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Saying Goodbye

“Gone. The saddest word in the language. In any language.”
Mark Slouka, God’s Fool

Yesterday was a sad day… a very sad day… my parents lost their beloved Buffo.

I feel so sad… hard to describe it in words… I feel down and hopeless…

I feel sad because Buffo is no longer with us but most of all I feel sad for my parents because I know how much they loved him.

To be honest I don’t really know what happened, my Mum didn’t want to talk, she was supposed to call me back but she didn’t… if this is hard for me I can only imagine what my parents are going through right now…

Why is it SO hard to say goodbye?

Our pets become part of our family, some of us treat them like partners or kids… they are our friends, companions and become a big part of our life…

I am not good at dealing with loss, grief and death… I struggle a lot in these moments… I always try to find someone to blame, even when I know there is no one…

I know that death is part of life and there is no escape from this one, but still… I struggle a lot…

In moments like this I wish I was a very religious person, maybe it would be easier for me… maybe it would help me to explain why things like this must happen… maybe it would be easier to deal with, to understand, to cope…

Yesterday our Bunk ran away whilst on the morning walk. I was so scared; scared that something will happen to him, scared that I will not find him; scared that someone will take him away… as it ended up he was waiting in front of the house… now I wasn’t scared now I was mad. I was happy to see him, totally over the moon but at the same time I was mad… because I had just run around the village looking for him, because I didn’t know what was happening to him, because I was terrified I would never see him again. A few hours after this I called my Mum… I just wanted to say “hi” and to get The News… now put into perspective my morning drama felt like nothing, totally a non-event… which made me even more mad with myself… how could I got so angry at Bunk… he just went for a wander…


if you are a pet owner…

Love your pets, go and hug him or her and remember that they are not going to be here forever, so every moment counts! Don’t get unnecessary cross (just like I did yesterday), enjoy every moment because the time will come one day and you will have to say goodbye.

RIP Buffo 2008-2014 Run Free My Friend If Love Could Have Saved You, You Would Have Lived Forever

RIP Buffo
Run Free My Friend
If Love Could Have Saved You, You Would Have Lived Forever


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

“Home is people. Not a place.

If you go back there after the people are gone, then all you can see is what is not there any more.”
Robin Hobb, Fool’s Fate

WPC FamilyPicture taken a good few years back.

Miss you both!


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