Who / What Am I? 25-10

Late post this week but we have just returned from Nan Flo’s 99th Birthday celebration, so I have a good excuse…

Last weeks’ picture received some awesome guesses – my favourite was a wig 🙂 it does look like one…

The answers circling around various animal guesses where close, but no one got it right.

Check it out…

who am I answer to 25 10who am i answer to 25 10 cut out

Handsome fellow, isn’t he?

We had an argument with Mark last week regarding this picture. He wanted me to add a clue – “If you had touched me, you were cold, and bold”. I was under the impression that it wouldn’t help you, would it? His reason being, that it was a highland cow, commonly found in deepest dampest Scotland, where it’s always cold allegedly. Secondly you would have to be a bit bold to touch a bull on the nose, unless you’re a farmer and familiar with them.

Anyway time for this week mystery shot.

Who / What Am I?

Who What am I 25 10


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8 responses to “Who / What Am I? 25-10

  1. Oh wow this is a hard one, but I think it looks like a Dogs leg?
    Great idea 🙂

    Laura x

  2. A tail of some description?

  3. Looks like a feather duster to me!

    I love highland cows, we’ve a few down the road from here.

  4. I’m with Misaki, looks like a dog’s paw and leg.

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