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Who / What Am I? 21/03

Hello lovely people!

It is Friday again and I feel great.

With a bit of luck our new oven will be all wired up this evening, so we can finally have a proper meal!

I am looking forward to testing its abilities, especially with some baking… I still have a few ProCook silicone forms to test, so itching for a nice cake or a muffin or maybe even a cupcake… not sure yet what will be first but I feel like baking.

Last week picture wasn’t as hard as I would have liked it to be. The first answer was the correct one. Jen Walshaw was right – it was a sand… she was also quite sure of it 🙂

Who What am I answer to 14 03 2014

I wish we lived closer to the beach. I really love the seaside. I can only imagine how relaxing a daily walk on the beach must be. Oh hey… maybe our next home will be somewhere closer to a seafront.

As for this week’s picture… I have for you this shot…

Who / What Am I?

who what Am I 21 03

Enjoy your weekend!

Have fun and do not forget to spend some time outdoors… after all we have evidence it’s spring already!

Happy guessing and have fun!


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