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Who / What Am I? 04/07

Hello all,

What a lovely hot sunny day we are having here in the UK. I hope you all are enjoying it as much as we are.

I love weather like this.

Last night we took a very late evening walk with the dogs and it was amazing – truly perfect weather… not too hot, not too cold and you could feel the presence of a gentle breeze… just perfect.

Last week my mystery yellow picture actually received 2 correct answers. Alisha was first, followed by colonialist – it was in fact the inside of a flower… Take a look…

Who What Am I answer to 27 06Who What Am I cut out answer to 27 06

A few years back there was an interesting article about Daisies in the Telegraph entitled “Top 10 facts about daisies”.

Did you know that daisies are found everywhere on Earth except Antarctica?

For me that most interesting fact was that a daisy is actually two flowers in one! How weird. One is the white petals and second one is the clusters of tiny yellow discs (this is what the cut out picture was of).

Ah and apparently daisies represent purity and innocence.


For this week the picture I have selected is something from fauna. It can be many things (I think) but let’s see if anyone will guess who or what this really is.

Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 4 07

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!


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