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#GreatBritishSwitch – Compare the Market and Save on bills this winter

#GreatBritishSwitch – Compare the Market and Save on bills this winter

Did you know that 90% of those aged 65 or over have never tried to switch energy supplier, despite the fact that a typical household can save up to £350 a year by switching energy suppliers?

A shocking number isn’t it?

It is actually quite puzzling for me. We take care of our bills and always make sure that we get the best possible deal out there, so why not share the knowledge?

I can understand that for some older people it might not be so easy or it simply doesn’t occur to them that switching suppliers can save them money but with so many online tools these days this task really isn’t so scary.

This weekend (November 14-16) is the Great British Switch – when comparethemarket.com is encouraging the UK population to see how much money they could save on their energy bills this winter by switching to a new supplier.

Get involved and help your relatives or elderly neighbour to get the best deal they can get.

We had a chat to our family members and showed them how to switch.

The process isn’t complicated, at least not for us, but not everyone is so internet savvy 😉 I think it is important to explain the benefits of the switch, biggest being of course money saving. At first we were met with some quite big resistance, simply because of the hassle… hey! What hassle? Switching supplier these days isn’t a hassle at all. You pick the new supplier; give them your current meter reading and job jobbed. Really, it is that simple!


Whilst checking the numbers for our family members, we found a potential saving of a staggering £409! Wow, £409, that is an entire Christmas present list paid for or a giant new TV or maybe that very much needed new piece of white goods.

It is really worth shopping around. Don’t be scared of it and please share what you know with others!

#GreatBritishSwitch - Compare the Market and Save on bills this winter

Help keep the elderly warm this winter with the #GreatBritishSwitch from 14th – 16th November. For every switch, done during this weekend, comparethemarket.com will donate £5 to Friends of the Elderly.

Help spread the world. Join The Great British Switch on Thunderclap and show your support.

Have you ever switched?

If so, did it prove to be a saving?

* Post written in collaboration with tots100 and comparethemarket.com


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#SmartBuy – Kitchen Roll and Dog Poop Bags

When it comes to shopping and saving money we all have our tricks. I would like to share with you two of mine… just to start with…

Actually this post was prompt by an overheard conversation that a dog owner is not going to clean up after his pooch because poop bags are too expensive… what a lot of rubbish!

Poop bags when bought in a smart way cost almost nothing!

So what is my secret? – get a superstore own brand nappy bags. They come in lot of 300 and cost around £0.30 – £0.35 for the lot – bargain isn’t? That’s much cheaper than buying bags which are advertised as a dog poop bags. Really what’s the difference? A bag is a bag! And with a nappy bag you can have a nice bonus as in most cases they are scented, you see… only benefits 😉

Nappy bags make perfect dog poop bags

Nappy bags make perfect dog poop bags

Second item on the shopping agenda is a kitchen roll.

Now sure if you use them in your household, but we sure do. We didn’t use to as Mark always wants to find ways to save the trees, so we were just using a proper fabric kitchen towels like a J cloth and a dishcloths but with the arrival of a Newfie in the house we kind of have no option… life without a stack of kitchen roll is just a nightmare when you own a gloopy dog.

So we got a Newfoundland and started buying kitchen rolls. It didn’t take long before we were wondering about getting some shares in some kitchen roll manufacturing company to help save some money… we needed it constantly and the rolls bought in your superstore don’t last for long… even the one advertised as extra long or as extra absorbent. So one day whilst at Costco Mark suggested that we get an industrial strength kitchen roll we got the one from Tork, you know those huge while rolls you see in every burger van or most likely in your place of work… I was not impressed with the idea as they are huge and bulky but I agreed to give it a try. OMG, this was one of the best decisions we have ever made regarding household items purchase. Yes, they are bulky and yes, they do not look so sexy but they last forever… and comparing their price to your standard superstore kitchen rolls they are ending up being less than a quarter of the price.

It may looks horrible but it works like no other

It may looks horrible but it works like no other

So here you have it, my 2 cents on how to shop smart and save some money during this crazy recession time.

Do you have any smart buy tips?

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