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How to stay healthy during winter months

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWinter is here, there is no doubt about it, which means lower temperatures, colder winds and even more rain than usually and potentially even a flake of snow. For most of us winter brings a mix of feelings, on the one hand we have Christmas and the New Year festival season, which gives us this warm fuzzy feeling about winter but on the other hand… runny noses, flu, perpetually cold hands and feet and a nagging constant feeling of gloom due to the lack of natural light for most of the day.

So what can we do to stay healthy and in good spirits during these long, cold and dark months?

Avoid SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Due to the lack of natural light many of us are affected by SAD and many of us don’t even know about it. Periods of sunless sky effect our body and can manifest in a verity of symptoms from low mood, negative thought and feeling hopeless, insomnia, weight gain to constant fatigue or even difficulties with memory and concentration. That said, yes, we can avoid it or at least try to manage the symptoms. There are special SAD lamps on the market to buy to help us with this problem or we can try a home approach…  Make sure that your light bulbs are as bright as possible, try not to sit in dark rooms and do not avoid that daily walk… even cloudy weather will let natural light pass, so do not skip your walk.

Wear the right clothing

How many times did you look through your window and say to yourself “Oh, it looks nice out there…” when in fact it was freezing cold? Checking the temperature outside and wearing the right clothing is key… wearing too little is as bad for us as wearing too much… both scenario might lead to getting a cold. Too few cloths and the wind gets in chilling you to the bone but then too many cloths and you will sweat, the wind evaporates tat sweat and boom your freezing again. Layer your clothing and don’t forget about the extras such as hats, gloves and scarves… oh and the right type and size of shoes are a must; keeping your feet warm is a very important step towards toastieness.

Take good care of your skin

It is very important to take special care of our skin during the winter months. We have to keep it well hydrated and protect it against the elements (not only the cold wind from outside but also the dry air from inside, especially if we work in an air-conditioned place). So, do not forget about your face cream! Make sure that you have a hand cream and a lip balm always handy.

Enhance your hygiene routine

Germs spread fast, and it is important to keep most of them away from us. During the winter months, more people than usual will catch colds and flues or generally have runny noses, so be smart and protect yourself. Wash your hand more often than you usually would, if in public places try to avoid touching your nose and mouth and do not forget about a mini pack of tissues. Tissues are really under rated! They are so important and can really protect us against unwanted germs… have some with you always. I am astonished at how many people are still using their sleeve to “wipe” their nose… disgusting. Oh and an antibacterial hand gel might be ideal, small but mighty ;-)

Eat the right food

Winter is stock up on carbs time. Eating carbohydrates will help your brain to produce serotonin, which is partially responsible for our good moods. Try and eat warm meals during the cold months. If possible do not leave your house without having a hot drink beforehand; it will help keep you warm whilst outside. Also eating increased amounts of fish and nuts will help you stay positive 🙂

Look for additional help at your pharmacy

Additional vitamins tables might be a great idea in order to protect us during winter, but we might want to look a bit further… Did you ever hear about ImmunPRO Infection Blocker? HUBNER ImmunPRO Infection Blocker (active ingredient Cistus Villosus) is an innovative and unique Medical Device. It is a delicious chocolate-mint tablet, clinically proven to work instantly in offering a natural resistance from the risk of viral and bacterial infection.

ImmunPROImmunPRO Infection Blocker starts working as soon as the first symptoms start to show, by warding off the infection before you get sick

ImmunPro Infection Blocker:

  • Acts as a protective film
  • Creates a natural barrier against cold viruses
  • Provides relief at the initial signs of an infection, such as the first scratching signs of a sore throat

It is a great alternative to the antibiotics we will most likely have to take once we fall ill and which we all know repeated use of isn’t too good for us in the future.

Do you have any tips or tricks to add to the list to help us all cheerfully skip our way towards the wonderful spring of 2014?


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