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The Alphabet Project | A is for Aligned

The Alphabet Project - A is for Aligned #alphabetphoto



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Losing the battle… with pegs

Losing the battle.... with pegs

Ok guys, I am losing the battle with pegs and I really need some help and advice before I will go totally mental here.

The weather has turned nice over the last few days so all washing goes outside, which I totally love. What can be better that the smell of freshly laundry drying outside? For someone like me who has a bit of OCD when it comes to washing it can be the highlight of the day. But these last few days all my pleasure which I would normally get from doing washing and putting in on the line is taken away by pegs!

They break!

I must have broken 50 of them in the last two days alone!

It is driving me mad!

I need my pegs to keep my washing secure on the line and all they are doing is falling apart in my hands.

I need more pegs!

So yesterday I went to the town in search of some replacements but all I could see are the same flimsy plastic pegs which I already have and which are now taking over my dustbin as so many have broken in half.

I have considered wooden ones but don’t they make dirty marks on your whites after a while?

So please speak to me about your pegs if you own some you would recommend.

Mark thinks that I am totally mad blogging about the cloths pegs but it is a big deal to me! … He also thinks I should bring them in on a night time when I have finished with them, as he blames the weather… I’m not convinced.

Summer is upon us and I will need a bucket load of them and for this moment I have almost none.

I need more pegs and I need them now.

So please help a girl in need and tell me where I can get some pegs which will last at least a season… and hopefully two.

My pegs graveyard

My pegs graveyard


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