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Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Weekly Photo Challenge Between

Challenge set by The Daily Post



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Who / What Am I? 05-07

Last week’s shot ended up being a tricky one. Most of you thought they were some sort of worms. When my cousin Kate showed me this picture, to be honest that was also my first answer.

It turns out we were all wrong.

This is the full size picture which I had a play with.

Hazel flowers - Poland June 2013

The picture still doesn’t explain a lot, does it? So let me clarify.

These “things” on the ground are male flowers of Hazel (in Polish called Leszczyna). One of these trees is growing close to Kate’s home. One day, around the time of a heavy hailstorm at my parents place, came a really strong wind… so strong that all of these lovely flowers where ripped from the tree and fall down to the ground. One day there was this beautiful tree full of flowers and next… nothing but naked branches, like it was winter time.

Kate did not take a picture of the tree before the storm, so I found one for you, courtesy of the Guardian just to give you an idea how it should have looked earlier.

Male flowers of Hazel

Male flowers of Hazel

So does it all make some sense now?


This week I have for you something a little different and definitely weird looking.

Are you ready?

Who / What Am I?

Who Am I from 5 07

Enjoy your weekend and have a Happy Friday guys!



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