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Review – Personalised Pet Treat Jar from Treat Republic

I really love those days, the ones where I return home after a long day and there it is a huge parcel waiting for me… Now not always are these goodies for me but just the thrill of opening it makes me happy… very happy, it’s like Xmas every day…

This time the goodies were for Lilly and Bunk. My guys received a personalised treat jar from Treat Republic.

Lilly and Bunk’s doggie treats, paws off!

Lilly and Bunk’s doggie treats, paws off!

Our new treat jar arrived in really huge box and was extremely well packed. I would confidently say that the chances of it getting damaged in transit were zero.

Sometimes I disagree with all the over packaging so many things today but in this case I was all for it.

Lots of bubble wrap inside the box in order to protect your new purchase in transit. Big plus for the Treat Republic.

Lots of bubble wrap inside the box in order to protect your new purchase in transit.
Big plus for the Treat Republic.

The jar itself is made from acrylic, which is great. It is very light and perfectly see-through. I think that this choice of material is a huge plus. It is easier to pick up due to the light weight and it will not break if dropped so much better than glass for example that would be heavy and would shatter if dropped.

The jar has an air tight seal, so the treats will stay fresher for longer.

It measures 11cm x 11cm x 15cm, now before it arrived I was thinking “Hmmm this isn’t going to be big enough for my two…”  Once it arrived and I put Bunk’s and Lillie’s favourite mini bones in, it turned into the Tardis, it really is surprising just how much room there is inside it.

Our new treat jar

Our new treat jar

The treat jar is very nicely made, with the metal finish it is perfect. I must have opened and closed it 50+ times just to be sure it will shut well and work as it should (ok I was bored one afternoon, definitely not OCD like Mark recons)… and it does. On our jar there is a small imperfection on the back of the jar just between the metal clasps – I guess this is where the acrylic mass met during production. It is only really visible when you study the jar… in normal use most of us would probably not even notice it.

This jar is one of those things that once you own one you have no idea how you would cope without it. Until our jar arrived we had treats everywhere – in our pet drawer, in the cupboard, on the kitchen counter, on the kitchen island (this really annoyed Mark for some reason)… now they are all neatly tucked away in our new treat jar and sit there waiting for their day of doom when Bunks slobbery chops come a munching.

This lovely gift can be purchase from Treat Republic at very reasonable price of £19.99. There is an option of both gift wrap and next day delivery and of course the best bit you can add your own text to it which will make it even more special.

If you already have a treat jar Treat Republic offers some other personalised pet gifts like food bowls or dog brushes.

To sum up my thoughts on this lovely little jar… I love it, I would buy it and I for sure would recommend it to a friend…

The only thing which I would change, in a vain attempt to make a balanced review, is to make the letters more noticeable so that they stand out more… in certain light it is not always easy to see whose jar it is… which makes our cats very confused…

* Product was provided by Treat Republic free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own .


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