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Review – Radwraps – Unique Radiator Cover System

I love blogging!

And do you know why?

… ok, yes I could most likely write a long separate post answering that question but partially I love it because it gives me the opportunity to discover lots of new products out there. Products which otherwise would most likely never come to my attention. Sometimes it is not a big deal but in this case it would have been a great loss on my part!Radwraps logo

I was given the chance to try Radwraps and I am totally in love with the product!

So what are this mysterious Radwraps?

Radwraps are awesome looking radiator covers. Basically they are a huge magnet – you know like the one you stick on your fridge…  which can cover your entire radiator.

Ever since we took down the wall between our kitchen and the diner room we have had this huge white block radiator staring at us all the time… we even bought a radiator cover, the standard box one but never got around to painting it and putting it on, principally because it encroached into the room too much, subtle it was not. Now though, I am so happy we didn’t.

Now, I have a Radwrap and I love it!

  • No heat loss
  • Fitted in seconds
  • Custom design
  • No glue, no screw, no mess
  • A DIY inept dream product

There only a few steps standing between you and your Radwrap:

  1. Measure your radiator accurately – I guess this is the most important step
  2. Pick the dream design – either from Radwraps gallery or choose your own picture
  3. Wait a few days
  4. Open the tube
  5. Reverse roll to aid flattening of the picture
  6. Install

Really it couldn’t be any easier!


Radwraps come neatly packed in a tube.

Radwraps Instructions

There is an instruction leaflet included with few steps to follow… to be honest we skipped some of them… our Radwraps came in the perfect size (so I can measure!) so no need for trimming at all.

All we did was open the tube…

Radwraps Getting Ready

Roll Radwraps the other way round so it became flat again…

Put it into our radiator…

And job jobbed!

Transformation completed!

Radwraps 2

No more is there a huge white block staring at me every time I am passing by… now instead we have a lovely picture to look at, and coincidently it is colour matching the surrounding area.

I am over the moon with this product. I liked our kitchen-diner before but now I just love it! I cannot believe that such a simple thing can make such a change to the look of the room. It’s like the proverbial cherry on top of the cake.

Have a look at it for yourselves and please tell me what you think.

Radwraps Before and After 2

Radwraps before and after

Am I just delusional or is it really totally awesome?

I would like to thank Radwraps for giving me this opportunity to discover their fantastic products. I do not know any more words to express how grateful am I for this cover. I simply love it! It looks stunning and now I want more!

If you think this product is for you, you can use code “rad10” for 10% discount.

Family Fever


I received one Radwraps to fit my kitchen-diner radiator for free for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.


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My Dream, My House, My Home

All of us… Most of us dream about owning a house in which to make a home. For some this dream might never come true but I would like to think that for most it will.

However rarely does getting a house equal getting our dream house, but once we own the place, we are free to do any necessary changes to make it as close to our ideal house as possible.

We all have different priorities and like different things but most of us would always like to have more space, or at least the illusion of more space.

We belong to this category of people, despite the fact that we are “cave people” (we tend to go out only when we have to and we prefer to organise most of our entertainment with each other be it in front of the TV or with one of our various gaming consoles). That said we do like our cave in an open plan design and houses which open to the outdoors.

We wanted a spacious, well lit house which would give us the feeling of openness and overwhelming freedom, instead we bought a house which had a tiny kitchen and a tiny dining room downstairs…

It was time to get creative!

Behold Mark The Destroyer

Behold Mark The Destroyer

We took down the wall and opened up the downstairs – the change was amazing! No more claustrophobic feelings whilst in the kitchen; the whole kitchen –diner became light and airy… almost perfect.

I say almost, because the next step is to replace our standard double doors leading into the conservatory with some modern sliding doors. The main reason for this is to get rid of the vertical bracing we have at the moment and gain the illusion of more space and even more light. The sliding doors will allow for the use of the space once reserved for the door to open. This is step two in our journey towards our perfect house.

Step three will be doing more or less the same but with the main conservatory doors. We would love to open our house up to the outdoors, create light and the visual illusion that both the indoors and the outdoors are fluidly connected giving us a dream living space. Just because we have a cave doesn’t mean it has to be a dark one!

I think my parents have got it almost right.

Sliding Doors

They have built an outdoor half covered veranda – it has a roof but no walls – it makes a perfect home extension allowing you to enjoy the space come spring and summer. Huge glass sliding doors flood their living room with light and allow you to enjoy a panoramic view without any obstructions.

I hope one day we will be in a position to do the same. We would love to have something like an outdoor living room, where we can spend time during the all to brief warmer months of the year.

For now our limited DIY funds will be going into redecorating one of the bedrooms after the roof leak brought on by our wonderfully wet winter 😦

How are your DIY plans going in 2014?

Are you also on the quest for more space and light?

On a budget also, share the way you achieved your goal with us all.

* Post written in collaboration with expressbifolds.co.uk.


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