (those with sensitive skin should use a cloth or the Bath Power Mate) leave for 30-60secs. and rinse off using the showerhead. The Bath Power Mate is ideal for screens and makes it so much quicker. The special non-scratch cleaning head won’t scratch your glass. The long handle means less leverage and saves you time.


Bath Power is brilliant for toilets and NEW Bath Power Pine leaves your toilet smelling fresh and clean. First remove dust using toilet paper or paper towel and flush down toilet. Spray up and around the rim of the bowl. Lightly use a toilet brush for inside areas and a cloth for the bowl. Flush toilet and wipe toilet with a moist cloth. BRILLIANT!!

So, if you want a sparkly clean surface with no effort, OzKleen Bath Power is the way to go!

Join OzKleen on Facebook and you will be able to enter their competition to win a year’s supply of Ozkleen products:

– 8 bottles of Bath Power
– 8 bottles of Kitchen Power
– 8 bottles of Carpet Power
– Ten packs of BBQ Power wipes

Be quick as the competition closes Friday 26th July. And remember you have to answer all 4 questions in order to take part in this contest.

Good Luck and Happy Cleaning!

* Product was provided by OzKleen free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own .


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Review – Kitchen Power by OzKleen

OzKleen Kitchen PowerWe all have some chores and there is no way of avoiding cleaning. I personally don’t mind cleaning tasks but I hate scrubbing. I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist, so every time I have to scrub something or put more pressure into my wrist I suffer later on. I was determined to find myself a cleaning aid which will allow me to clean with minimum effort.

5 years ago when we bought our house we were in need of some magic powers to help us clean it and bring it back into a usable state. We went shopping and got back home with a car full of cleaning products, clothes, scrubbing brushes etc… it was a very hard work and after the first day I went online to find a solution to our problem. I needed something that would actually work on stubborn old dirt (previous owner of our house didn’t belong to the cleanest people in the world club). This is how I come across OzKleen. It was recommended on various forums so next morning I popped to our local Tesco and bought myself 3 magic power bottles.

OzKleen made all the difference. Don’t get me wrong things aren’t going to clean themselves just because you bought some OzKleen Powersbut this job is so much easier. You indentify the nature of your dirty spot, you spray and wipe… when the dirt is very stubborn you might scrub a little but most of the time wiping it with a rough side of a sponge is enough.

Since that purchase we became a loyal customer of OzKleen. Every now and then whilst on my weekly shopping trip I will pick up some other manufacturers cleaning aid whilst it is on special offer. Then invariably I get home, try it and end up regretting the purchase. I know that OzKleen works and I couldn’t ask for anything more from the product but for some reason I am tempted to try what competitors come up with. After making my curiosity purchase I cure myself for few months and my need for further searching is gone… but then again sometime down the line I fall into the same trap due to advertising.

Around a week ago I received a parcel from OzKleen with my new magic powers. Since then I have tried NOT to clean my kitchen sink and cooker so that I can record the results once I finally do decide to clean it. Today was that day. I just couldn’t bear to look any longer at my kitchen sink so it had to be cleaned.

See for yourself what OzKleen Kitchen Powercan do. Please bear in mind that the total time to do my sink was just over 2min. It is really so quick and simple – you spray, allow to rest for 60 sec and you wipe. No scrubbing was required.

Before and after

Before and after

My sink before and after

My sink before and after

Next task I under took this morning was to clean my cooker. Ok, I admit it wasn’t very dirty at first glance but when you looked closer it had parts which were in need of some attention. I stripped my cooker into smaller parts in order to make it all clean and shiny. It took me 11 minutes to do it all, including the wall tiles above the cooker.

My cooker before and after

My cooker before and after

Wok ring before and after

Wok ring before and after

Kitchen tiles just above the cooker before and after cleaning with OzKleen

Kitchen tiles just above the cooker before and after cleaning with OzKleen

work in progress

work in progress

almost done

almost done

now I just have to put all these parts back together

now I just have to put all these parts back together

Job Done!

Job Done!

OzKleen Kitchen Power not only does the job as proclaimed, it is also environmentally aware you can use it in households with septic tank systems and bio-cycles systems. It is NOT tested on animals. It doesn’t contain chlorine, ammonia or phosphates so there are no noxious fumes.  OzKleen Kitchen Power is good for you and good for the environment.


Here are some information’s from OzKleen website about their Kitchen Power.

Kitchen Power removes grease & grime, cooking oil, water marks, limescale, stubborn stains, food spills, red wine spills, curry stains. 

Use Kitchen Power on all your hard surfaces, such as stainless steel sinks, benches, pots & pans, ovens, rangehoods and cooker hobs. 

Kitchen Power also works great in the laundry, on light fittings, window frames, BBQ’s, outdoor furniture, metals, brass, jewellery, bins, boats and floors (dilute and mop floors).
(Not tested on animals)

KitchenPowerAnd some cleaning hints on how to use Kitchen Power

Steel Sinks:

Spray Kitchen Power into sink and wipe over using a wet cloth. Leave for about a minute then simply turn on the sink tap and wash the dissolved stains down the drain. Your sink will look like new! 

Ceramic Hobs:

Kitchen Power works wonders on cooking hobs. Simply spray with Kitchen Power, leave for about a minute and wipe with a damp cloth. 

Handy Hint:

Kitchen Power can be tipped down the drain to help keep your drains clear and smelling fresh. Regular use of Kitchen Power prevents drain blockages. 


Remove screens and spray with Kitchen Power, leave for 30-60 secs. and hose off. Put two to three caps- full of Kitchen Power in a bucket of water and wash window and door frames with a sponge. Before you put screens back, wash out the window or door grooves where the screens slide. Wind a strip of cloth around a ruler or screwdriver, which will fit into the narrow slots. First dip this into the bucket of water and Kitchen Power. Finish up by wiping with a dry cloth. If you want to store the clean screens for the winter, put them in a place that is clean and dry. Cover them with paper sacks or clean cloths. Or use a big sheet of plastic, like an old shower curtain or tablecloth. 


Tough grease, gunk and insects can threaten your outdoor feast. You’ll know if your barbeque grill needs cleaning if the flame coming from the burners is yellow instead of blue. The burner should be cleaned at least once a year with a wire brush and poke each burner hole with a nail to clear away gunk. Gas tubes should also be checked and cleared using a stick. Spiders and insects can block the flow of gas. When cleaning the gas grill spray a small amount of Kitchen Power on the surface, turn your BBQ on to medium high and scrap gunk off using a scraper. Check first that the scraper does not scratch the surface since all BBQs are different. 

Vinyl Floors:

Dilute Kitchen Power 20-1 in a bucket of water. Mop and wait awhile to allow it to penetrate the ground-in dirt. Dry the surface with a towel to be sure the surface is not slippery. Your floors will sparkle like new! 


The secret with ovens is getting to the grime quickly, preventing the buildup. As soon as there is a spill, squirt with Kitchen Power then wipe off. Avoid using steel wool, which can scratch the oven resulting in food clinging to the surface and making it harder to clean. Spray Kitchen Power in your oven directly to remove spillages. Leave for a while and wipe off. NOTE: It’s best to turn the oven off when doing a thorough clean. Use Kitchen Power just after spills. Caution: Never apply any cleaner to a hot oven.


If you are responsible for the cleaning chores in your house and wish these tasks were easier you should try OzKleen products. They can be bought from selected superstores or online at places like Amazon or Wilko.com

You might think that they cost more than standard supermarket kitchen cleaning aid (which can be bought for £1 on special offers) and yes, you are right but… OzKleen products are really worth the extra. Think how much time and energy you can save!

If you want to keep up with OzKleen news you can join them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter 

Have you ever try OzKleen? If you have let me know and keep in touch, more importantly stay tuned for exciting news in the near future…..

* Product was provided free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own .


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