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Review – Iron & Velvet – Luxury Cleaning Products

iron & velvet – Luxury Cleaning Products Logo

Have you ever heard about Iron & Velvet – Luxury Cleaning Products? No? Hmm, me neither, until a few months ago that is. I spotted Iron & Velvet on Twitter and as a junky for all things cleaning related and a lover of luxury I just had to try them out.

So who are Iron & Velvet and what is so special about their product?

As per their website description: Iron & Velvet was born from a desire to improve. With over 30 years’ experience in the manufacture and development of specialist cleaning solutions to be used in the metal finishing industry we noticed that we had a different expectation of what “clean” is. For us, “clean” is a surface which has no impurities on whatsoever, even down to a microscopic level.

Currently Iron & Velvet have 14 cleaning solutions for use in and around the home. They are all manufactured in the UK at their site in the West Midlands. They use only the best materials and are proud of the products they make.

Iron & Velvet split their products into two separate collections – there is an interior collection and an exterior collection.

I was lucky to be sent a few products from each collection, so we can “test ride” them. So what did I get and how did they perform?

Iron & Velvet collection

This is the selection of Iron & Velvet products I received.

Let me start with the delivery itself.

You know how it seems some companies really don’t care about deliveries… once they got your money that’s it… Iron & Velvet cares! They actually care a lot. Every single bottle came in its own separate plastic bag. Every bag was separately sealed.

iron & velvet

This was great. I am a sucker for details and small things like this make a huge difference to me. I have received on many occasion cleaning / liquid products by post and I must admit they do not always reach me in a perfect condition. And believe me there is nothing worse than opening the parcel full of excitement just to discover your order is actually damaged or worse, ruined.
I am confident in saying that in the case of Iron & Velvet the chances of this happening are really zero.

Now let’s talk about the packaging.

Iron & Velvet products come in see-through bottles of different shapes and sizes. I like it. Why? Simple because I can see how much product is left, without playing the guess when will I run out game. Some bottles have just a simple screw on top, some have a top and a spray and some have a spray only. The one with the spray only has however a very clever security mechanism, so you can lock it when not in use and thus avoid any accidental spraying.

iron & velvet bottles types

One other thing about the packaging – every bottle has clear directions for use, suitability and storage, safety warnings and content information, which includes % and some chemical names as well as clear details about the company, so basically everything you might want to find on the bottle is present.

Now it is time for the products themselves.

I must admit, I didn’t use the Barbeque Cleaner (simply because by the time I received the products our BBQs were already prepared for the season and didn’t need any cleaning) or the Decking Cleaner (no excuse here, I am just too lazy). I did however try all the rest.

iron & velvet Car ShampooCar shampoo is the one product making me laugh every time I look at it. It is red / violet in colour yet its fragrant is called Blue Lagoon 🙂 Ok, I know that one has nothing to do with the other but for some bizarre reason I would expect blue lagoon to be… guess what… blue! Car shampoo comes in a 750ml screw top bottle. Despite the lack of blue colour it does smell like the sea or a sea breeze or a sea front, I guess it depends where you go to the sea side. The smell is pleasant and not overpowering. The surprising bit for me however was how effective it is. Ok, I am not a car shampoo expert as you know from my earlier posts; our car is always a bit neglected, but if I didn’t read the label I would most likely put about half of the bottle into my bucket, when in fact you only need a 50ml of shampoo to 5l of water. And this amount is sufficient to clean your car, which means that one bottle will last you for 15 car washes or in my case a lifetime 😉 The shampoo works great and I can’t fault it in any way.

Moving on…

The interior collection has quite a few different products. They are split into three categories which are easily recognized by different colours. Kitchen collection is kind of green-ish, bathroom pink-ish and household specific products have a kind of yellow-brown colour of the liquid. I like colour coordination so for me it works perfectly. I would be much happier to display them outside of the cupboards, as they are products of a similar design and colour rather than a colourful mish-mash of products we all usually have, this would just drive me crazy all the time.

Most of the interior collection has a really nice and interesting smell – there is mango, coconut and lime, sandalwood, orange and ginger, ylang ylang and my personal favourite apple and mint.

iron & velvet Glass and Mirror Cleaner

The apple and mint fragrance belongs to the Glass and Mirror Cleaner. This product comes in 500ml spray with the top bottle. Sharing the house with a gloopy Newfoundland can only mean one thing – there is always something to clean and we like mirrors. We have a mirror in every room in the house (except for the front room at the moment) and they get dirty on a daily basis. There are some things which you can ignore when your house isn’t sparkly clean but a mirror for me isn’t one of them. I simply can’t stand looking into a mirror and sharing the view of myself with loads of dog slobber (and if you are wondering how come dog slobber gets onto a mirror… well, it gets everywhere including the ceiling, so hey ho…)
When it comes to cleaning mirrors and windows for years I used just one product and one brand only. Everything else that I have tried just wasn’t good enough, but Iron & Velvet actually is. Iron & Velvet Glass and Mirror Cleaner not only smells amazing but what’s most important is it cleans the mirror and glass with ease. For a normal family living in a normal living condition without a “slobber machine” which works 24/7 dirty mirrors might not be such a problem but for us it is… believe me. You, my lovely readers, might struggle with water stains or dry speckles after toothpaste… I have to deal with slobber. If Iron & Velvet Glass and Mirror Cleaner works for me, it will for sure work for you as well. And it is not just the fact that it cleans the mirror and leaves them sparkly… to some degree most products will do this… what gets me is the ease of the cleaning process. It is almost like spray and wipe, no scrubbing necessary… it is brilliant! Same with the glass; our conservatory doors have never looked better.

Hmmm I am not even half way there and my post is well over 1200 words long. Ok, I think I will stop now and if you want to discover more about Iron & Velvet you should place an order.

But before I go I just want to give a special recognition to Iron & Velvet Floor Cleaner. It is so efficient and works like magic. All pet owners know how hard it is to clean dried muddy paw prints… well for Iron & Velvet this isn’t a challenge at all! I hate mopping in general because I find it hideous and very tiring but with Iron & Velvet I hate this chore just a little bit less.

So from me Iron & Velvet gets big thumbs up.

Special note to Iron & Velvet: I really like your products guys and I think you are creating something special!

As for you my lovely readers:

What are your favourite cleaning products or brands?

Did you try Iron & Velvet yet?

iron & velvet products selection

Family Fever

* Products were provided free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.


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Alphabet Project | J is for Jungle

A jungle is land covered with dense vegetation.

or at one time a nick-name for our garden 😉

This picture was taken a few months ago when there was a lot of rain in the UK and cutting the lawn with an electric lawnmower really wasn’t an option… but once the sun came out and with some help from Easy Shed we were able to get it under control yet again…

Alphabet Project  J is for Jungle

Alphabet Project is hosted by PODcast



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Review – gardening must haves – Gro-Sure, Resolva & Aftercut

Gardening must haves – Gro-Sure, Resolva & Aftercut

I have received three products all of which are supposed to help me keep my garden neat and tidy this season. They are all different and thus they all have a different purpose.

Gro-Sure Planting Magic

Let’s start with the Gro-Sure Planting Magic

What is it?

Gro-Sure Planting Magic is 4 in 1 planting mix, which is helping your plants to grow bigger, stronger, healthier and more beautiful than ever.

How do you use it?

Firstly you need to know that this is not a soil. Gro-Sure Planting Magic is a nutrients mix which you add to your soil. Depending on the size of your plant you will need a handful of the mix… or more for a bigger specimen. The measurements and full instructions are actually provided on the back of the packaging, so all you have to do is read the “label”.

How to use Gro-Sure Planting Magic

Think about it as a “vitamins” for your plants… it might sounds silly but this is exactly what Gro-Sure Planting Magic is.

Does it work?My Gro-Sure Planting Magic Mint

This is hard to say without doing a side by side comparison planting of the same plants and watching them grow. I used it for replanting a shop bought mint, which we use in our baby potato salad. I see no point in buying it over and over again, so I decided to keep it alive and let it grow in my kitchen. So far it is doing beautifully, considering the fact that we pinch some leaves from it at least once a week. Gro-Sure Planting Magic contains 6 months of nutrients, I am not sure my mint will survive that long but for this moment it looks great and it is growing fast.

Final thoughts

Love the packaging. First of all it is re-sealable which is super handy; secondly it has a see-through side window which allow you to see the product before you buy it and third which I have already mention it has all the instructions clearly stated on the packaging.

Resolva WeedKiller

The Next product up is the Resolva WeedKiller

What is it?

As stated in the name of the product is it a weed killer. It is alleged it will kill weeds and its roots within 24 hours.

How do you use it?

The application is extremely easy, all you have to do is point and spray unwanted objects a.k.a. weeds, but be careful where you spray as it will also kill your lawn, or bushes or flowers… if you spray it, it will kill it.

Does it work?

Yes, it does.

Resolva WeedKiller in action

I sprayed these 2 test weeds at 8pm at night. Middle picture is from the next morning and the last one is from 8pm, so exactly 24h after the original application. These were not the smallest of the weeds but I wanted to see how Resolva would handle them… looking at the results I would call it job well done.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of warnings and things to consider before using it. You have to be very carefully where you spray it so you don’t accidently kill your favourite bush of roses. There is also the matter of children and pets safety – it is not safe for them, neither is it for you! So take all necessary precautions when using it, wear gloves and be careful… oh and do not let your children or pets out anywhere close to the treated area until it is totally dry. Once all the liquid is absorbed into the weed, it supposed to be safe. I am unlikely to use it in my back garden as my cats spend a lot of time there but it is very helpful on all the pathways in front of the house. Finally I am able to have a clean and weed free front of the house without hours of hard work.

Aftercut All in One Even Flo Spreader

Last but not least is the Aftercut All in One Even Flo Spreader

What is it?

Aftercut All in One Even Flo Spreader is a grass conditioner and a weed killer all in one.

How do you use it?

Again all the instructions are clearly provided on the packaging. You use the spreader and walk at a steady pace and let the granules drop on to your lawn. The spreader should provide an even coverage all around. Worth remembering is that the lawn needs to get some water later on in order for granules to soak into the ground, so if there is no rain, you will have to water your lawn.

Does it work?

No idea. This is actually the one product which I wanted to try the most… but I didn’t. Again, it is not pet friendly and I am not going to take any chances. Due to the nature of the product it is not going to just dry up in minutes, it will stay on the lawn for a while and I have no option of locking my cats out of the garden (ok, I could do that I suppose but I don’t really want to).

Final thoughts

I am feeling a bit disappointed that I am not able to use it. I would love to see how my grass looked flourishing after this treatment and all the weeds have disappeared but I value my pets more. My lawn takes half of my back garden and there are no fences around it to separate it. I like the idea of the product and design of the packaging… if the even spreader works as it is stated on the box it should be a pleasure to use, but I will never get to experience it… So if you tried Aftercut All in One Even Flo Spreader please do let me know if it works.

* I received these product for free for review purpose. All opinions about the products are honest and my own.


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Battle the weeds – gardening must haves

Battle the weeds

We would all love a perfectly manicured garden, but this look doesn’t just pop up over night and it requires a lot of work. A funny thing is though, if you miss a week of gardening; this chore becomes a nightmare, especially if the weather conditions are helping your weeds grow.

Lately I have taken a break from attending to my garden… or at least this is how I am explaining this to myself…I was too busy, I was ill, there was a holiday on the way… all the excuses in the world… but at the end of the day I am left with a jungle of weeds and as the days are passing by they do not seem to be getting any smaller 😦

So it was finally time to get out there and start my battle. I knew that I can’t do it all on my own, I needed some help – luckily Mr. Post Man brought me some lovely parcels containing much needed aids for the task ahead of me.

new tools thanks to Easy Shed

The right tools

Thanks to those lovely people at Easy Shed I have a new selection of gardening tools. Not sure if you have something called a safe spot in your house… I do… I hide things there to keep them safe, but it has ended up on a few occasions already, when I actually needed them again they are nowhere to be found… This happened to my last 2 pruners and secateurs… eaten by a black hole… I guess they are somewhere safe with the odd socks missing from my washing every week… who knows… Any way I have new tools, which made me one step closer to achieving my gardening dream.

Resolva WeedKiller

The right product

I am armed with a bottle of Resolva WeedKiller to make my task a bit easier. Yes, it can’t be used on every weed and everywhere but there are places where I can use it… I will test it and bring you a detailed review on how the product performs in action.

Gro-sure Planting Magic

The right soil

My garden is not in the perfect spot. We do not have perfect soil, so we always need to add something to the soil to give the plants a fair chance to grow. Gro-sure Planting Magic is a perfect mixture which contains 6 months nutrients and only has to be applied once a season, handy hey?

Aftercut All in One Even Flo Spreader

The right aftercare

Aftercut All in One Even Flo Spreader is like a grass conditioner 🙂 it kills weeds and moss but at the same time is conditions and nourishes your lawn. It is the perfect final step in achieving a manicured lawn look.

Now that you all know what I have to play with, be patients and I will bring you more shortly… I want to try them all and check if they will actually do what is stated on the “tin”.

something to aim for

something to aim for

Do you have any gardening essentials I should know about?

* I received some of these products for free for a review consideration.


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The Colours Of Spring #hdygg

The colours of spring

Last week I took the dogs and my mobile phone and went for a walk… same thing I do every day but this time I decided to take pictures of all the lovely colourful plants I spotted between my doorsteps and my local field. I should add at this point that this trip is very short – maybe 2 – 3 minutes until I reach the start of my walk around the local fields.

It was a very sunny but windy day, so not all the plants wanted to behave… some were dancing a bit too much in the wind for my poor little mobile camera to take nice quality shots with.
I meant to post this last week but then the sad news about my Buffo came and I didn’t feel like “playing” with flower pictures.

So this morning I finally sat down and picked some usable shots to share with you.

These are my local colours of spring…









Everything else I encountered

Everything else I encountered

Spring is so beautiful, isn’t it?

I’ve never taken part in the How Does Your Garden Grow? linky before, but we have the first signs of spring here already and a lot of changes will be happening in nature during the months to come, so it is time for me to get my “green fingers” to work and share my green stories with you.

Is your garden ready for the warm season already?

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


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Project Front Garden


It occurred to us the other day when we had to enlist the help of a machete wielding guide from the rain forests of Brazil to get to our front door that maybe it’s time to do some gardening.

After the cries of “Why me!?!?” and the alarm bells of warning about approaching hard work had died down we set about taming our jungle.

Body aches – check, hands covered in blisters – check, jungle tamed – CHECK!

Before and After

Before and After

And from the different angle...

And from the different angle…

All empty pots and dry leaves removed

All empty pots and dry leaves removed

Can you even spot the solar light on the shot to the left?

Can you even spot the solar light on the shot to the left?


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