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Alphabet Project | J is for Jungle

A jungle is land covered with dense vegetation.

or at one time a nick-name for our garden 😉

This picture was taken a few months ago when there was a lot of rain in the UK and cutting the lawn with an electric lawnmower really wasn’t an option… but once the sun came out and with some help from Easy Shed we were able to get it under control yet again…

Alphabet Project  J is for Jungle

Alphabet Project is hosted by PODcast



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Battle the weeds – gardening must haves

Battle the weeds

We would all love a perfectly manicured garden, but this look doesn’t just pop up over night and it requires a lot of work. A funny thing is though, if you miss a week of gardening; this chore becomes a nightmare, especially if the weather conditions are helping your weeds grow.

Lately I have taken a break from attending to my garden… or at least this is how I am explaining this to myself…I was too busy, I was ill, there was a holiday on the way… all the excuses in the world… but at the end of the day I am left with a jungle of weeds and as the days are passing by they do not seem to be getting any smaller 😦

So it was finally time to get out there and start my battle. I knew that I can’t do it all on my own, I needed some help – luckily Mr. Post Man brought me some lovely parcels containing much needed aids for the task ahead of me.

new tools thanks to Easy Shed

The right tools

Thanks to those lovely people at Easy Shed I have a new selection of gardening tools. Not sure if you have something called a safe spot in your house… I do… I hide things there to keep them safe, but it has ended up on a few occasions already, when I actually needed them again they are nowhere to be found… This happened to my last 2 pruners and secateurs… eaten by a black hole… I guess they are somewhere safe with the odd socks missing from my washing every week… who knows… Any way I have new tools, which made me one step closer to achieving my gardening dream.

Resolva WeedKiller

The right product

I am armed with a bottle of Resolva WeedKiller to make my task a bit easier. Yes, it can’t be used on every weed and everywhere but there are places where I can use it… I will test it and bring you a detailed review on how the product performs in action.

Gro-sure Planting Magic

The right soil

My garden is not in the perfect spot. We do not have perfect soil, so we always need to add something to the soil to give the plants a fair chance to grow. Gro-sure Planting Magic is a perfect mixture which contains 6 months nutrients and only has to be applied once a season, handy hey?

Aftercut All in One Even Flo Spreader

The right aftercare

Aftercut All in One Even Flo Spreader is like a grass conditioner 🙂 it kills weeds and moss but at the same time is conditions and nourishes your lawn. It is the perfect final step in achieving a manicured lawn look.

Now that you all know what I have to play with, be patients and I will bring you more shortly… I want to try them all and check if they will actually do what is stated on the “tin”.

something to aim for

something to aim for

Do you have any gardening essentials I should know about?

* I received some of these products for free for a review consideration.


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