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Top Collar – Perfecting Perfection

Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of trying the ‘Sunday Roast Natural Pet Treats’ from Top Collar, now they are back. Same tasty treats but in perfected packaging.

Last time round we couldn’t fault them in any way. They were perfect in our opinion, but apparently we were wrong. The owner of Top Collar thought that the treats could be so much more, so they got a make-over.

The recipe for the treats is still the same but the packaging is not.

Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats - new packaging

They still come in a flat cardboard box which will fit through the letter box, but instead of loose cookies inside, now they are placed in a re-sealable bag to keep them fresh for longer.

Top Collar Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats

This change is brilliant.

First time round when our cookies arrived, after opening the box we placed them in a cookie jar; now there is no need for it. They can stay in the bag until they are all gone.

Lilly and Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats

Our dogs really enjoy them. Even Barnie got to try them and he seems to be a new fan.

Barnie and Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats

Top Collar is running a subscription program – Join ‘The Pack’. For £8.99 a month you will receive two surprise boxes of these lovely healthy treats delivered to your door through the post. To make the offer even more appealing you can personalise your boxes – just tell Top Collar about your pet dietary requirements and they will match it up to assure a perfect choice every time. But this isn’t all – currently you can receive a free box of treats! Yes, you are reading it right – free treats for your pooch (offer is valid if you join the pack and subscribe for monthly delivery). Just follow the simple instructions on the Free Box tab and soon your four legged friends will be able to enjoy these lovely treats absolutely free.

So what are you waiting for?

Go and join the pack!

Give cookie!

Give cookie!

* Product was provided free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own .


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Naughty Pet Campaign – 6 Top Training Tips #naughtypets

Direct Blinds invited us to take part in a Naughty Pet Blogger Campaign. They are trying to find the UK’s naughtiest pet… I love the idea but I am glad my pets aren’t naughty any more.

I have no knowledge on training parrots, hamsters or rabbits but I am a pretty good authority on how to deal with dogs. I know that with a lot of work, patience and treats you can turn even the naughtiest dog into an obedient companion. You will notice that my last sentence featured treats… yeah that’s right… treats are the key to your success… but they are not everything.

Every dog owner knows that most dogs are food obsessed and they will do everything… or almost everything in order to get some… but not everyone knows how to turn this simple fact to their benefit.

It is never to soon to start training

It is never to soon to start training

Dog training is an art; an art that we all can master given time, willingness and opportunity. Dog training is not an option when you decided to become a dog owner; it is a necessity in order to keep your pet in check but also to give him/her a clear understanding on its role, which is needed for healthy development. Dogs are pack animal and they need to know who the Alpha dog is… without it they are just lost and confused… they need to have someone to follow in order to thrive.

A lot of dogs, especially puppies are naughty because they are bored or lonely… they do not know that shoes are not for eating or that that part of your garden where you just planted a load of lovely flowers is not for digging… this is something we, as a pet owner, have to teach them.

Every pet is different and every pet will take differently to training but there are some rules which we have to follow no matter what in order to succeed. Very often this naughty pet you see on the walk is naughty because it doesn’t know any better; it is naughty because no one taught it a different behaviour. So instead of sharing with you my naughty pet stories I would like to share with you few tips on how to successfully train your dog so it isn’t naughty any more.

Is this cookie for me?

Is this cookie for me Mum?

Pick clear commands and stick with them

I see this most days… owners get confused when things go wrong and they mumble something under their nose or shout. You have to pick clear commands and keep repeating them. There is no room for changing your vocabulary. If you are teaching your dog to “stay”, ask him to “stay” not to “wait” for example… it may not make a lot of difference to you but it does to your dog – he/she knows what “stay” means but may not have a clue what to do with “wait”.

Do not repeat your commands

If you want your dog to “sit” tell him once (not three, four or five times… just once). If there is no reply, wait a moment, move closer and repeat the command.

Do not get emotional, be consistent and confident

Dogs can sense our emotions. Whilst in training try to stay calm and positive. When things go wrong don’t get angry, don’t yell just stay calm and keep training 🙂 So often people give up to quickly… do not be a quitter… if you quit it will never work!

Do not stop your training sessions

When we decide that our dog knows it all most people tend to stop with training… but we shouldn’t. Training is something which has to continue for a lifetime. It is good for a dog to have some stimulation, they feel good that they did something to please you and we shouldn’t take this away from them.

Replace treats with praise

Treats are a key to success while training your dog but once the behaviour is learnt it is good to replace them with praise. When your dog does something you ask him to do reward him with praise or a play or whatever else they like (maybe a good head massage or a belly rub). This is important for building a healthy pet – owner relationship; we have to show them that treats are not the only thing they can get from us.

Reinforce positive behaviour

Treats work wonders but only if you are reinforcing a positive behaviour. If your dog doesn’t do what he is told… there is no treats, no praise… you simply can’t reward misbehaviour or an over excited dog… this will only work against you in the long run.


But to tell you the truth our pets were not always “angel like”. We experienced our fair share of household damage caused by them, eaten shoes or destroyed gardens… And to give you some idea how naughty our pets were when they were younger, just have a look at these pictures…

Case#1: Prime Suspect - Bunk Reason: Searching for hidden sausages

Case#1: Prime Suspect – Bunk
Reason: Searching for hidden sausages

Case#2: Prime Suspect - Bunk Reason: unknown... maybe wooden tables look like sausages to him or just taste nice

Case#2: Prime Suspect – Bunk
Reason: unknown… maybe wooden tables look like sausages to him or just taste nice

Case#4: Prime Suspect - Bunk Reason: Mum needs new walking boots (yay!)

Case#3: Prime Suspect – Bunk
Reason: Mum needs new walking boots (yay!)

Case#5: Prime Suspect - Barnie Reason: hunger / boredom / dislike of our garden taste or maybe the flowers looked at him funny (?)

Case#4: Prime Suspect – Barnie
Reason: hunger / boredom / dislike of our garden taste or maybe the flowers looked at him funny (?)

If you would like to take part in the #naughtypets competition please visit Direct Blinds Facebook page to submit your entry but hurry as you only have 6 days left.

*Post written in collaboration with Direct Blinds. We received a goody bag including some toys and treats to help us reinforce a positive behaviour.


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Review – Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats

Top Collar Pet Treats

Today I would love to share with you my review of Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats.

Lilly and Bunk were sent a box of Sunday Roast treats and they both totally loved them!

Yes, of course they both like treats, Bunk probably much more than Lilly as he is the beggar type, but I never seen them going so crazy before for anything, even sausages seem to be less of an attraction.

Give me one now...

Give me one now…



Sod it... I’ll get it myself

Sod it… I’ll get it myself

Our Sunday Roast treats came in a flat cardboard box, which fit through the letter box perfectly. The first thing you will notice once opened is the smell… OMG they do smell delicious… I had to really control myself not to snatch one of them cookies for myself.

The first recorded incident of Lilly taking a treat from a human hand, that’s how good they are!

The first recorded incident of Lilly taking a treat from a human hand,
that’s how good they are!

Sunday roast is a special time in most homes… we all gather after a hard week to enjoy a meal together and share news about our lives… but most pets do not get to join in this celebration, unless some scraps survive for their dinner bowl. I love the idea of a treat which is the doggie equivalent of our favourite Sunday Roast. Top Collar Sunday Roast cookies are made from: chicken, carrots, parsnip, sweet potato, garlic, self-raising flour, butter and milky biscuit mix; and they came shapped as a small hearts 🙂

This was the first time we have tried these lovely treats and I am sure it will not be the last. Whilst I was browsing through their website I spotted Keep ‘Em Coming – treat box subscription, which would be ideal for us. You get 2 deliveries a month with one main dish in each box…the easy way to make sure your dog never runs out of treats. This awesome doggie box subscription is priced at only £8.95 per month.

Currently Top Collars cater for dogs only, but I spotted that a cat selection will be coming in shortly… which would be nice because there is not a lot of choice regarding nice kitty treats out there… and they too deserve some love  🙂

It really looks like Top Collar creates our kind of treats, not only are they made with love but most of all they are created using good quality ingredients and without the entirely unnecessary E numbers added in.

There is a special selection for puppies as well, so even our youngest companions can enjoy a nice treat, which is so important during those early months whilst all the training is going on.

If this sounds like something you would love to try – either for your furry friends, or a friend of a friend – I have a 10% discount code, which I will happily share with you. Simply type “TENOFF” when placing your order… everyone can use this code, so pass it on and share the love.

Just one more...

Just one more…


We received a box of treats for free for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own… and my dogs…


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