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Board Games are getting a “Second Life” + Games Quest Giveaway

Board Games are getting a “Second Life” + Games Quest Giveaway

As we all know by now the gaming industry is growing bigger every day… more gaming consoles, more gaming tablets, phones handheld devices, more options to simply isolate ourselves from the outside world and just play…

One could easily start to think that this whole boom in computer gaming would “kill off” board games, but one would be wrong. Actually board games are having their own boom and were never as popular as they are right now.

According to Doctor Tomasz Sobierajski sociology Professor from Warsaw University “we miss the need to be with other people”. Computer gaming can be fun but most of the time we are isolated; it is just us stuck in the room staring at a screen whereas board games give us the opportunity to be interact with others and at the same time learn something new, have fun and relax.

Board games are extremely important part of growing up. They help with intellectual development, social rules as well as interpersonal relationships; they teach us how to win and more importantly… how to lose.

How to choose the perfect board game?

Well, I am not sure I have a perfect recipe for success when it comes to game choices but I have a few pointers which might help with this task.

Read information on the box

This would give you the general idea about the game and the ever so important age bracket the game is designed for.

Read the rules

Every game has its own rules. When picking something new we need to make sure that the rules are not too complicated and that the participants will be able to follow them.

Time frame

Some games can take a long time to finish. It is important to pick the right game that suits the time frame available to you to finish the game – too long and kids can get bored.

Number of players

Different games require different number of players. If there are only two of you most of the time then don’t get a party game…

Type of the game

Fantasy, simulation, adventures, logical… you know best what you like, you know best what your friends or kids are good at… take it into consideration when making your choice… If your players aren’t good readers don’t pick the game which requires a lot of reading in order to progress… games should be fun… this is their main role and everything else we learn during this time it is just a bonus!

Board Games are getting a “Second Life” + Games Quest Giveaway.

We have a lot of board games in the house. We might not play them as often as we would like but there is nothing better than a friendly scrabble session 🙂

Games Quest was started by people who love games and love having fun. They stock over 30,000 of the world’s favourite board games, toys and books. If you are looking for it, I am sure they have it.

Games Quest have kindly offered £40 of site credit to one of my readers, so you can pick something you and your kids or friends can bond over and enjoy during these long winter evenings.

If you have a board game on your wish list and fancy winning £40 to spend at Games Quest please just follow the link to my rafflecopter giveaway.

Enter to win a £40 voucher to spend at Games Quest

Enter to win a £40 voucher to spend at Games Quest


Good luck!

Do you like board games?

Do you think their future is bright?

Do you play with your kids, partner or friends?

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Can video games replace the real playground?

Play Time

The answer is:

Yes, they certainly could


No, we should not allow this to happen!

Video games are fun but they cannot become a substitute for a real playground with kids in real fresh air. It is so sad that so many parents are losing sight that kids have to be kids… they need to go out and explore, discover new things and have their own adventures… this is an important part of growing up…

As most of you know our roof didn’t survive the pouring rain and we were flooded. The roof is sorted but bedroom still needs a crucial make-over. In light of this we decided to sale our mid sleeper kid bed and replace it with a new one. A few days ago the new owners of the bed arrived to collect it and with them a charming 8 year old boy. We agreed that we would pull it apart all together so it would be easier to see how to make back in to a bed later on. Lots of screws to undo… As the bed has lots of storage underneath I started to talk with the little boy about his plans and where his things will go… and basically all he was interested in was to find the perfect spot for his Xbox and games. Ok, I thought to myself, kids play video games, this is nothing new. So to keep the conversation going I asked what his favourite game is at this moment. And the answer was: GTAV. I think at this point Mum noticed my rather shocked face so she started to explain… Oh, but he has 2 older brothers, so you know…I cannot help, all he wants to do is to play a video games…

OMG so what!

Boy is 8 years old, GTA is rated 18!

I could totally understand a teenager close to the age limit playing the game, but this boy is 8!

Also at 8 aren’t kids suppose to do what they are told? What does it mean “…all he wants to do is play video games…” he is a kid, you are his Mum… sort it out!

I just couldn’t follow up on this conversation, so pretending to be busy I start taking some vital bed part downstairs, I just backed off… I couldn’t risk opening my mouth in front of the kids, as knowing me I would have problems with stopping the lecturing “Mum”.

I am not saying that video games are bad, of course they are not. They are fun; they can teach you a lot and for all means play if you want but all things in moderation. There is so many cool kids games the 8 years old would enjoy, why let him play the game which promotes fast dangerous driving, shooting people, stealing and let’s not forget to visit the whore house… he is 8 years old!

We play a lot, we are gamers. We own most of the consoles out there but we never forget that games have age ratings. There are 100s if not 1000s titles on the market and everyone starting out with very young kids can easily pick something they like and something that is age appropriate. Video games can be fun but so can a walk in the park or just hanging with your friends talking chit chat…

Life gets faster as technology progresses, we have much less time to ourselves, for our kids, but we must not lose sight of the important things. Putting kids in front of the TV and turning a gaming console on must seem like the perfect solution!

I don’t think it is!

This is my small private appeal to all the parents out there – please do not let video games replace the real playground, or at least not every day!


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