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Review – Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats

Top Collar Pet Treats

Today I would love to share with you my review of Top Collar – Fresh, Fun, Natural Pet Treats.

Lilly and Bunk were sent a box of Sunday Roast treats and they both totally loved them!

Yes, of course they both like treats, Bunk probably much more than Lilly as he is the beggar type, but I never seen them going so crazy before for anything, even sausages seem to be less of an attraction.

Give me one now...

Give me one now…



Sod it... I’ll get it myself

Sod it… I’ll get it myself

Our Sunday Roast treats came in a flat cardboard box, which fit through the letter box perfectly. The first thing you will notice once opened is the smell… OMG they do smell delicious… I had to really control myself not to snatch one of them cookies for myself.

The first recorded incident of Lilly taking a treat from a human hand, that’s how good they are!

The first recorded incident of Lilly taking a treat from a human hand,
that’s how good they are!

Sunday roast is a special time in most homes… we all gather after a hard week to enjoy a meal together and share news about our lives… but most pets do not get to join in this celebration, unless some scraps survive for their dinner bowl. I love the idea of a treat which is the doggie equivalent of our favourite Sunday Roast. Top Collar Sunday Roast cookies are made from: chicken, carrots, parsnip, sweet potato, garlic, self-raising flour, butter and milky biscuit mix; and they came shapped as a small hearts 🙂

This was the first time we have tried these lovely treats and I am sure it will not be the last. Whilst I was browsing through their website I spotted Keep ‘Em Coming – treat box subscription, which would be ideal for us. You get 2 deliveries a month with one main dish in each box…the easy way to make sure your dog never runs out of treats. This awesome doggie box subscription is priced at only £8.95 per month.

Currently Top Collars cater for dogs only, but I spotted that a cat selection will be coming in shortly… which would be nice because there is not a lot of choice regarding nice kitty treats out there… and they too deserve some love  🙂

It really looks like Top Collar creates our kind of treats, not only are they made with love but most of all they are created using good quality ingredients and without the entirely unnecessary E numbers added in.

There is a special selection for puppies as well, so even our youngest companions can enjoy a nice treat, which is so important during those early months whilst all the training is going on.

If this sounds like something you would love to try – either for your furry friends, or a friend of a friend – I have a 10% discount code, which I will happily share with you. Simply type “TENOFF” when placing your order… everyone can use this code, so pass it on and share the love.

Just one more...

Just one more…


We received a box of treats for free for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own… and my dogs…


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Priceless tips on how to groom and trim your Newfoundland

Our Bunk before and after grooming session. Thank You Maja from Cancrimo Kennel.

Our Bunk before and after grooming session.
Thank You Maja from Cancrimo Kennel.

Grooming your Newfie can be really challenging at times, at least at the beginning when you are not to sure what to do and how to do it… but it has to be done and someone has to learn how to maintain his or hers coat. Searching the net I found this fantastic picture guide which will help any Newfie owner.

Post below is reblogged from Mukota Newfoundlands.

General Trimming:



You can start to groom your dog when it is completely dry, perhaps the next day. If this is your first time grooming your dog, don’t do it before a show. Incorrectly groomed coats need time to grow out. The most important rule: it is better to cut less than too much! Good quality scissors are very important. Remember to comb out the entire coat carefully before grooming.

Newfoundlands, must have medium length coat, without over-long and wispy bits of hairs. Groomed dogs MUST still have a natural appearance; be careful and don’t leave visible cut marks!


Start with the front paws. Beginning under the paw, cut the coat that grows between the pads



Lift the coat between the toes, combing upwards, and cut using straight scissors. Your goal is a nicely rounded foot; be careful not to cut too much. Nails shouldn’t be visible. If you do cut too much, don’t worry, the coat grows quickly on the feet. On the rear part of foot the coat must touch the ground with a gentle upward curve.



Cut the hind paws in the same manner.

We will now use the thinning shears, and from now use only them and the comb. Cut only in direction of the coat, never upwards – comb the coat in the part you are working on and cut, comb and cut.


First even out the feathering. Begin on the back part of the leg, next the outside, then the inside. Cut the inside of the leg more if your dog has a narrow chest, but don’t exaggerate!

The front legs should prolong the line of the shoulder/upper legs. Do not leave any long coat – especially on the elbows! Trim all indesiderable wisps of coat on the shoulders and upper arms to make “clean” lines.


Look from behind and trim the coat downwards from croup to feet. Cut more on the inside leg if your dog moves close behind, less if moves correctly.

Looking from the side note the angulations, cutting excess coat under knees and hocks. Because Newfoundlands must have short heels trim coat starting from the hocks downward at a 45° angle, and the lower part vertically (see illustration).


Coat on the chest often grows too long and needs to be trimmed quite a bit. Be especially careful trimming the throat. If coat below the breast-bone is too long it gives the illusion of short forelegs, so trim to a soft curve. Trim excess coat on the sides downwards from ears to the breast.


Start from the back going towards the front, left flank, then right flank. Trim coat on the belly and breast starting from the hindquarters towards the armpits. Don’t cut too much or it will give the impression of legs that are too long or too short.

Lift the foreleg and trim under the armpit blending the line of the chest with the underline. Repeat with the second foreleg.

Now examine body of your dog from the rear. The shape of the underline must be rounded to the flanks, it is insufficient to trim only the underline.



not like this!

Trim more behind the armpits, or when moving the coat here will appear to be too long.


Sometimes the topline doesn’t need trimming. If coat on the neck and croup is very thick so it looks as if your dog has a mane and is too high in the croup, use a dematting comb to remove the excess undercoat.






Trimming the tail is only necessary if it looks like a flag.


Start from the ears. Trim coat so it doesn’t project past the edge of the ear, always combing downward. The tips of the ears must be rounded not pointed.

Trim under the ears. Trim any greasy coat growing under the ears, and coat on the cheek at the base of the ear.

Often behind the ears the coat is soft and over-long, damaging the shape of head. Trim it downward from the earset.

Comb coat on top of the head upward and trm to obtain a rounded shape.

Stand the dog on the ground and ask somebody to show move it for you. You will see any areas that need corrections. Show dogs need to be trimmed once every 2-3 weeks.

This page has been provided by: Iwonna Salak of Logrus Newfoundlands


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Newfoundland gloop art – act 5

Gloop art 5


January 7, 2014 · 6:06 pm

Newfoundland gloop art – act 4

bloody pigeons... I'm telling you...

bloody pigeons… I’m telling you…


December 10, 2013 · 11:15 am

Review – Zogoflex Zisc from West Paws Design – The Perfect Dog Toy

Zogoflex Zisc from West Paws Design

Zogoflex Zisc from West Paws Design

Having big dogs, which like to play rough together, it is not so easy to find a perfect toy for them. Most of them do not make it through the first week and then off we go again to the market/shop/pet store for something new. It bothers me that the quality of most dogs’ toys is so poor. I don’t think that Bunk and Lilly are especially rough whilst playing. It’s not that they chew them, the traditional death of a dog toy, as they are play toys for the walk time they are normally left in the boot of the car, but all too soon the toys just fall apart on us.

Collarways were very kind and they sent us a selection of dog toys for testing. Collarways are wholesalers of high quality products for cats and dogs. They focus on well designed, well made and functional pet products which are safe to use for both owners and animals. Most of their suppliers are small US companies but they also feature some products developed in the UK. Currently they are the exclusive importers of Lupine®, Tuffy’s®, Wacky Walk’r, Katie’s Bumpers, Advanced Cetyl M®, Happytails Canine Spa, My Good Dog, West Paw Design® and Wetnoz®.

I asked the lovely Gabriela from Collarways for something that will be “indestructible” knowing that toys like this don’t really exist, but I just wanted to make sure that whatever we get will survive at least a few play sessions. One of the toys received was a Zogoflex Zisc from West Paws Design, which we have been using for the last 2 months and it is still in one piece.


So let’s have a closer look at it.

06Below are statements from Zogoflex Zisc packaging. Let’s see how they stuck up to real dog testing and if they are true:

100% recyclable – this I cannot confirm but there is no reason why we shouldn’t believe it or why this isn’t true. I like the fact that West Paws Design recycles; even their packaging is printed on 100% recycled paper with soy based inks… so big plus for looking after the environment.

Buoyant – yes, it does float! This is another huge plus for us as both Bunk and Lilly love the water and we let them go swimming as often as we can. Having a toy which can be used both in the water and on normal everyday dry land play time is a great idea and a money saver.

Here you go... waiting... throw it already

Here you go…                                        waiting…                                       throw it already

Gentle for your dogs’ mouth – Lilly is not a young dog. She loves sticks, balls and anything she can find, stick into her mouth and carry back to us… but she also gets bleeding gums from time to time. We need to buy toys which will not hurt her. Zogoflex Zisc is light, it is much lighter toy then other of this size on the market. I am very happy about it because it gives me confidence that Lilly can play with it safely and she will not suffer later from a sore mouth as a result of it.

Easy for dogs to pick up – due to the material it is made from (FDA compliant and safe for dogs, non-toxic, BPA and latex free) it bends a lot so it doesn’t really matter which way up or down it will land, dogs can still pick it up without any external help.

Pliable – roll it up and go anywhere – again this is due to the material the zisc is made of. It bends, it rolls but it doesn’t split, so yes, you can fold it in half or even into 4 making a small parcel which will fit into your pocket. Though it’s natural elasticity will make it want to spring open again so your pocket may well end up looking an odd shape.

Yes, the tree is nervous...

Yes, the tree is nervous…

Designed to fly with ease – it flies a fair distance; best throw to date would be about 50 meters. We have played with discs which were going much further but they were often much heavier, which wasn’t so good for Lilly. She prefers the lighter toy, though this does mean that we have to throw it twice as much.

Zogoflex Zisc comes with a guarantee to last. If the toy becomes damaged they will send you a one-time replacement (just keep your till receipt… just in case)

To sum it up, the dogs totally love it.

Bunk starts to think about going pro

Bunk starts to think about going pro

Zogoflex Zisc is approaching the perfect dog toy.

It is perfect for a simple throwing and running after routine – but with a twist as it does not always fly where you want it to fly, so the dogs get a bit confused at times, which is brilliant. With other toys Lilly will sometimes run ahead anticipating the landing spot even before we have thrown it, with Zogoflex Zisc she doesn’t as often as she now knows that it might just as easily go in the opposite direction. It is also great for team play. We do not really allow Bunk and Lilly to play tug of war with it, but sometimes they do… especially when they both try to pick it up at the same time and both want to carry it back… then they will have a fight over it… pull it apart until one of them gives up… Zogoflex Zisc has survived quite a few rounds like this.

I… we would highly recommend it to any dog owner out there. It is strong and durable but gentle for the dog itself. If I had to give it a score the Zogoflex Zisc would receive a definite 10/10 and big thumbs up.


We have 2 other toys from Collarways which I would love to share my thoughts with you, so more dog toy reviews coming up in the near future… watch this space…

What’s your dog favourite toy?

Did you ever hear about the Zogoflex Zisc?

Do you think your four legged friend would like it?


I received a selection of three dog toys from Collarways for review purposes. All opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.


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Newfoundland gloop art – act 3

This time Bunk has gone for the minimalistic gloopy teardrop look.

He created this at the end of our morning walk with a little shake… It looks to me like a teardrop, like he wanted to say “Mum, please can we stay for a bit longer” while staring at other dogs still playing on the field.

I felt so mean….

Newfoundland gloop art – act 3


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The World’s Greatest Pet – Ode to Bunk

Once upon a time in the depth of Scottish night

Small puppy was born, whole black, nothing white

He had two black brothers and one tiny sister

But we knew from the start which one is our mister

His human Mum got him a small ribbon in red

So it’s easier to tell, which one is our fluffy head

Three months went by

And our pup was ready to ride

We drove almost whole day, in sun and some rain

So we can collect him by car and not by the train

Black fluffy ball looking like a small scared bear

Was sitting on my lap as he didn’t like the chair

He still didn’t have a proper name

We wanted to get it right so it’s not a shame

We thought a lot on how to call our little punk

And finally we settled – we named him Bunk

Once we arrived at our humble home

First thing we did, was a bath full of foam

My 1st bath

Nicely cleaned and fully fed

Bunk started a search for his own bed

He was growing fast and making new friends

He learnt a lot of tricks and some cat-like trends

Bunk puppy days

He grew up to be a big, strong and very handsome boy

Who likes to play with others and knows how to share a toy

And as long as you don’t mind getting wet

He is for sure the world’s greatest pet!


This post is an entry into the Tots100/Swell UK competition.


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Newfoundland gloop art – act 2

You sure I have something on my head???

You sure I have something on my head???


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Newfoundland gloop art – act 1

Newfies are awesome. They are simply the best dogs ever and I am sure every Newfie owner will tell you the same, but… and there is always a but… they can be very gloopy at times…

Gloop is unpredictable and you can find it in the least expected places – like for example on your kitchen ceiling, or brand new jumper you so carefully tried to hide from the dog in order to avoid getting “glooped”…

Despite this they are still the best dogs ever!

Every now and then instead of getting gloop all over the house, car, or whatever place he is in, Bunk will decorate himself … some of his art is just so “pretty” so I decided to share an example with you.

This is my favourite so far.

What do you think; small but stylish? :-)

What do you think; small but stylish? 🙂


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How to get kicked out of school?

The answer apparently is extremely simple – you just have to be big enough to freak out your class mates resulting in them not accepting you…

But let’s start from the beginning…

On Saturday we decided to take Bunk back to school. Our 9 year old wanted to do some dog training so we checked out our favourite training school BarkingMaddts and found when their “K9 kids class” was on. Saturday apparently from 12 o’clock till 2 o’clock.

So last week we drove there (without the dogs) on a reconnaissance mission just to make sure that she can attend it and to have a sneak pick at what the other kids were doing. We spoke to the trainer about Bunk and he said “Ok, bring him in and we will see”… so having the green light we were all set and one week later off we went… back to school.

There we were at 11:30am, on a bright and breezy Saturday morning  ready for our “back to school” ride. As always any trip out is like a military operation so let’s begin:

Dog – check

Treats – check

Water bowl – check

Tons of leads, collars and chains – check

House keys, car keys, money – check

Human nourishment – check

Oh and of course sprog – check

Upon arrival, once everyone had had a good look at Bunk and his sheer size, he was black balled! We were told “I am really sorry but he is simply to big…” As most of the other dogs in the group and even some of the kids would fit neatly into Bunks mouth we were expecting that this might happen but sometimes you just have to take a chance… Docile and adorable as he is, it does take a certain mind set to handle being around a Newfy, an unnatural adoration of washing gloopy clothes being one of many traits for example.

I am so gonna gloop that sizist trainer, just a couple of steps closer... closer...

I am so gonna gloop that sizist trainer, just a couple of steps closer… closer…

We totally understand why the trainer decided against Bunk being in the class and we don’t hold a grudge… the only one who did hold a grudge was Bunk… poor pup had to spend the next 2 hours watching E. “playing” with a rent-a-dog… yes you are reading it right, at times like this they have a pool of back up dogs, less well behaved than Bunk but a more appropriate size. The irony was not lost on us, two dogs at home and here we are renting one, life can throw a curve ball at times.

You are joking aren’t you... tell me you are joking....

You are joking aren’t you… tell me you are joking….

Coincidentally, E. was too small for the adult class where Bunk was accepted, albeit with a slightly raised eyebrow. He slipped under the radar when he only weighed 10kgs and was only slightly bigger than other dogs, but now at the ground shaking 65kg weight now a days he can’t slip under anything anymore, even planes pull up when they fly over our house 🙂


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