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Pet Facts Video Infographic by Petplan

Petplan created a really interesting video infographic about pets they insure; from dogs, cats, horses to rabbits or even tortoises.

I like numbers and statistics so this infographic is really up my alley.

It is interesting to know that despite the UK being a nation of cat owners (apparently) Petplan has much more dogs than cats on their books (only 37% of cats to a staggering 56% of dogs).

I wonder why… maybe this has something to do with the size and vet bills… unsure… but I would assume it is the reason why so many cat owners have decided not to insure their cats, which is really silly as vet bills can easily reach in to the £1000s when something goes wrong (we know the pain we missed a hot spot on our Bunk once and thus got hit with well over £500 of vet bills for cleaning it up).

The most interesting part of the infographic for me is the ages of the Petplan elders “customers”. The oldest rabbit is 13 years old, oldest dog is 21 (wow!), elders cat….

… watch the infographic to find out…

It is very enjoyable, I promise.

* I was provided with some Amazon vouchers as a thank you for sharing this infographic with you.


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Infographic – If Your Pet Could Talk

If Your Pets Could Talk created by 1800 Petsupplies

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