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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea


Challenge set by The Daily Post



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Road Trip Challenge #roadtripchallenge

Car Insurance - £50 Road Trip Challenge - Header image

MoneySupermarket challenged bloggers to show our road trips. They provided us with £50 budget to be used for this occasion.

So where did we go?

We both love driving so distance was not a problem; we do however have the dogs who if left behind will slowly eat the house as punishment for their neglect. It was going to be a hot day so we needed something cool, and something different to yet another long walk in a wood! We decided to “hit” the sea, a bit different as we live about as far away from any large body of water as you can in the UK. We picked Scratby near Great Yarmouth as our final destination, one of the nearest beaches to us and puppy friendly.

So we had a full tank of diesel, sunglasses and the open road in front of us.

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

We had 115 miles to drive in order to reach our target, so we set off early in the morning with the promise of a full day ahead; we wanted to get as much as possible from our trip. Three hours and a few stops later, we could smell the sea!

We parked up. Now Bunk is a water dog by all accounts however none of the lakes, rivers and weirs we have visited have floated his boat. A paddle here and there but none of that water dog hysteria we hoped to see on his face upon arrival at destination “insert name here”. Today however things were different, very different, as the car door cracked open a blur of fur shot past us and proceeded at full pelt to the sea, our dog was gone. Ten minutes later he was still going, a tiny spot of head bobbing up and down in the waves, Mark half jokingly commented that he wondered if Bunk was swimming home… to Newfoundland. Much to our relief he did eventually turn around and head back to us, were he did what all dogs do, run straight to us then have the bright idea to have a good shake, ensuring maximum coverage of the freezing cold seawater on to hot sun soaked skin.

INCOMING! Mind the shake...

INCOMING! Mind the shake…

Round 47... of a possible 200, going to be a long day!

Round 47… of a possible 200, going to be a long day!

Oh go on ...just one more time...  I know that’s what we said last time but we mean it this time... honest, just throw it!

Oh go on …just one more time…
I know that’s what we said last time but we mean it this time… honest, just throw it!

So what we going to say this time to get them to throw it.....

So what we going to say this time to get them to throw it…..

Hunger drove us to a lovely little fish and chip shop by the sea front. Few crispy cod fillets and some chips and back to the beach. Here we discovered that for Bunk and his hierarchical order of what is important to him that chips pawn the allure of the sea.

Get off!... Get off!... GET OFF!

Get off!… Get off!… GET OFF!

Oh for the energy of youth....

Oh for the energy of youth….

Hmmm... big puddle... bye bye big puddle *sniff*

Hmmm… big puddle… bye bye big puddle *sniff*

I is completely and totally knackered Mum....

I is completely and totally knackered Mum….

It was a day to be remembered. Thank you MoneySupermarket.

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