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Losing the battle… with pegs

Losing the battle.... with pegs

Ok guys, I am losing the battle with pegs and I really need some help and advice before I will go totally mental here.

The weather has turned nice over the last few days so all washing goes outside, which I totally love. What can be better that the smell of freshly laundry drying outside? For someone like me who has a bit of OCD when it comes to washing it can be the highlight of the day. But these last few days all my pleasure which I would normally get from doing washing and putting in on the line is taken away by pegs!

They break!

I must have broken 50 of them in the last two days alone!

It is driving me mad!

I need my pegs to keep my washing secure on the line and all they are doing is falling apart in my hands.

I need more pegs!

So yesterday I went to the town in search of some replacements but all I could see are the same flimsy plastic pegs which I already have and which are now taking over my dustbin as so many have broken in half.

I have considered wooden ones but don’t they make dirty marks on your whites after a while?

So please speak to me about your pegs if you own some you would recommend.

Mark thinks that I am totally mad blogging about the cloths pegs but it is a big deal to me! … He also thinks I should bring them in on a night time when I have finished with them, as he blames the weather… I’m not convinced.

Summer is upon us and I will need a bucket load of them and for this moment I have almost none.

I need more pegs and I need them now.

So please help a girl in need and tell me where I can get some pegs which will last at least a season… and hopefully two.

My pegs graveyard

My pegs graveyard


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Review: Vanish Oxi Action

I am a BzzAgent and I took part in the campaign to test Vanish Oxi Action 

Bzz Agent Vanish Kit

Bzz Agent Vanish Kit

In my Bzz Kit I received:

–   2 x 200g pouches of Vanish Oxi Action

–   A-Z guide

–   £1.50 off vouchers to pass along to friends and family

Whoever said that kids make the most mess, for sure, have not met with my husband Mark while he is cooking.

Don’t get me wrong he is a fantastic cook, but a very messy one; a big part of whatever is cooking at the time ends up on his clothes. … So I picked a long sleeve top as a test subject after a curry night.

As you can see it is not a pretty picture >8(

Test subject

I like not to wash in higher temperature than 40 degrees. I also do not do any of that pre-wash or soaking melarky. So I just washed the test subject like I would normally do:

–   full load of coloured clothes… CHECK

–   40 degree program… CHECK

–   washing powder in… CHECK

–   fabric softener in… CHECK

and finally… a scoop of Vanish added into the drawer.

A mear 1h 15min later and the washing machine is beeping at me continuously that its work was done.

While hanging the test subject out on the line, the top looked clean but I did not want to make any judgements or form any solid opinions until it was totally dry and I could inspect it properly.

The next day, after a good nights rest and taaadaaa – the stain was gone!

Test subject - stain free

Test subject – stain free

I love Vanish Oxi Action. It is easy to use and unlike other products on the market I can put whatever amount I need into my wash without being restricted by a one-use packet size.

The scoop which comes with it, can be used to measure the powder before adding it to your washing or for rubbing onto stubborn stains directly. It has a bobbly back, which is very helpful while trying to “get” old, dried out stains. Price wise it is slightly on the high side, though you do get what you pay for as the saying goes and I always try to stock up while it is on a special offer.

To sum up this quick review – Vanish Oxi Action gets 5 stars. It is a product which I would recommend to my friends any time.

If you would like to try a new product for free please sign in to BzzAgent

Just remember, once you are hooked, there is no coming back!

* Product was provided by BzzAgent free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.


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